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Having a car is awesome and exciting. During their lifetime, cars go through a lot of changes.

So, if you want to avoid the stress that comes with these situations, you should learn some basic car skills. There are problems you can fix yourself and problems you need a professional to help you with.

For example, the inside of your car’s roof gets old over time. The first sign of this is a roof that is sagging.

If you know what to do, you can fix this problem in just a few minutes. This article has all the information you need about lining the inside of a car’s roof. It also tells you how to fix your car’s roof lining without taking it off.

What is a Car Roof Lining?

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The inside of a car’s roof is called a headliner or headlining. It is a fabric that goes on the inside of the roof of cars.

The main reason for it is to:

Give the car’s interior a smooth texture to make it look better.

Absorb excess noise from outside

Sets the temperature inside by absorbing heat and cold from the outside.

So, the insides of car roofs are made of several layers of composite materials.

When making roof linings, manufacturers also take steps to protect against head impacts. Some use LED lighting technology that is hidden behind the fabric.

Most roof linings are made of tricot knit fabric to make them look uniform and feel soft.

The fabric is then stuck to polyurethane foam that has been melted. In the end, they glue this fabric-foam to the inside of the car’s fibreglass roof.

At the moment, there are roof linings that are good for the environment. They have a fabric face that can be recycled and an adhesive back.

Reason for a car headliner repair to be needed

Over time, the car’s lining gets loose and pulls away from the board it is attached to. This is called “sagging.”

When the roof lining of a car breaks, it either sags or falls off the board.

The sagging could be because:

A lot of heat

A lot of moisture

Poor maintenance


Sunroofs are bad for the safety of your car. They can let water into the roof of the car. No matter how old the car is, doing this speeds up the lining’s sagging.

How to Repair Car Headliner

Most car owners put a lot of work into keeping the outside of their cars in good shape. They don’t know that the inside of a car also gets worn down over time.

It can be painful to find out too late that your car’s interior roof needs work. Because of this, you should check the condition of the roof lining often. If you see any sagging, you should fix it as soon as possible.

There are two ways to fix a roof that is sagging. You can either get a new one or fix the lining without taking the old one off.

Getting a new roof lining can cost a lot of money. If your car is old, it’s even worse. You might end up paying the same amount that the car is worth.

Also, having a professional fix the sagging is a bit pricey. With these tips, you can do it yourself in a very short amount of time:

1. Using Clear-headed Twist Pins

These pins can be used to fix large sections of a roof’s lining. People also call them “saggy stoppers.” Check here for the price on Amazon.

They are very inexpensive and easy to find on the market. You can fix a roof lining that is about to fall off with twist pins.

The best thing about these pins is that they don’t leave holes on your board. Because of this, it is better than other ways.

2. By Use of Glue

Gluing is the easiest way to put the roof lining back in place on a car. It works best if the edges of the fabric are a little bit loose.

For the lining to stick back on evenly, you should use a spray-on glue. Make sure the glue you use is made for attaching fabric to car seats.

Normal glue doesn’t work well, and it can’t stand up to bad weather.

Spray the glue on the top of the fabric as a whole. Spray some on the foam under the lining as well.

Put the fabric on top of the foam and press down hard with your hands to get rid of any wrinkles.

3. Using a Steam Cleaner and Paint Roller

A weak glue is to blame for a car roof lining that is sagging. A steam cleaner can help melt the glue, which can then stick back together.

A paint roller combo goes well with a steam cleaner. The roller helps to smooth out the lining on the board so that there are no wrinkles.

The edges and corners of the fabric are where this method works best. But this method might not work if the glue is old and has been dry for a long time.

4. Using Sequin Pins

Pins can also be used to fix car roof lining without taking it off. Instead of glue, sequin pins are the best way to fix fabric that is sagging in the middle.

They don’t cost much money or take a lot of time. Even if half of the roof lining is coming off, these pins can push it back in place. But it’s not a good idea to use them over large areas.

Once the fabric is straight, push the pins through the fabric and into the foam backing. You can set up the pins in any way that looks good to you.

5. Using a Double-sided Tape

This double-sided tape can be bought at any auto shop near you. It works by sticking to the frame and the inside of the roof.

This tape sticks so well to the lining that it can keep it in place for months. It is better for damage that is severe on the sides and edges.

This method, on the other hand, is not a good idea. You can only use it as a temporary fix until you find something better.

Simple Tips to Protect Your Car from Extreme Heat

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Extreme heat is the main reason why the lining in a car sags. It melts the glue, which loosens the fabric so it can pull away from the backing board.

Because of this, you should be careful. If you don’t, the heat will ruin the finish on the inside and outside of your car.

Here are some easy and cheap things you can do:

1. Always park your car in the shade

This will keep the sun from shining directly on your car. So, neither the outside nor the inside dry out or crack.

2. Always use a windshield sun protector

It keeps the inside of your car cool and keeps sun damage from happening.

3. Wax your car frequently

When you wax your car, you add an extra layer that protects it from UV rays. Cars need to be waxed in different ways, but it’s best to do it often.

4. Install seat covers

They are a great way to keep the leather and fabric seats in good shape. These covers also help keep the car seats clean and smelling good.

5. Wash and dry your exterior and interior often.

The sun and heat can slowly make the paint on your car fade and crack. Wash and dry by hand often to get rid of dirt and dust. Your car’s finish will be safe if you do this.

The inside of the car should also be a top priority. It keeps some things from melting down.


In the end, a car’s roof lining is an important part of the car. It makes the inside of the car look better, cuts down on noise from the outside, and controls the temperature inside.

So, just like the body and wheels, you should pay it a lot of attention and care. Still, the roof lining will fail and sag sooner or later.

Most of the time, it happens because of normal wear and tear. Another big factor is driving for too long in bad weather, like when it’s too hot or too cold.

Because of this, it is best to protect your car as much as you can. But sagging will happen, so fix it right away when it does.

Most of the time, the edges start to sag before the middle. Fixing small problems is easy and takes less time and money.

If you wait too long to fix a lining that is sagging, you may have to buy a new one. So, don’t waste your money on things that can be avoided.