Updated at: 18-07-2022 - By: Lucas

Have you noticed that when you turn off your car’s dashboard lights, they stay on? One of the most common complaints is that a short in the lighting control module can cause the problem, although it’s possible that the ignition switch is to blame.

Learn why your car’s lights don’t go off when you switch it off and how to fix it.

A Faulty Battery

When the ignition is turned off, a bad battery may cause the lights to remain on. Modern remote-controlled cars rely heavily on the voltage of their batteries.

Using both high and low voltages, the car’s digital components communicate with each other. If the battery is faulty, the Morse code in the digital control may start sending out weird signals. As a result, you can do a crank test to verify that the voltage is between 12.65 and 12.70 volts to rule out a bad battery.

Loose and Dirty Battery Cables

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A malfunctioning battery cable could cause a vehicle’s dashboard lighting and other lights to flicker even when the ignition is turned off.

Battery acid can seep from the terminal posts if the terminals deteriorate. As a result, cables should be inspected to avoid electric problems.

Problem with the Ignition Switch

The ignition system determines whether the lights remain on or are turned off. It’s possible that a worn-out ignition can cause unforeseen internal damage, resulting in a short circuit in the lighting system.

Low Engine Oil Pressure

When the engine’s oil is low, the oil warning lights will come on. An engine oil loss could affect the car’s electrical system, resulting in dashboard lights that remain even after the vehicle is turned off. The engine should therefore be checked and ensured that it is in the proper working order.

The anti-lock braking system

The anti-lock system malfunctions cause problems with the anti-lock brake system (ABS). ABS functions may be disabled if the braking system malfunctions, which would have an effect on the dashboard’s controls.

Is This Problem Temporary?

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It’s better to master basic DIY skills in order to fix dashboard light troubles, even if the problem is transient. If the problem persists after turning off the engine, try restarting the vehicle.

After restarting the engine, the dashboard lights will go off if the problem is a transient one. Disconnecting and reconnecting the car’s battery is an option if the dashboard lights do not adjust themselves.

Car sensors give information when something is wrong, and the check engine light uses those signals to show whether the car requires maintenance. OBD2 code reader can be plugged into the universal adaptor on dashboard, which can identify issues and can be used to diagnose them.

Finally, if you want to keep your car in good working order, you need understand what each of the dashboard indicators means. It’s possible to customize the dashboard’s color scheme from yellow to orange, red, and even green. Brakes, lights, traction, low oil and engine temperature are all alerted by these sensors. To get the most out of these lights, it’s best to know what they do and why they’re important.

Can It Resolve By Itself?

You may start driving in the hope that the lights would adjust themselves, which may be true for some vehicles. Engine or battery problems will not repair themselves, therefore the dashboard lights will not go out on their own.

Get the Car to the Repair Shop

Repairing the dashboard lights that do not turn off when the automobile is turned off cannot be done without the assistance of a professional. Dashboard light issues can be quickly and effectively resolved by ASE-certified specialists. The mechanic will look for faults with the dashboard lights, the battery, and the ignition system.

Final Thoughts

For those who question their ability to fix mechanical and electric car issues, the consequences are terrible. The ignition system, insufficient engine oil, and malfunctioning batteries can all cause dashboard lights to remain on even after the automobile is turned off.

You should be able to tell what each dashboard light on your automobile means, which will make it much easier to spot potential problems. Make that the battery is working properly and the cables aren’t exposed, which could cause short circuiting.

Low oil levels, which affect the battery and the dashboard lighting, should also be corrected. Last but not least, make sure the ignition system isn’t putting the dashboard at risk.