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Whether your job keeps you on the road a lot or you just like road trips, you may be on the road when it’s time to celebrate a special event.

When you’re on the road, you can celebrate anything from a birthday to an anniversary to the day you got your first pet.

Can’t think of anything to do to celebrate?

We asked the pros for their best ideas, which you can see below.

Have A Zoom Party

celebrate on road trips

A Zoom party is one way to have a party while you’re on the road.

When you are travelling, it can be hard to make it to important events in person.

Thanks to software like Zoom and apps like WhatsApp, it’s easy to stay in touch.

We’ve all become used to Zoom celebrations over the past year or so.

-Wrote Randi Shinder for the SBLA

Splurge On A Fancy Hotel

When I’m travelling, my favourite way to celebrate a birthday is to splurge on a nice hotel.

Make sure to tell the front desk about the special occasion when you check in, and they may give you special treats or a room upgrade as a surprise.

Then use room service to order a fancy dinner to your room.

A great way to celebrate on the road is to take care of yourself and others.

-by Chanel Meekins and Pierre Michel Beauty

Find Special Places To Stop Along The Way

celebrate on road trips-2

When you’re travelling, it’s best to keep celebrations simple so you don’t have to bring more stuff. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be meaningful or memorable.

Choose places along the way to stop and celebrate, like a natural park, a landmark, or a small town with a unique feel.

You could have a small picnic with your party and play some music to celebrate your special event.

Use your car as a part of the experience. For example, you could open the trunk and sit on it while you look at the view.

Small things can make a big event more meaningful.

-written by Michael Fischer, Elitehrt

Bring The Party With You

You can still have fun while travelling. Before you go to a party, you can easily order decorations online from e-commerce sites and party supply stores.

Decorations like confetti, streamers, posters, and balloons always make a party feel more fun.

If someone’s birthday is coming up, you’ll need to buy them a gift. Again, you can buy something online and have it sent to them before you leave.

You can now have a party anywhere, from a hotel room to a pavilion in a park.

-written by Oz Party Events’ Isaac Bullen

Do Something New

Whether it’s your birthday or your graduation, do something you’ve never done before to mark the event.

A person who likes to try new things could spend a day sight-seeing or taking a cooking class in a local restaurant.

If you want to make the most of your time in a resting town, you should learn about its culture and celebrate like the locals do.

Try their barbecues or drinks, and if they have night dances, join in if you can. This is especially true of beach towns.

Plan a special thing to do and make it everyone’s favourite part of the trip. It could be scuba diving, a hot air balloon ride, or snorkelling.

The uniqueness of wine tasting also makes it an interesting thing to do.

Wrap up your events by planning a special meal with a custom menu, a specialty dessert, and a signature drink.

If it’s a party, a birthday, or a wedding in a faraway place, think about decorations, cakes, and gifts.

Make sure to take a lot of great photos to remember the moments.

-contributed by CocoFinder user Harriet Chan

Do Something New

Trying to celebrate special occasions while travelling can sometimes feel like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you do a little research before you go, you can make your trip part of the celebration.

If you know where you’ll be on the special date, you could look up a local bakery, restaurant, or event that they’d enjoy and take them there as a gift.

Keep in mind that since you’ll be in a car, you’ll have more choices than if you weren’t.

This can be as fancy as swimming with dolphins and eating at a well-known restaurant, or it can be as simple as taking cupcakes to the county fair and watching the sunset.

This way, the party can be extra special because it’s so rare. By letting them know about your plans ahead of time, they get to do something they wouldn’t have done otherwise.

-written by Pick HVAC’s Rene Langer

Have An Outdoor Adventure

We’ve both had birthdays while travelling, and our favourite thing to do is to find a place where we can do something completely different.

We won’t have any friends or family with us, so we want to make the day full of things we’ll remember.

We’ve climbed mountains, walked across very high, very shaky bridges, eaten at beautiful French or Spanish restaurants, gone quad biking in the Granada mountains, kayaked across French mountain lakes, and e-biked through beautiful Spanish mountain villages.

I wouldn’t want to trade those memories. Best birthdays of all time.

-written by Debs Cormode, The Copysprite

Do A Celebratory Meal Or Drink

Have a meal or drink to celebrate. This seems easy, but you’re on a road trip and probably not in a place you’d normally be.

Even if you’ve been there before, it will be extra special because you’re going to celebrate something.

If you want to do something different, try a meal or drink you’ve never had before or one that’s popular where you are.

Or, you could just go to one of those restaurants where the staff brings you a dessert and sings to you.

-Wrote Kevin Jourdan of DotMarket

Do A “YES” stop

The person whose birthday it is gets to pick ONE pit stop, which turns into a YES stop.

A quick stop for ice cream? YES.

A quick trip to the playground? YES.

Just a quick trip to Target? YES.

A quick pedicure at the salon?! YES.

Your birthday, your decision.

-contributed by Nikki Harrington, Our Travels Again

Get Matching Tattoos

Getting a tattoo might be a great way to celebrate, depending on what you’re celebrating and who you’re celebrating with.

You can remember the event by getting matching tattoos.

Or, if not everyone wants a tattoo, the person being honoured can get one as a way to mark the event.

-Wrote Michael Fayard of Fayard Law

Make It An Amusement Park Day

When I’m on a road trip, my favourite way to celebrate is to add an extra day and spend it at an amusement park.

If it’s during the summer, I’m thinking about water parks. If not, regular amusement parks or local fairs with rides will do.

This is great because most amusement parks sell pictures of you on the rides, so you can buy some to remember the special day.

-Wrote Kieran Windsor, Smart Home Insider

As you can see, there are great ways to celebrate just about anything when you’re on the road and away from home.

We hope that these ideas will help you have a great special day on the road.