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There are a lot of places to buy a new battery for your car, truck, SUV, golf cart, boat, ATV, or other recreational vehicle, but Costco is the cheapest. Costco sells a lot of different brands and sizes of car batteries, but their Interstate brand batteries have the most options.

Costco has some of the best prices on new car batteries, but it does not offer services to install them. To be approved for battery installations, regulations say that servicers have to offer extra maintenance services. Costco decided not to go this route to save money.

Lucky for you, changing your car’s battery is a quick and easy job that only takes a few minutes and the most basic tools. Even if you don’t know much about car maintenance, you can change a battery almost anywhere, so you can keep driving your car without any problems.

What Vehicle Services Does Costco Offer?

Does Costco Replace Car Batteries

Costco is the best place to get cheap auto parts and accessories, but it doesn’t do as well when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

You can get your tyres fixed or replaced at most Costco locations, but not much else.

They do, however, offer their members an Auto Program.

This programme can save you a lot of money on both new parts and accessories for your car and a whole new car.

Costco works with many different car companies to get the best prices on new cars, and if you’re a member, you can save money on the price of a new car.

Also, the Costco Auto Program helps its members save up to 50 percent on basic services, replacement parts, and warranty plans for the new car.

Replacing Your Own Car Battery

Changing your own car battery might sound hard, especially if you are new to taking care of cars in general, but it can be very easy.

In fact, you only need a few minutes and one or two simple tools to do it. You won’t have to buy an expensive tool kit or drill to finish the job.

You can change your own battery by following just 10 easy steps.

Make sure that your car is in park and that the engine is off. If you park on a slope, use your emergency brake and wheel chocks for extra safety.

Open the hood of your car and look for the battery. It is usually near the headlights in the front left or right corner, but it could be somewhere else. No matter where it is, it’s hard to miss.

Find out which end is the positive one and which is the negative one. There will be a plus sign on the positive terminal, and a red cap or cord will lead to it. The negative side will have a black cap or cord and a “-” sign.

First, use a wrench to loosen the bolt on the black side, or negative, terminal. You should be able to find the right size wrench for the bolt you need to loosen in less than a minute.

Repeat the last step on the positive side of the terminal, which is the red side. To keep from getting sparks while you take the battery out of the car, move the two wires away from the battery.

Lift the battery up carefully and take it out of the car. Be aware that the battery can weigh up to 50 pounds and may be heavy. Using the handle on the battery will make this process easier.

Look for rust on the terminal caps. If the terminals look green or have white crystals on them, now is the time to clean them so that the corrosion doesn’t spread to your new battery. You can do this with a brush with thick bristles or a terminal cleaning solution.

Put the new battery in the same place where you took the old one out. Make sure that the red and black posts are lined up the same way they were on the old battery.

Join the ends of the new battery to the terminals. First, connect the red, or positive, side. Then, move on to the black, or negative, side. Make sure the bolts are tight so that your car can connect to the battery well.

You’re done! Close the hood and start your car to test the connection.

Keep in mind that car batteries contain dangerous chemicals and acids, so they need to be thrown away in a very specific way.

You can bring your old battery to the Costco near you or to any other auto shop. They have the tools to get rid of these things in a safe way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Do Costco car batteries include a warranty?

Costco batteries are covered by two warranties: one from Costco, which varies by store, and one from the company that makes the batteries. Most of the time, a warranty from the maker will last between 1 and 5 years.

Within the warranty period, if your battery stops holding a charge, you can take it back to Costco and get a new one or a refund.

Are Costco car batteries a good deal?

Short answer: yes! Costco has a huge number of different types and sizes of batteries for all kinds of cars and RVs. You will have a hard time finding another store that sells batteries at such low prices.

Do I need a membership to buy a Costco car battery?

Costco members are the only ones who can buy batteries, so you’ll need a membership card. It’s easy to become a member, and it helps Costco keep track of what you buy so they know what’s popular. With a membership, you can also get discounts in the store and during certain times of the year.

How long should a car battery last?

Depending on the brand and type of battery, it is not unusual for it to last between 3 and 5 years. This time frame may be shorter, though, depending on how far you drive every day, how hot or cold it gets where you live, or if your car’s electrical system is broken.

Does Costco take your old car battery?

Yes, Costco wants you to bring your old batteries back to their stores so they can get rid of them in a safe way. Costco charges a core fee, which can be as much as $10, when you buy a new battery from them. This fee will be waived if you bring in your old battery when you buy a new one.


While you may not be able to have Costco replace your battery or offer standard vehicle repairs or tune-ups, they certainly have you covered when it comes to highly affordable batteries in a huge selection, repair parts for all types of vehicles, and vehicle accessories!