Updated at: 20-05-2022 - By: Lucas

Every time you press on your brake rotors, they wear out a little more. They will wear out in the end.

As a driver, you’ll know when it’s time to change your brake rotors. You can do one of two things. You can either buy new rotors or turn them to make them last longer.

Here are some ideas for where to turn rotors for the least amount of money.

O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts

This service isn’t offered by very many auto shops anymore. It’s not worth the trouble, except for finding the big machine. Over time, the price of rotors has been going down. It’s cheap to get new rotors, so it doesn’t make sense to turn yours.

It is the most affordable place to find services for turning rotors. Even though not all of its branches let you turn the rotor, they will help you with these things.

LaCava Brothers Auto Supply

The good news is that when you buy brake pads from them, they will turn your rotors for free. They start by figuring out if your worn-out rotors can be resurfaced by measuring their thickness.

Most places that fix cars don’t like to resurface rotors. Customer satisfaction is the main reason. Most customers don’t want to have to go back after a few months to fix or replace the same thing.

The second auto shop has a better deal than the first because resurfacing is free. When you buy the brake pads, all of the costs are included.

What is the Rotor Turning?

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Rotor turning isn’t as common as it used to be, but resurfacing is still used to clean them. The first step is to take off the rotors and use a calliper to measure their thickness. The manufacturers have set a standard thickness, and you should stick to it.

The callipers help figure out how many layers can be taken off without putting the driver in danger. If the measurements of the rotor make it safe to turn, the first step is to put the rotor into the lathe.

Once the plate is in place, a tip moves across the surface to smooth out any bends and return the plate to its original shape and size. When you’re done, you can run the machine along the edges of the disc to get rid of cracks and lips.

Turning the rotors is cheap, but it makes them thin.

Turning Rotors/Resurfacing Rotors

The act of turning your rotor is also called resurfacing. Turning, machining, and cutting are also ways to resurface.

When people resurface rotors, they do one of the following:

Wear in different ways

Worn-out brake pads can cause damage.

Every time you brake, you’ll get warped from the heat.

Rust and corrosion

For resurfacing to work, metal has to be taken away until the surface is smooth. This helps:

Get rid of problems with pitting

Let each brake pad touch the rotors so that there is more friction to stop the car.

Reduce or get rid of the noise when you use the brakes.

If the rotors are still smooth, you may not need to replace or resurface them. It will be enough to change the brake pads.

Replacing Your Rotors

When it comes to money, it makes more sense to replace rotors. If the rotors haven’t been resurfaced well, the driver will notice as soon as they hit the brakes.

Even worse, it might make noises when you stop. Customers don’t want a second chance because it makes them unhappy.

A rotor that has been replaced is better than one that has been resurfaced. But the new rotors are also not as good as they used to be. This means that it is easy to buy new rotors when the old ones wear out because they were not in good shape to begin with.

Since rotors can be bought cheaply from shops offshore, this is a better option than looking for shops that can resurface.

Cost of Resurfacing Vs. Replacement

When it comes to safety, you should forget about the price. Resurfacing is cheaper, but it also has more risks.

The rotors should last longer than the pads. Because new rotors are thick, brake pads have more room to stop the car quickly and quietly.

Replacing them is a bit pricey. Over time, they will cost less because you won’t have to fix them as often.

Tips for Replacing Rotors

The new rotors come ready to be put in. Don’t use the machine to clean their surface. It will make them live much less long and make them thinner. Replacements for different models of rotors vary in how well they work.

To get the most out of replacements, try to find ones that are the same or better than the ones you are replacing. It makes sure that your rotors will work well for a long time.


Both resurfacing and replacing the rotors are good ways to keep your brake system in good shape. People are moving away from resurfacing, though, because the process is hard and only saves a small amount of money. There is no question that replacements are the best choice.

Always do preventive maintenance on your brakes to avoid serious damage or putting your life at risk.