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People who like to take care of their cars argue about whether or not it’s a good idea to use a water blade. People usually call these “California Water Blades,” but there are a few different kinds with different names.

The blade works like a windshield wiper and a squeegee to get water off a car’s surface after the car wash soap has been rinsed off. The obvious downside is that a piece of dirt or something else could get stuck between the blade and the surface and scratch the finish.

If you wipe it down and rinse it after every use, that shouldn’t happen. If you already know you need one of these and just need help finding the best car drying blade for your home car wash, take a look at our list of the best ones.

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What Is A Car Water Blade?

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The water blade is made of silicone that is safe for medical use. In that way, it is very flexible, so it can be used on surfaces that are not completely flat. It has a “v-blade” shape, which means it looks like the letter “v.” This makes it good for both wiping up water and drying surfaces. Since the edge is more of a “T,” it has a straight edge, but since it is made of silicone, it won’t scratch anything on its own.

Why You Might Need One

Professional car detailers use the water blade to wipe away water after washing a car or even if it rains while the car is outside. But should you add one to the equipment you use to wash your car at home? But the blade can be used for other things, which could make it useful for any family to have. It works like a squeegee, but it is used in a different way. Most squeegees have a handle, but the blade is just a blade that you hold in your hand. Because there is no handle between you and the object, you can use it and put pressure on the surface with more accuracy.

It works great on windows, both in a car and in a house. It is easier to use than a squeegee because it has a handle. People also use it to wipe down a shower or any other surface that collects water after using it. It’s small and doesn’t have a handle, so it’s easy to store. It can be used to wipe away water and dry a surface.

Why You Might Not Want One

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The blade itself won’t scratch a car’s finish, but it could pick up a piece of dirt or something else and drag it along the finish, which would scratch the finish. If you clean the blade often, that shouldn’t happen. The same thing could be done with a towel. There probably isn’t a perfect way to dry a car and keep it from getting water spots, but this is a good way to do it. The great thing about a water blade is that you can use it around the house and in other places where you need to get rid of water quickly.

There are different brands, and some are just called wiper blades, but there is only one original California Wiping Blade. There is also something called a “jelly blade,” which is a type of wiping blade made from the same materials. Even though the jelly blade is more flexible and is said to scratch less, the California water blade is stronger.

This could be a good choice if you want to dry your car as quickly as possible without leaving any water behind. Different companies make them, and they don’t cost too much. No matter what you think about the debate between car detailers about whether or not to use the blade on a car, think about how it can be used on other surfaces.