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Affiliate links are included in this article’s content. There is no additional cost to you, and I may receive a small compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on one of my links. Check engine light still on after oil change, what gives? After an oil change, a number of problems can set off the check engine light. It is possible that you mistook a low oil level in your engine for a more serious issue.

In order to keep the check engine light on after an oil change, you must have a defective component in your vehicle. Fuel injectors, spark plugs, or O2 sensors could be the culprits. One of the numerous possible causes of the check engine light becoming illuminated is… Even if you perform an oil change, the check engine light will remain illuminated until you address the root cause.

Check Engine Light After Oil Change: Possible Reasons

Is your automobile due for an oil change, and the check engine light has been on since you went in for an oil change?

What you need to know is this:

The check engine light may still be on if the oil filter was not properly installed after the oil change or if the oil dipstick was not properly placed. Once in a while, the oil change meter counter may need to be reset (this should be done by the mechanic that changed your oil). Despite this, the check engine light signals that one or more components linked to your car’s engine are failing.. The check engine light may not be indicating a problem with your vehicle because there is likely another issue that has to be addressed. To turn off the light, you must first fix the problem that triggered it in the first place.. This means that the various causes of the check engine light being illuminated must be addressed. Some of the reasons your check engine light may still be on even after an oil change are listed below.

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1. Dipstick Not Properly Reinstalled

If you performed the oil change on your own, it is likely that you did not place the dipstick in the correct position. In this case, the check engine light may come on because the dipstick isn’t properly seated.

2. Oil Reservoir Cap Concerns

You must turn the reservoir’s cap clockwise once you’ve added additional oil to the tank. Having an oil cap that is either cracked or installed backwards could be causing the check engine light to remain illuminated.

3. The Reservoir is Overfull

Running an engine with low oil is bad for it, but running an engine with an overfilled oil reservoir is equally bad for it. While re-filling new oil, it’s best to use a dipstick to check for the proper amount of oil. If the oil reservoir is overflowing, you must drain it.

4. Something Else Is Wrong

Even if you make sure the oil level in your reservoir is correct, the dipstick is properly installed, and the oil lid is secure, the check engine light will remain illuminated. Something else may need to be taken care of. Check your car for problems, look up the trouble codes, and replace any damaged or malfunctioning parts..

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A check engine light remains on after an oil change is most likely caused by one of the concerns listed above. If you go over your oil change intervals or drive with low oil in the engine, you’re putting yourself at risk. This means that if you ignored your car’s oil change schedule, you can presume that other parts of the vehicle had already been damaged before you went in for an oil change. There aren’t many pricey repairs that can be made if you’ve been ignoring your oil change schedule.