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Transmissions fail for a variety of causes, which should come as no surprise. It’s preferable to get a new transmission if your old one has broken down. The topic of whether or not a new transmission resets mileage comes up when it’s time to replace one.

Changing a vehicle’s transmission or engine does not reset the mileage. It’s a myth that the transmission mechanism in cars affects the odometer’s miles readings because it is not.

In evaluating the resale value of a car, the odometer reading is one factor to consider. If you want to sell a used car, the odometer reading will be one of the most important items purchasers look for. Buying a car with a lot of miles on the odometer will cost less than buying a car with a few kilometers on the odometer.

Does Transmission Connect To The Odometer?

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The odometer is a wheel-mounted electrical device that receives signals from the vehicle’s wheels as it travels. As a result, the odometer on a car will continue to rise as long as the wheels are turning; when the wheels stop turning, the odometer stops rising.

In fact, as you might expect, an odometer measures a vehicle’s miles per gallon based on the movement of its wheels. A vehicle’s drivetrain is incomplete without the transmission, which is a critical item that must not be overlooked.

In the worst case scenario, a vehicle with a faulty transmission will not be able to drive at all.

The odometer is not directly connected to the transmission system, rather it is indirectly related to the engine. The engine, not the odometer, suffers when a vehicle’s transmission fails (or its readings).

Transmission and odometer are not directly linked in a car, and there is no direct correlation between them.

Does a New Transmission Reset Miles?

Installing a new transmission has no effect on a vehicle’s mileage reading. All of the vehicle’s components, including the odometer, are up to date prior to a transmission swap.

The date you changed your car’s transmission should be noted down for future reference as well.

Even if you replace your complete set of wheels, altering anything else in your car except the transmission will not cause the mileage to be reset. When used alone, the odometer’s readings can only be altered by hand.

The odometer must be manually tampered with if you wish to reset the mileage on your vehicle. This is not recommended. No matter what, if your previous transmission was significantly damaged in a crash, you should replace it.


This means that the transmission or the engine do not contribute to your car’s mileage (even though these are seemingly the most important parts of a vehicle).

This means that getting any of them changed has nothing to do with resetting or modifying the mileage on a vehicle.