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Costco has been one of the best stores in the country for a long time.

Even so, not everyone knows about tyre warranties.

Costco’s tyre warranty covers tyres for up to 5 years or until they have less than 2/32 inches of tread left. Their warranty covers you if their tyres go flat while you’re driving in normal conditions, and they’ll replace them if they break before the treads wear out.

When either of these things happen, your warranty is no longer valid.

Of course, they don’t cover everything!

What’s the Warranty on Costco Tires?

Costco Road Hazard Warranty

To protect its customers, Costco gives a warranty on every tyre sold in its stores.

Their warranty comes with a few rules, but it’s still a great deal.

If you buy your tyres from Costco, they will come with a warranty.

That’s because they talked about tyres for regular cars, trucks, and fast cars.

It will protect you if the tyres break down after being used normally.

But if you’ve had them for more than 5 years, it won’t protect you.

The warranty on your tyres could end if the treads get worn down.

How does the warranty work if you’ve got one from Costco?

Costco Road Hazard Warranty-3

Costco lets their customers buy another tyre with store credit.

They have made a formula to figure out how much to give customers.

It checks how much tread is left on the tyres and adjusts the credit amount based on that.

The less money you’ll get from the claim, the more you’ve driven on them.

Customers can also get help with their tyres in other ways at Costco.

After you buy tyres there, you can ask them to help you take care of them.

Costco Tire Warranty Conditions

The warranty doesn’t cover them just because you bought them at Costco. Costco will only cover tyres if they meet certain requirements.

Who bought the tyres is the most important factor.

To be covered, you have to be the one who bought them. If you file a claim, they will also ask where you bought them.

They only cover tyres that were bought at one of their stores.

When you make a claim, you’ll also have to show them proof that you bought the item.

That’s how they can tell if you’re eligible for coverage.

On top of their qualifications, they have also set a few rules.

If you don’t follow them, the warranty will be void.

You have to rotate your tyres according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Usually, you can find out how often that is by looking at their manual.

Also, your tyres must always have the right amount of pressure.

If their pressure went down, the warranty would be void.

Last, they have a form you’ll need to fill out when you file a claim. On all claims, you need to fill out the Costco Wholesale tyre adjustment form.

Let’s talk about what this warranty covers now.

Road hazards are the most important part of coverage. This means you can get it if your tyres break because you use them a lot. This means that you can get a new one if it has a hole in it.

You’ll get a store credit that you can use to buy new tyres. The amount will be based on the depth of the tread.

Your credit will be bigger if your tyres have a lot of tread.

Your warranty will last until the tread has worn down to less than 2/32 of an inch.

If you’ve had them for more than 5 years, it will also end.

Costco also lists a number of things that their warranty won’t cover.

If someone stole your tyre, you can’t file a claim. Vandalism is another thing that won’t work as a reason to get a new one.

Even tyres for commercial vehicles aren’t covered by their warranty. Even tyres that wear out quickly will not be covered.

They have made sure that their warranty only covers tyres on the original vehicle.

You can’t take them off of one car and put them on another one without making the warranty invalid.

The last big rule is how you take care of them. To make sure your tyres are covered, you have to follow all of the care instructions that came with them.

If they haven’t been taken care of, your coverage will end.

How to Get Your Tires Replaced Under Warranty

Have you recently had a flat tyre? If you have a flat tyre, you will probably need a new one. Their 5-year warranty would cover anything you bought from Costco.

Putting in a claim is also a fairly simple process.

Just call them and talk to someone in customer service. They will ask you some questions about the tyre to find out what they can do.

After you’ve told them everything, they’ll tell you if you’ve made the cut.

Most of the time, you’ll get a repair or replacement offer.

Most of the time, they will fix tyres with problems that can be fixed.

So, if you get a nail in your tyre, you won’t be given a new one. Most likely, they would fix it so that your tyre wouldn’t stay flat.

When you file a claim for your tyres, you have to fill out a form.

Ask the customer service representative if they can email you one of them.

Once you have it in your hands, it doesn’t take long to fill out.

Once you’ve brought the tyre to their store, show them the receipt. Before they give you a new one, they have to see that.

They might also check to see if your tyre is still on the same car. They will only change them out if they have always been on the same car.

You’ll get a card with store credit if your tyre can’t be fixed. This money can be used to buy a new tyre to replace the old one.

Will Costco Replace Just One Tire?

What happens if you only have one flat tyre? Still, you can take it to Costco to see if they can fix it.

Sometimes, they’ll even give you credit toward a new one.

They won’t work on it, though, if your tyres aren’t even. When all of them are old, it’s not a good idea to replace one of them.

They won’t replace them unless your other tyres still have a lot of tread left.

If not, you will have to buy a whole new set of tyres for your car.

That’s usually not a problem, though, if they can fix the flat.

If it can be fixed, it doesn’t matter how worn down your other tyres are.

The one with a hole will be fixed by Costco, so you can drive safely.

Is There an Advantage to Buying Tires at Costco?

Why do so many people choose to buy tyres from a big store like Costco that sells in bulk?

Compared to other places, it’s a lot better to buy tyres from them. When you buy tyres at their store, you won’t have to worry about the price. All taxes are included in the prices they list.

If you buy their installation package, they will also take care of your tyres for as long as you own them.

Costco can help you take care of them so they last as long as possible.

You don’t have to pay for them to check the pressure in your tyres if you ask them to.

Also, they will balance your tyres for no extra charge.

If you bring your car to their shop, they will also turn them.

It’s a good idea to rotate your tyres so they don’t wear out in different places.

Every time you get an oil change at Costco, a new valve stem is put in.

While you’re there, nitrogen will be pumped into your tyres.

That will keep them from losing pressure as quickly as they do now.

Nitrogen has atoms that are bigger than those in normal air, so it doesn’t leak as much. Adding nitrogen to your tyres can also make them last longer.

Also, because nitrogen is lighter than air, your car should use less gas.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs):

People often have a couple of questions about their Costco tyre warranty. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions we’ve heard.

Does Costco Rotate Tires for Free?

Any tyre you buy at Costco will get free service for as long as you own it. They will rotate your tyres for free if you bring your car to them.

Does Costco Rotate Tires Not Purchased There?

Even if your tyres didn’t come from Costco, they will turn them for you. But if you got them from somewhere else, you have to pay a small fee.

How Much Does Costco Charge for Tire Repair?

If your tyres are still under warranty, you won’t have to pay anything. If they don’t, you’ll have to pay $10.99 per tire for repairs.