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Wheel alignment is a service that your car needs. It makes you safer on the road and gives you more comfort. Also, it is an important part of car maintenance. It also affects how well your tyres work and how long they last.

Costco is an important store for a lot of people. It seems to have everything you might want. For example, they offer services for computers, food, pharmacies, and cars.

Does Costco do wheel alignment?

costco wheel alignment

Wheel alignment services are not available at Costco, which is too bad. One reason is that it needs an expensive machine. Also, it needs a technician who knows what to do. These kinds of technicians need to be paid more. Also, providing this service would cut into the money made.

Where else should customers go?

Your car needs to have its wheels aligned correctly. It keeps your car from shaking and keeps it going in a straight line. So, it keeps your car from veering to the left or right. As a result, it makes you safer on the road.

But there are different places that do wheel alignment. So, you should look for dealers who are reliable and don’t charge too much. This review tells you about two places where you can get the wheels on your car straightened.

Firestone Complete Auto Care

Wheel alignment is essential. It helps you extend the life of your tyres, save money on gas, and make your car run better. So, this company says that you should check the alignment of your wheels every six months. You can also do it after 6,000 miles.

The company can align more than 9,000 wheels in one day. Also, they do great work by using computer technology. So, they give you exact measurements of the caster, camber, toe angle, and trust angle.

There are two ways to get more wheel alignment services from the company.

The standard wheel alignment service is the first choice. In this case, the technician checks and makes any necessary changes. For example, they change things like camber, toe angles, and caster when they need to.

They check the steering, the front and back suspension, and the air pressure in the tyres. Also, the mechanics check how worn your tyres are and how good they are. Before and after, they print out the specs for how the wheels are aligned.

Then, the tech aligns the car and takes it for a test drive.

The second option is a wheel alignment service that lasts for life. With this choice, you get six months of free alignment services. But you can get the wheel alignment service done after 6000 miles instead.


NTB is another company that aligns wheels. You can get a free check of how straight your wheels are. With this check, you can find out if your vehicles need this service.

Also, the company has wheel alignment plans for 1, 3, and 5 years. Because of this, these programmes make it easy to take care of your car. On top of that, they help you save more money. Their computer tests make sure that your tyres are in the right place.

You can get your car aligned every six months if you have a one-year programme. Also, you can make it whenever you need to. You also get a free tyre rotation after 6,000 miles or six months as part of this programme.

Also, this programme lets you check your tyre pressure and look at your tyres for free at any time. You also get a free inspection of the alignment of your car.

There are more pros to a three-year programme. It costs a small amount per year for one year of benefits. You can also move this programme to a different car in your family. But this transfer shouldn’t happen more than once.

NTB also has a five-year first run. It’s a great deal because it comes with all the benefits of a one-year programme. You also get all of these benefits at the lowest cost per year. You can also move it to a different car in your household. This can only happen once, though.

Getting the right wheel alignment services can help in many ways. One of them is how well they use fuel. If your wheels aren’t lined up right, your gas mileage could drop by up to 10%. Tires that aren’t properly aligned drag instead of rolling, which makes your car use more gas.

Also, if your tyres aren’t lined up right, your car will pull to the right or left. Because of this, your ride might be bumpy, jerky, or full of vibrations. When your wheels are perfectly aligned, you have a smooth ride and enjoy driving.


Even though the four-wheel alignment service costs more, it is the better choice. There isn’t much difference in price between the two kinds. Only the two front wheels are fixed by the front wheel alignment.

The cost of wheel alignment can also depend on the type of car. Some businesses charge more for services that align trucks. The difference is because the truck is bigger and there is more work to do.

Also, the price of wheel alignment varies from company to company. For example, Firestone’s standard wheel alignment service costs $80. It comes with a warranty that lasts for one year and up to 12,000 miles.

The service to align wheels for life costs $170. But the warranty is good for life. So, as long as you have a car, you can get free health care.

The one-time programme at NTB costs $90. Also, it doesn’t have a warranty for a certain number of miles. Six months are sure to happen with the one-year programme. It doesn’t have a maximum number of miles, and it costs around $125.

There is no limit on the number of miles or years covered by the three-year warranty. But different trucks cost different amounts. The truck costs $105 for a one-time session with no warranty and no limit on the number of miles.

The one-year programme comes with a warranty for up to six months or 6,000 miles. A three-year plan for trucks, on the other hand, costs $235. Also, it has a warranty with no limits on miles or time.

Customer feedback

Most people who get services from Firestone Complete Auto Care are happy with them. Also, both the quality and the prices were good.

In the same way, customers at NTB were also happy. Most of the customers were happy with how good the online services were. Also, the services offered and the prices were both great.