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Amazon, Walmart, and Costco all have their own private label brands, and so do car parts supply chains like Delphi and Caterpillar.

Named after Costco’s headquarters in Kirkland, Washington, Kirkland Signature is Costco’s brand name. Everything from frozen food and shampoo to automobile batteries and accessories bears the brand’s name.

To find out if the Costco Kirkland Signature batteries are any good, we’ll look at who makes them.

Keep reading if you’re interested in learning more about Kirkland and saving money on your next car battery purchase!

Clarios presently manufactures Costco Kirkland Signature batteries. Prior to 2019, Johnson Controls was in charge of production.

Who Makes Kirkland Signature Batteries?

Costco Automobile Batteries

There is a good chance that Johnson Controls has manufactured Kirkland Signature batteries since they first appeared on the market. Brookfield Business Partners purchased Johnson Controls’ Power Solutions battery manufacturing branch in 2019.

While keeping and extending the current production facilities, BBP rebranded Power Solutions and called it Clarios.

Clarios is one of the world’s major automobile battery manufacturers, selling more than 150 million units per year. This is one-third of the total output of the industry

So how can a corporation with such a large output manage to remain unnoticed?

The solution is obvious. Batteries aren’t sold by these companies under their own brand; instead, they work with well-known companies to market their wares. In addition, this applies to OE batteries used by automobile manufacturers and retail brands.

There are a lot of well-known brands supplied by Clarios, but we can’t say for sure which ones.

As far as we can tell, Johnson Controls and Clarios are the only two companies that supply Costco’s Kirkland Signature batteries.

First, let’s talk about Kirkland Signature batteries, which are manufactured by Kirkland.

How Store Brand Products Work

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Have you ever wondered how Walmart, Costco, and other big-box retailers are able to produce so many items?

They don’t make much of anything, be it food, household goods, appliances, or even automobile batteries.

Stores with a lot of shelf space can order large quantities of a certain product, like Clarios’ vehicle batteries, and save money. It’s no longer necessary for Costco to pay a third party because they control both the product and the provider.

A lower price allows them to provide customers with the best bargain on the market, and they are able to do so because of this.

Nobody would buy Optima batteries if they found out that they were made by the same manufacturer as Kirkland.

There must be a degree of uncertainty in Costco’s product branding in order to avoid this from happening. Can we identify for sure if they’re Clarios batteries or if they’re Optima or Varta batteries? So it’s with the retail brands in general.

Kirkland Signature Batteries – Are They Good?

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We know that Clarios produces high-quality batteries through the premium brands they supply, but the question is if the same level of quality is achieved with the store products like Kirkland..

Yes, that’s what I’m getting at. Costco would not tolerate substandard products in order to save money.

As a result of cutting their production costs by selling their own goods, in-store and without a marketing budget, Costco is able to sell their batteries for less than the competitors.

Only a small percentage of Clarios batteries are needed by Costco compared to other brands.

Kirkland batteries won’t require a new production plant from Clarios; instead, they’ll likely be made on an existing line under a different brand name.

The car manufacturer’s suggested battery specifications and the guarantee are the most significant considerations when purchasing a car battery.

However, you are free to choose the brand of battery that best fits the needs of your car.

One of the greatest methods to gauge the quality of a battery is to look at how long the manufacturer will guarantee it. This is in addition to making sure the specifications are correct.

The warranty policy of Kirkland Signature car batteries is one of the best in the industry. If the battery fails within the first four years, you’ll get a free replacement.

A 50 percent return of the purchase price is available from 49 to 66 months (about four to five years). There will be a 25% reimbursement for batteries that fail between the 67th and 100th month (5.5 to 8.3 years).

You can’t go wrong with Costco Kirkland Signature car batteries when compared to Optima’s warranty and retail price.

Optima’s 3 year full refund guarantee on Optima Yellow and Red batteries is 1 year less than Kirkland’s full refund guarantee on Optima Yellow and Red batteries. Optima does not offer any coverage for children ages three to eight, but Costco is confident in its best value option.


What kind of batteries are Kirkland batteries?

The typical flooded lead acid battery, Kirkland Signature, may be found in a wide range of automobiles. As an alternative to the Energizer AGM and other Unbranded AGM batteries that Costco sells, customers can purchase them from the retailer.

How good are Costco car batteries?

The Kirkland batteries from Costco are some of the best you can buy when it comes to performance and dependability.

Kirkland batteries are covered by Costco’s great guarantee policy, so you’ll never be without one. For as long as the battery lasts, you can get a 50% discount on a new one if it dies after four years.


As a result of our investigation, what have we learned?

They were surprised to learn that Kirkland Signature batteries are manufactured by one of the world’s leading battery makers. It’s in good company with the likes of Optima Batteries, Varta, and other Clarios-owned businesses.

Kirkland Signature’s auto batteries are known for their low prices, but the warranty is an important consideration.

Costco offers a 100-month warranty and a complete refund during the first four years of the policy. That’s an advantage over the competition, and one more reason to stick with Kirkland.