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Despite the fact that most automobiles are made in other countries, the most distinctive feature is the location of the steering wheel. Cars aren’t just unique because of their color, speed, comfort, passenger space, the materials they’re made of, or any other aspect. When it comes to driving, there are a variety of vehicles that have a steering wheel located on either the right or left side of the vehicle.

Cars with a steering wheel on either the right or left side have their best characteristics, however, tailored to meet the needs of different countries.

It’s possible to find countries that construct their roads in a way that encourages vehicles to stay in the right lane at all times. It is expected that other countries will design their tracks with drivers on the left side of the road.

Driving modes are chosen for a variety of reasons by countries. Driving an automobile with a right-handed steering wheel is common in countries that were once British colonies.

Unlike in British colonies, countries like the United States of America drive on the left side of the road. The left-hand driving rule can be traced back to countries that were colonized by the United States.

As a result, it is necessary to know the regulations of the road in any foreign nation or on a curtain track when you are visiting or driving.

Additionally, if you plan to import a vehicle, you should look for one with a steering wheel mounted on the side that is compliant with your country’s track regulations.

However, learning how to drive a car with the steering on either the right or left side is never easy. This article, on the other hand, will introduce you to automobiles with steering wheels mounted on either the right or left side of the vehicle.

Car brands with the steering wheel on the right

1. Mercedes Benz A-class

Mercedes Benz X Class Pickup Truck Unveiled-2

As the most popular vehicle, Mercedes-Benz produces a large number of vehicles with steering wheels located on the right side of the vehicle. With the model’s success in the hands of a variety of drivers, purchasing this vehicle is a no-brainer.

There are numerous diesel, gasoline, and plug-in hybrid models available, as well as a dizzying array of other possibilities.

2. Volkswagen Polo

Many Volkswagen models have the steering wheel located to the right, as do many of Mercedes Benz’s models. With its popular hatchback, it reclaims its place in the world’s best-selling vehicles list.

The Volkswagen, with its distinctive light bar and updated style, is a refurbished model in progress. Along with the customary sport design cues, the firm unveiled a new GTI variant with a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine.

3. Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf Mk3

One more model with a huge number of cars having right-handed steering wheels. The vehicle’s interior is well-designed, with supportive front seats, high-quality materials, and enough of room for passengers in the back.

The hatchback configuration of this vehicle allows it to tote a substantial amount of cargo. When equipped with a manual transmission, the vehicle performs well and provides excellent fuel economy.

There is only one model level for the vehicle, but it comes standard with niceties like heated front seats and driver aid systems.

4. Porsche

Porsche, like other right-hand-steering-wheel car models, never fails to deliver. To put it simply, Porsche possesses the world’s most renowned and well-established performance companies. The automobiles have a well-designed and well-built interior and exterior, and are even more practical in terms of seating flexibility and trunk space.

5. Nissan Qashqai

The vehicle and its steering wheel on the right have signaled the birth of crossover class cars since its arrival on the market in 2006.

In spite of its relative youth, this model has performed admirably on the UK and global markets, earning a place among the most well-known automobile manufacturers. This SUV boasts a variety of flexible powertrains, indicating that it is still a contender.

6. Ford Fiesta

This has been the most popular car in the United Kingdom with the steering wheel on the right side of the dashboard. However, despite the fact that the Corsa is superior in the supermini class, this model continues to be widely used and appreciated for its attractiveness and dynamic performance. To further enhance the model’s efficiency, it will incorporate new technology and a new design.

7. Ford Puma

Ford Puma is a nice example of a popular car brand and model with a right-hand steering wheel. Because of its responsive dynamics and affordable price, this model has a large following of fans. With the launch of the ST variant and Vignale trim, this crossover is even more popular.

8. BMW 3 series

Next Gen BMW 5 Series Unveiled-3

The BMW 3 Series is a great example of a tiny car with a right-side steering wheel. This model has a powerful engine, a comfortable interior, and the most up-to-date in-vehicle technologies. Thirty miles of electric power can be supplied by a plug-in hybrid version of the vehicle.

Do cars in USA have the steering wheel on the right side?

When driving an automobile in the United States, you must stay in the right hand lane. The driver of an automobile in the United States will sit on the left side of the vehicle because the steering wheel is on the left side.

The United States has chosen to employ left-handed steering wheels in order to distinguish itself from other countries that use right-handed steering wheels, such as the United Kingdom, on the racing circuit.

There are some cars manufactured with the steering wheel on the right side, though, because that is the standard in most American cars. Manufacturers created these vehicles to fill a void left by the desire of certain Americans to have cars with a right-handed steering wheel. Because of this, certain American cars have the steering wheel on the right side.

Is it dangerous to drive a right-hand drive car on the right side?

Driving a right-handed vehicle in the right-hand lane can be risky, to say the least. Since the design of most traffic signs is based on the specific lane orientation, those who drive right-handed steering wheel cars may find themselves perplexed.

Again, adopting the right lane while driving in a left lane becomes difficult, and accidents might occur.

In some cases, such as in the case of converted right-hand drive vehicles, the process can be accomplished with the right tools and parts, but this is not a simple process. Here is a comprehensive guide to switching your steering wheel to the other side.


Some cars have steering wheels on the right, while others have steering wheels on the left, if you’ve ever paid attention to the many car types on the market.

In order to avoid any confusion, you should know that if you’re driving a right-handed car, you should run left-handed. Some past and current British colonies employ right-hand drive vehicles, including the United Kingdom.