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Keys have been in use for more than 6,000 years now. The design hasn’t changed a whole lot. In your lock, you’ll find a box filled with pins that can be moved. These pins could be weighted or held in place by a spring.

This portion of the lock accepts the key. A grove will be cut into the key. A specific length will be the key. These pins are pushed into a certain pattern by the grooves and length, which allows the door to open.

Why You Should Have More Than One Key

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You’ve always been concerned about the safety of your belongings. The reason for the lock is because of this reason. Even if you have a key, reading this article is pointless. If you lose your only key, you’ll want to know what would happen.

What would you do if you couldn’t get in or out of your house or car?

Because you couldn’t, the issue is that you couldn’t. What if the car is being driven by more than one person? Keys will be required for the operation of the machine.

A spare key is usually a good idea in case you lose yours. There are a number of places in the United States where you can get a new key made. However, we’ll take a look at what Home Depot can provide. There are more than 2,000 outlets.

Different Types of Car Keys

There are a number of different sorts of car keys. If you glance at your keys, you might be shocked. Since 1910, the first keys have been in use. These keys, on the other hand, only locked the door and started the engine.

The “Fob”

Cars from the 1990s and 2000s will all have the same ways for unlocking a vehicle, regardless of model year. To get the car started, you’ll need a metal key. A plastic fob will be included. The remote is here. It will include a microprocessor.

With the progress of technology, you may use this to lock and unlock your automobile, as well as press the panic button. We no longer have to insert the key into the door to open or lock the car thanks to new technology.

Fobs can also be used to open your trunk. In order to prevent theft, the fob has been redesigned. The automobile won’t start unless the key fob is in the car.

As an illustration, consider the following scenario. The teenagers were intrigued when Brian left his car in the driveway. The keys were in the house, but they were close enough to start the car. Kids took the car, but the keys weren’t in it, so they only made it a few blocks before they had to return.

In addition, the car needs a few key fobs to start. Home Depot does not carry these key fobs. This type of key can only be made at a dealership. A dealership will need to make a set of custom keys for you.

Smart Keys

These are the secrets of the future. They’ll be talking about keyless entry. They outperform the other keyless systems we’ve examined. Complex and unique antennas will be required for these devices.

You can start the vehicle if you wish to turn on the air conditioning before you get in the vehicle. Additionally, they’ll keep track of your own preferences. This could include elements like the height of your steering wheel, the temperature of your car, and the position of your seat.

Does Home Depot Make Keys?

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Some keys can be made at Home Depot, while others cannot. We’ll take a closer look at what this entails. Yes and no, as previously indicated.

You’ll be able to get metal key reproductions or duplicates from Home Depot. Keys to a house, an apartment, a padlock, or an old car might all fall into this category. About a five-minute wait time is expected. In the neighborhood of a buck and twenty cents,

The key’s grooves are what you’ll want to pay attention to. The specs of your key should be familiar to you at all times. It’s unlikely that Home Depot can help you with a key that demands absolute precision.

A key that says “DO NOT DUPLICATE” will not be copied by Home Depot. 90% of all metal keys can be re-created by Home Depot. The majority of these keys are for automobiles or trucks.

Vehicles that have a metal key will be native to the country. Cars from other countries may not have metal keys.

How Home Depot Makes Keys

There’s nothing complicated about the approach used by Home Depot. Aside from that, you’re just responsible for the cost of the materials. There is no fee for this service. In addition, not every Home Depot will have a key duplication station.

Not everyone has the tools necessary to make their own keys. That’s why we recommend contacting them beforehand before heading out.

If you can’t find a key duplication station at your local Home Depot, you can still get a key cut. Simply insert the key into the machine to have it scanned.

The key’s dimensions will be determined, and a key will be cut to suit the mold. This is a fully automated system. Using the dimensions of the original key, the software understands just what to do. For car keys, this won’t work at all. Only house keys should be stored in this.

Does Home Depot Duplicate Key Fobs?

does home depot make car keys

Key fobs are not duplicated at Home Depot. However, blank key fobs can be purchased. Blanks are compatible with a limited number of brands and models. This is for automobiles that are at least 10 years old. It’s possible to program this blank key fob into your vehicle.

It’s unlikely that they’ll be able to help you get a replacement fob for a newer vehicle. For a replacement key fob, you will need to visit a dealership or a shop that specializes in automobiles. Microchips are everywhere in these keychains, making them incredibly intricate.

None of these services are offered by Home Depot. The best option is to go to the dealership where you bought the car and have it serviced. It’s possible to visit the dealership where your vehicle brand is sold even if you didn’t buy it from a dealership.


We’re going to take a look at some typical questions. Keys and Home Depot are the focus of these inquiries. Bring it on, shall we?

Is Home Depot Better than the Competition?

To acquire car key fobs replicated, you’re best off seeking elsewhere. If you’re in need of a metal key, Home Depot has you covered with over 90% of metal key inventory. It’s important to keep in mind that many of your rivals will use a similar procedure. You’re better off visiting the dealership if you require a key fob.

Home Depot provides a great selection of blank key fobs if you’re in the market. Programming these into your car is simple and easy. Used in older models of automobiles Your vehicle’s make and model must be taken into consideration.

Why Does it Cost so Much to Replace/Copy Key Fobs?

There are several contemporary cars that offer keyless access. You won’t be able to find these at Home Depot or any of its competitors. They’ll set you back roughly $400 for a set of these keys. This is due to the fact that the car keys are stored entirely within the key fob itself. You can avoid using a key by pressing a button on the fob.

These fobs are equipped with microchips. These use the vehicle’s antenna and receivers. The fob will be linked to your vehicle.

Every car has its own unique code. In other words, you can’t just unlock any old Audi with your key fob.

In addition, it will take longer to make a copy of this fob compared to a metal key. Duplicating this will be more difficult since you’ll be required to provide confirmation that the vehicle in question is actually yours. They can be confident they’re making a key for the right person if they use this method.


Knowing where to get your keys produced is essential. If you need a custom key fob, you don’t want to waste your time going to Home Depot. You should also avoid going to a dealership if you need a key manufactured for five dollars at Home Depot.

We appreciate you reading this article and hope you have a better understanding of Home Depot and keys. We appreciate your time and interest, and we hope you’ll return to check out more of our writing. Enjoy your time here!