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Costco may be a place you’ve previously bought replacement car batteries, but it’s worth a go. You’ll be able to enjoy a completely new and rewarding experience with this outlet.

With a warranty that lasts at least three years and includes a free battery replacement, these vehicle batteries are guaranteed to function at the highest level and come with an effective and long-lasting guarantee.

Costco sells automobile batteries for costs that are significantly lower than the suggested retail price of the brand.

As a result, the main advantages are low prices and an extended guarantee. There are several reasons to buy your auto battery from Costco, including this one:

To ensure that you are never inconvenienced, Costco offers an unrivaled and unparalleled car battery shopping experience.

This is because, before visiting their stores, you may check to see if the precise battery you’re looking for is available. There are also long-lasting and high-performance automotive batteries that they deal with.

What Are The Car Batteries Brands Available At Costco?

Costco Sell Car Batteries

All of Costco’s interstate automobile batteries are available for various purposes. Vehicles, golf carts, and boats are just a few examples.

In today’s market, interstate vehicle batteries are among the oldest battery makers.

Costco sells these batteries for a reasonable price, however they don’t provide battery installation services.

Due to their high performance, these types of car batteries are sure to provide you with an excellent user experience.

Top technicians across the country have praised them as high-quality, dependable brands.

The price of a certain brand of Interstate auto battery is competitive and even lower than the recommended price from Interstate itself.

For an affordable guarantee and free replacement if the battery you bought is damaged, Costco sells Interstate battery brands from their warehouses.

For the most part, manufacturers’ warranties last for a minimum of three years, which is more than enough time to find a fault.

Kirkland Signature Batteries: Costco Used To Sell That Batteries

Car batteries from Kirkland are among the most cost-effective and generic options on the market today.

This type of battery is manufactured by a well-known company and sold by Costco.

The History Of The Kirkland Batteries

It has been a long time since Kirkland automobile batteries have been on the market. They have been connected with their initial design, which was long-lasting and was provided with a longer warranty than most batteries at the time, making them a popular choice among consumers.

For as long as seven years, this sort of car battery could be utilized, and it was offered with a warranty of at least eight months.

This type of battery was no longer being sold by Costco, therefore they shifted to offering Interstate batteries instead.

As a result, the company was unable to meet its profit and bottom-line goals with the sale of this type of automobile battery.

Who Made Kirkland Batteries For Costco?

Costco has partnered with Duracell, a well-known name in the battery industry, to produce the well-known Kirkland brand of automobile batteries.

When you buy a car battery from Duracell, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting a high-quality product that will endure for years to come.

It is extremely rare to find a brand of car battery that can survive for six years or more.

How Much Did Costco Use To Sell A Kirkland Car Battery?

An average of $77.10 was paid for Kirkland automobile batteries. At the time, this was a very reasonable price for a car battery from this particular manufacturer.

The pricing was the best because the car battery could be used for six years and still be completely reliable, making it the most cost-effective option.

Costco’s Kirkland auto battery comes with a 100-month warranty and a free replacement for the old battery if it is returned within that time period.

How Long Does Kirkland Car Battery Last?

An estimated 56 months might be expected from the Kirkland automobile battery, but some could potentially survive for six years.

Car batteries seldom last longer than four years, so this is a notable accomplishment.

Using a Kirkland car battery, you can be sure that your vehicle will get the power it needs to run the engine and all of the car’s lights and electronics, as well as the battery itself.

Did Costco Offer Warranty For Kirkland Car Battery?

A warranty offer applied to every Kirkland vehicle battery purchased from Costco, yes. There was a 100-month warranty period and a free replacement.

Costco was able to increase its profit margin by switching to Interstate brand car batteries. A warranty of four and a half months was offered for this type of car battery.

Optima Batteries: Does Costco Still Sell That Batteries?

Optima batteries are not for sale. The Optima car batteries aren’t readily available at Costco.

This is because the Red, Yellow, and Blue Top Optima vehicle batteries are not available at Costco for some reason.

A few Costco locations might have these batteries. Then again, they are extremely uncommon.

For the most part, Costco is now offering Interstate auto batteries, which are known for their outstanding performance and long life. In addition, they offer a three-year guarantee that is free of charge.

The Optima vehicle batteries can be replaced with a superior car battery at Costco. If you can’t get an Optima car battery at Costco, you’re better off with an interstate vehicle battery.

Buying an Interstate vehicle battery from Costco is a good deal because the price is comparable and the terms of purchase are favorable to customers.

Interstate Batteries: Costco Now Sells That Batteries

Costco decided to stop selling Kirkland vehicle batteries because they couldn’t make the profit they expected.

Costco now exclusively carries the Interstate brand of automobile batteries. These batteries come with a great warranty and are available at a reasonable price point.

A long-lasting and trustworthy car battery brand is ensured with these batteries.

Any type of vehicle, whether marine automotive, trucks, golf carts, or your standard automobile, can benefit from the investment you make in it.

Interstate is a well-known battery brand that has been around for a long time because of its low rates.

As a result of its consistently high quality, it has become a client favorite. Many different styles and sizes are available, so you won’t be able to miss one that fits your vehicle.

If you are not a Costco member, you can purchase this most popular automobile battery online at the following link:

An Interstate Batteries DCM0035 battery designed exclusively for wheelchairs and mobility scooters is an excellent choice. Outrageously Dependable: Interstate’s DCM batteries are ranked as the top performance for heavy-demand electric wheelchairs and electric scooters because of their longer life and more cycles for deep discharge usage.


In addition to being rechargeable, maintenance-free, and spill-proof, AGM and VRLA (valve regulated) technology ensures that there are no spills or overpressure. 12 Volt, 35 Amp-Hour capacity. Dimensions: 7.68″ x 5.16″ x 6.42″ (LxWxH). Group U1 or GT9L of the industry. Replaces FLAG TY with a termination with a bolt. Unlike Golf Cart batteries, this battery is not compatible with this vehicle

Interstate Batteries’ 7-Point Quality Protocol is the only battery brand that put its goods through more rigorous testing than any other. We don’t just satisfy industry standards; we go above and beyond them and back our products with an unrivaled warranty, too. Please contact Interstate Batteries on Amazon if you have any questions about the 12-Month Performance Warranty (DCM0035) Then, under the Buy Now button, select Interstate Batteries.

POWER SOURCE YOU CAN TRUST: Interstate Batteries’ mission has been to provide the globe with the most Outrageously Reliable power source since 1952. We put our clients first, therefore we work hard to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience. Please come back to an Interstate All Battery Center so that we can continue recycling your old batteries.

Who Makes The Interstate Batteries?

The Johnson Controls plant in Monterrey, Mexico, is where Interstate automobile batteries are made. The primary producer of Interstate vehicle batteries is located here.

The Interstate auto batteries that Costco sells are made by a trusted manufacturer, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a high-quality product.

They are among the best in terms of reliability and performance. You’ll also have a great time shopping at Costco because they offer a long guarantee period for all purchases.

Is Interstate A Good Battery Brand?

Is the Interstate vehicle battery worth it? You should get one and test it out for yourself to see.

This type of car battery is among the greatest in terms of performance, so you can expect a great time with it. As far as reliability and upkeep go, it’s the least demanding.

How Much Does Interstate Car Battery Cost?

Costco is the greatest place to buy a car battery, as this essay has demonstrated. Among other things, it’s because of their high-quality vehicle batteries in stick and their reasonable costs.

You can buy high-quality car batteries and save money on other expenses at the same time here.

Costco’s automobile batteries are compared to those found at other retailers:

1. Example Car Model: 2015 Subaru Forester H4/2.5L

Costco: Costs $73.99 and comes with a 3-year warranty, free replacement, and a 30-day return policy.

It costs $99.99 and comes with a 2-year guarantee and free replacement. Firestone

Offers a two-year warranty with free replacement with a price tag of $113.99.

For $129.99, AutoZone offers a two-year warranty and free replacements.

With a two-year warranty and free replacements, Advance Auto Parts costs $129.99.

2 Example Car Model: 2016 Toyota Camry V6/3.5L

Costco: Costs $85.99 and comes with a three-year warranty and free replacements if necessary.

It costs $99.99 and comes with a 2-year guarantee and free replacement. Firestone

It costs $109.99 and comes with a two-year warranty, as well as a free replacement should something go wrong.

For $129.99, AutoZone offers a two-year warranty and free replacements.

With a price tag of $129.99, this product comes with a two-year warranty and free replacement.

The customer would also be charged a core fee, which would be repaid if the buyer returned the car battery.

Costco’s auto battery pricing are quite reasonable, as you’ll find out. They’re also cheaper than Interstate’s suggested and actual prices for this particular brand of car battery.

In comparison to Kirkland car batteries, interstate car batteries have shown to be an excellent value. If the prices charged are fair to customers, they won’t hurt Costco’s bottom line.

When compared with Kirkland vehicle batteries, the sole drawback of these batteries is that they don’t last as long. However, the Kirkland vehicle batteries are just as good.

Are Costco Interstate Batteries Maintenance Free?

Interstate automobile batteries have the advantage of being low-maintenance, which contributes to their widespread use. It is not necessary to top up the electrolyte in these types of automotive batteries, as is the case with traditional batteries.

It is not necessary to add distilled water on a regular basis to keep the battery in good operating order or for it to last as long as it is supposed to.

List Of Interstate Car Batteries Group That Costco Offer

How To Buy A Car Battery At Costco

Clients have little to no inconvenience in their purchases from a warehouse today.

Even before you go to the warehouse, you may see if an item you wish to buy is there and get an idea of its price.

Purchasing a car battery from Costco is intended to be as painless as possible for the customer.

Costco requires customers to check the availability of a specific brand or model of car battery online before they visit a Costco shop in person.

This means that you only go to the store when you are certain that the brand of car battery you require is on hand and ready to be picked up.

It’s easy to get a car battery from Costco using these procedures.

Because Costco charges a core fee, you will be eligible for a complete refund if you return your old battery.

They have a website: https://costco.interstatebattery.com

Make sure to include the make and model of your vehicle or truck. This covers the vehicle’s year, make, model, engine, and zip code..

A “Fitment Code” will thereafter be provided to you by the above-mentioned website.

Find a nearby warehouse or dealer and ask whether they have a car battery in stock that matches the “Fitment Code” you received from the internet.

If the local warehouse has a battery that matches the fitting code, you can buy it there.

A variety of factors must be taken into account when purchasing a car battery.

A battery that won’t function in your vehicle can be avoided by using these tips. In addition, it reduces the risk of problems arising from the use of your automobile battery.

The first consideration is the battery’s size, which is typically divided into a number of groups based on their dimensions. Using your car’s owner’s manual, you may determine the battery’s measurements.

You can also seek the advice of a professional, who can tell you which size is optimal.

Second, the power requirements of various car models vary. In order to start your car and even ignite the spark plug, you’ll need to have at least this many amps.

Details such as the starting amp, cold starting amp, and reserve capacity show this.

The guarantee that comes with a particular car battery should also be checked. Costco makes it a point to provide their customers with warranties that are as comprehensive as possible.

In addition, they provide a free replacement, which you should take advantage of.

If you buy a car battery and it turns out to be defective, either because it has a long shelf life or because of a complexity or mistake in its manufacturing, the guarantee protects you.

When it comes to things like these, Costco is one of the greatest places to get them.


The brands and prices of automobile batteries that Costco sells are now in your hands. Battery shoppers at Costco frequently ask the questions listed below.

I strongly encourage you to read on to learn more about Costco’s auto battery policies.

Do I Need A Costco Membership To Buy A Car Battery?

Buying a car battery from Costco requires a membership. With the membership, Costco is able to keep track of what their customers are purchasing, as well as their preferred battery for their automobiles.

There are several reasons why they would replace your battery as quickly as possible when you return it to them while your warranty is still in effect and they won’t ask for a receipt if you lose it.

Does Costco Offer Car Battery Warranty Without A Receipt?

No, they don’t require a receipt to get a warranty. To replace a defective battery under Costco’s warranty, you don’t need to produce the product’s receipt, unlike at other retailers.

Costco, as previously stated, offers customers and clients a brand-new shopping experience that is unequaled by any other retailer and is certain to make their lives easier.

If you can’t find your receipt but still need a new battery, you can take your old one back to the store where you bought it.

The battery’s serial number will be used to verify your purchase. If, on the other hand, you have the order number or receipt handy, you can get your battery replaced much more quickly since the serial number of the battery will not have to be looked up.

What Does Costco Auto Center Do? Do They Repair Cars?

In order to provide a wide range of services related to your vehicle, Costco Auto Center was created.

It is possible to get your car repaired, the battery replaced, and other related services exactly like any other auto shop.

Customers and members of the general public will find it more convenient to have their vehicles serviced at Costco while they are in the store.

There are tire-changing stores and others that specialize in other services, such as inspecting the engine of a vehicle.

Check-ups and maintenance of your vehicle will include tire replacement as part of the service.

Because the work can be done in the shortest amount of time possible at Costco, you’ll be on your way early.

Does Costco Install A Car Battery?

Car batteries are not installed by them. Costco does not provide car battery service. This applies to any make or model of automobile battery, regardless of where you purchased it.

Even though it may seem complicated, replacing a car battery is no more difficult than replacing the batteries in a remote control television; simply plug in each terminal into its corresponding socket, one positive and one negative.

Car batteries for interstate vehicles are solely sold by Costco; they do not install them for consumers or clients.

Their auto services merely let them to provide services ranging from gas to tire replacements, which is the extent of their capabilities. However, you may find many places to pay for the installation of a new automobile battery.

Does Costco Test A Car Battery?

In the absence of a battery test at Costco, the answer is no. During the time that your battery’s guarantee is still valid, Costco will simply replace it with a new one.

Only if you have a receipt or an order number plus the serial number on the car battery will they be able to search it up. At this time, no testing will be performed on the vehicle’s battery.

If you’d want to learn more about how to test a car battery on your own, check out this page.

Does Costco Recycle Car Batteries?

Costco does indeed recycle a variety of various types of car batteries. The components of a car battery can pollute the environment if they are exposed to the elements, which is why recycling car batteries is necessary.


A new automobile battery can be purchased from a variety of online and brick-and-mortar vendors.

To be sure, Costco is a leader on this list, but it also offers something new and easy.

For starters, it only carries Interstate brand batteries, and you get a three-and-a-half-year replacement warranty and the new battery installed at one of their locations.

You can’t get a better deal on auto batteries at Costco than you can at any other retail outlet.

If you’re a car owner who’s sick of dealing with battery problems and having to buy a new one all the time, the warranty information will be more than satisfactory.