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Disappointing dashboard lights that flash as soon as the ignition is turned on are a common annoyance. The engine hasn’t even been turned on yet! When the key is turned to the ON position, the check engine light may come on to show underlying issues.

The severity of these faults can range from minor problems with the battery’s power transmission to complete failure of critical engine and computer components.

Loose gasoline caps, malfunctioning catalytic converters, and dead batteries can all lead to this type of behavior.

For further information, we’ll go into more detail on why the check engine light is blinking when you turn the ignition switch to ON.

Loose Fuel Cap

Loose Fuel Cap

When this light comes on, it is quite uncommon for the engine to have a significant problem, especially if the engine hasn’t even been turned on yet.

The gasoline cap is usually the source of the issue. Before calling a mechanic, make sure you’ve checked the gas cap if this happens to you.

Other parts of the vehicle will take the brunt of the impact if this relatively tiny element is loose or broken. As a result, the dashboard will be lit up with reflected light from onboard sensors.

The emission control sensor can be fooled into thinking there is a gasoline leak because of the additional air in the gas tank created by the unfastened gas cap.

Check for improvement after a few minutes by tightening the fuel cap immediately.

Faulty Catalytic Converter

The engine light may flash if the catalytic converter is malfunctioning. Catalytic converters can cause serious engine damage if they aren’t properly maintained.

If you decide to drive despite the flashing light, more symptoms will emerge. When this happens, the car will become more sluggish and the exhaust will be darker. Attempts to accelerate quickly will be prevented.

The only way to fix a faulty catalytic converter is to buy a new one, which isn’t inexpensive. The price depends on the make and type of the automobile, as well as the repair shop’s charge.

Bad Air Flow Sensor

Both fuel and air are required to power the vehicle. Flashing lights can be expected if either delivery is disrupted.

The airflow sensor is the most vulnerable component, and if it isn’t checked on a regular basis, it could malfunction. The engine light will turn on, but this isn’t a cause for concern.

This means that while you can get behind the wheel and drive away, the car’s performance will be impacted. The airflow sensor can be replaced at any accredited repair facility, saving you the hassle. The treatment takes only a few minutes and costs very little.

Make sure the airflow sensor is checked the next time you go to the technician.

Bad Spark Plugs

Bad Spark Plugs

Modern cars’ spark plugs are designed to survive nearly as long as the vehicle itself, thus this is uncommon. High-mileage vehicles, on the other hand, aren’t so fortunate. The car’s spark plugs can fail at any time during its lifetime.

In order to rule out other possible causes of your vehicle’s malfunctions, you should first check for indicators of damaged spark plugs.

The good news is that spark plugs in various cars may be swapped out easily, but this is only recommended for experienced drivers. It is recommended that first-time car owners hire a mechanic to complete the job for them.

The Oxygen Sensor Could Be Damaged

The O2 sensor is similar to the airflow sensor in that it measures the amount of oxygen that is expelled from the exhaust system while it runs.

In order to avoid damaging your car’s catalytic converter, a broken O2 sensor should be replaced as soon as possible.

Fuel economy suffers as a direct and immediate consequence of faulty O2 sensors. The sensor can be replaced at any moment for a reasonable cost.

The Oxygen Sensor Could Be Damaged

The engine may take some time to warm up if you start the automobile after being parked for a long time. The check engine light will flash as a result.

As the engine warms up, you can start the automobile and drive it for a while. If the light does not go out after a few minutes, you should have your car serviced.

Should I Worry If The Check Engine Light Flashes Before The Car Starts?

When it comes to this subject, the answer is a little more nuanced than you might expect. Because of the underlying situation, the driver will decide whether or not to be concerned or simply start the automobile and drive away,

Wrap Up

Check engine lights are the first indicator when something is wrong with modern cars. You might get a little perplexed if the light comes on when the engine is still parked.

However, it’s always a good idea to run a short check because the light rarely indicates anything catastrophic.