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Do you ever hear a hissing sound coming from the engine when driving? In the event that you’ve heard this sound before, odds are that it is originating from the crankshaft seal.

Crankshaft seals serve a critical function in ensuring that the engine’s oil supply is secure and leaks are prevented. A crankshaft seal leak can be caused by a variety of factors, and this article will explain what those factors are and how to correct them!

What Does A Crankshaft Do?

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Your engine’s crankshaft seal is critical. Oil in the crankcase must be kept distinct from ambient air, and this device does just that by producing an airtight seal between the two.

With no leaks, the engine will operate smoothly and silently, but if there is one the situation becomes much more complicated.

What Are The Functions Of A Crankshaft Seal?

Keeping the oil from leaking is the major function of the crankshaft seal. As it’s lubricating your engine, this will happen. The flawless sealing capacity helps prevent any unanticipated incidents that could put the user’s life at risk.

What Damage Can A Bad Crankshaft Seal Cause?

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When your engine is running, the crankshaft is the primary component that makes things go round. An alternator and an AC compressor can be powered by the rotational energy generated by the pistons in your vehicle’s cylinders as they move in and out of position.

As a result, this component is constantly under stress and will eventually fail if left unattended for an extended period of time.

Because of insufficient lubrication at important locations along the crankshaft’s rotation path, one of the most common difficulties is wear on vital surface areas. This is especially true for crankshafts found in older engines.

Crankshaft seal failure is a typical term for this problem. It is possible for engine oil to leak through crankshaft seals and into the crankcase (the area under your pistons and inside of your cylinders).

Over time, this might lead to premature failure of both components if not addressed.

Crankshaft Seal Components

One of the most important parts of a crankshaft seal is its three major components.

Airtight area created by an exterior metal shell that separates internal parts from external ones. When sealant material is applied to the upper edge, it creates an even tighter seal. Finally, there are rubber gaskets to assist seal up any openings and keep the oil contained.

How Can You Increase The Life Of A Crankshaft Seal?

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You may extend the lifespan of your crankshaft seal by doing frequent oil changes and avoiding overfilling. The parts will get slick and their lifespan will be reduced if the oil is thrown away. A crack or a tear in the seal can eventually harm the crankshaft, so keep an eye out for it as well.

The other option is to avoid driving at high speeds following a repair, as this might impact the pressure on certain engine parts and lead to leaks in the long run. As soon as you notice any issues with the performance of your vehicle, you should check this part to see if it requires replacement.

Common Causes of Crankshaft Seal Leaks

Some of the most typical reasons for a crankshaft seal to leak are as follows:

Is It Necessary To Replace A Crankshaft Seal?

Most importantly, your engine’s crankshaft seal is the most critical component. As a result, it serves to keep the user safe by ensuring that no oil spills from the device. It is not required to replace this critical component in all automobiles because some are designed to last for a long time without any repairs or modifications.

If you want to replace this item, you can easily get it on the internet and do it yourself.

Having this item in perfect operating order ensures that your engine is lubricated at all times without interruption. A professional mechanic is always an option if you’re not familiar with the process or don’t know where to find the parts you need to fix your vehicle.

Symptoms of a Crankshaft Seal Leak

If you see any of the following symptoms, you may have a crankshaft seal leak:

How To Fix A Crankshaft Seal Leak

There are a few things you can do if you are suffering any of the symptoms described above:


How Much Does A Crankshaft Seal Cost?

Product prices and availability are subject to change at any given time. The price and availability information published on [relevant Amazon Sites, as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to this product purchase.

The cost of a crankshaft seal is determined by the type of material used in its construction and the availability of replacement parts in the market. You can also have it tailored to your specifications, which dramatically raises the price.

If you’re unable to locate a store in your area that sells them, you may also look online for better bargains and offers that might be more in line with your budget.

Is It Necessary To Regularly Check A Crankshaft Seal?

You can replace this item on your own, but it’s always a good idea to have a professional look at it first.

By regularly inspecting these components, you can prevent oil loss and ensure that the engine runs smoothly. Regular repairs and replacements cost money, so you’ll save money doing it yourself instead.


In the event of a crankshaft seal leak, it is imperative that the problem is addressed as quickly as possible. Repair costs will go up if you wait too long, so don’t wait until the last minute!

If you try to fix the leak on your own and it doesn’t work, you’ll need to take your automobile to a mechanic for help. Because prevention is always preferable to cure, be sure to monitor your engine oil level and do routine oil changes!