Updated at: 27-06-2022 - By: Lucas

If you want to change your car’s intake but are worried about voiding the warranty, you’ve come to the right place!

Putting in a cold air intake won’t make your car’s warranty void. The Consumer Products Warranty Act says that even if you add an aftermarket part to your car, the warranty must still be honoured.

If your car has an internal combustion engine, adding a cold air intake can make it run better. Most new cars don’t have intakes that are very wide. So, they can’t fully soak the fuel before it goes into the combustion chamber.

By changing its intake, you can get more air in, which will make your engine run faster. If you change how it takes in air, you won’t see much of a difference. Even if nothing else is changed, most cars are limited in other ways.

If you’re still using stock parts, a lot of new cars also have small fuel injectors.

Will a Cold Air Intake Void a Warranty?

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You can get a new intake for your car without making the warranty void. Anyone with a new car can easily put a cold air intake on it. Even if a used car has a valid warranty, you can still put them on it.

In the 1970s, Congress passed the Magnuson-Moss act to protect people. Some of them had trouble with their warranties after they put in aftermarket parts.

This made it so they couldn’t get out of the warranty unless they could show what caused the damage. So, if you’ve put aftermarket parts on your car because of this act, you can still make warranty claims.

If the stock air intake is still in place, adding a cold air intake can help the engine get more air. When they are first made, whatever is on their intake doesn’t let enough air in.

Adding a cold air intake to your car can also make it have more horsepower. By changing the temperature of the air as it goes into the engine, more oxygen can be brought in.

If you can cool the air, you can put more oxygen into the same amount of space. This is because as it gets colder, the air starts to condense.

Another thing that makes a lot of drivers like them is how they change the sound of driving after you put one in. If you open the car’s intake, the engine can make a deep, rich sound that is hard to get from a stock model.

If you can find an aftermarket part with a shorter pipe, it can even make the car sound louder. The louder the car sounds, the shorter you can make it.

The best part is that none of this affects your warranty in any way. There are a lot of models from K&N, so you can find one that works with your car.

If you drive with a cold air intake, it might also help your car use less gas. Since they can put more oxygen into the engine, they can burn more fuel. So you won’t throw away as much.

What Modifications Void a Warranty?

In general, you can’t break your warranty by making changes to your car. The way the law is written, manufacturers must show that damage was caused by something else if they want to get out of a warranty.

If you want to change your car, you do have to follow a few laws about emissions. For example, if you want to drive your car legally on public roads, you can’t straight pipe it.

Changing a car’s catalytic converter in any way would void its warranty and be against the law. So, look in the manual to find out where it is and don’t touch it.

The only other way that adding a mod would void the warranty is if it put too much stress on the drivetrain. There are a lot of changes you can make to your car that will make it go faster. But each of them will also make the car’s drivetrain work a little harder.

If you put too much stress on it, it would break in a way that is easy for the maker to prove. So, if this happened to you, you couldn’t make a warranty claim.

If you do anything to your car that changes the odometer, your warranty will also be void. You can’t change the number on the odometer unless you replace the engine.

If you don’t want to lose your coverage, don’t service your car with the wrong fluids. A lot of warranties for cars have a clause that says you have to use certain fluids.

What Modifications Do Not Void a Warranty?

You can make a lot of changes to your car and still keep the warranty. Most of them make it more powerful and efficient, so buying them is a good idea.

Putting in a cold air intake is a surefire way to give your car more horsepower.

You can also add a high-flow air filter to increase the effect of the intake. By adding one of them to the car’s intake, more air could get into the engine, which would make it work less hard.

Also, try to find a cold air intake that is made to use laminar flow. As the air goes through your filter, it will start to move in two lines. This can make both resistance and friction go down.

A car’s muffler can be made louder by drilling a few holes in it. That won’t make the warranty void, and it’s a legal change!

When you lower your suspension, it can feel like you’re clinging to the ground. Don’t lower the car too much, or going over speed bumps will be hard.

We’ve always liked upgrading a car’s audio and video system if we plan to drive it every day. When your car is full of subs, there’s nothing better than blasting your favourite songs.

Many people like how their cars look when they put neon lights on the bottom of them. If you want to do everything yourself, you’ll have to learn how to connect them to your car’s electrical system. If you don’t have much time, hire a tech. It doesn’t cost too much.

You can also put a camera on the back door to make it easier to drive the car in reverse. If your car doesn’t already have one, putting in a rearview camera is a great idea. If you get too close to something while trying to park in a tight spot, an alarm goes off.

Adding a spoiler to your car can help it handle better by making the air push harder on it. The pressure goes through the car and into the wheels, making them grip the ground better.

Many people have also been making changes to their cars. This won’t change the way your car looks, but it can make a big difference in how well it runs.

By tuning a car, the ECU is reprogrammed. This can change how much fuel it uses every time the piston turns. It can also change the time when the pistons move. If you know how and have a tuner, you can change almost any part of the car’s timing change.

A skilled tuner can boost a car’s HP by plugging a small handheld device into its OBII port. After just a few minutes with it plugged in, they’ll download a new tuning programme.