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Having your tires aligned restores their original form. While driving, if your car’s wheels are not properly aligned, you will notice that it is unstable and that you have to work with the steering to keep your lane straight.

Wheel alignment is important after replacing a component related to your vehicle’s wheels since poor alignment can lead to crashes and other issues.

Do I need to have my tires aligned when I replace them? This is a difficult question to answer because it is possible that you may need to align the new tires or not. To avoid any confusion, please continue reading.

Do I Need An Alignment After Replacing Tires?

No matter how many tires you’ve replaced, if the ones you replaced were damaged in a collision, an alignment may be necessary.

Tire deflation and suspension system damage are both possible outcomes of a serious collision.

Adjusting your car’s suspension and then straightening its wheels is all that’s required to get it into proper alignment.

It is common for some drivers to feel that they don’t need to have their tires aligned if they’ve simply replaced one or two of their tires. That is, in fact, incorrect.

If you’ve had troubles with your car’s alignment before you replaced your tires, you should get them aligned after the new tires are installed.

Even if you’ve replaced all of your tires, you may not need to get them aligned if you’ve been keeping up with regular maintenance and driving in normal conditions.

After all is said and done, an alignment is something you should consider doing if you have some extra time after getting new tires.

Driving on wheels that are out of alignment is quite dangerous, and you won’t be able to drive at all if they’re out of whack.

In order to have a perfect wheel alignment, it’s best to drive your vehicle into a wheel alignment/car service business.

Why is Alignment Necessary After Changing Tires?

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You want to be able to drive as fast as possible after getting new automobile tires, but if the new tires aren’t correctly aligned, you could run into a lot of problems.

Upon traveling at certain speeds, a vehicle that is out of alignment will shake; when applying the brakes, the same vehicle may still tremble.

In most cases, the new tire will not be in alignment with the old one once it has been installed, therefore alignment is required after a tire has been replaced.

Wheel alignment can be a problem if all the tires are replaced by a professional who isn’t familiar with it.

If you haven’t changed your tires in a while, you should still get your wheels aligned, even if you haven’t done so.


In order to determine how often you should have your alignment checked, you need to know what kind of driving you do and how regularly.

“Collision/accident” is another element to consider when determining if you need an alignment. After a collision, it’s critical to have your car aligned to ensure everything is back to normal.

A quick answer to “Do I need an alignment after replacing tires?” is yes. The basic answer is here. Alignment following tire replacement isn’t a bad idea, but it’s not a must.

A tire service center is the ideal place to have alignment done correctly.