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We’ve all probably been there. You try to use your chip key to open or lock your car, but nothing happens. Even if it beeps, your car door may not lock or unlock. Or, your keys might work, but you have to be a few feet away from the car before they will work. This can be a bother. And it usually means that your keys will stop working completely in a few weeks.

This can be a nightmare for people whose cars are only a couple of years old. A lot of these newer cars have push-button starters and key fobs that you can use from a distance. If you lose the keys to a car set up like this, you’re out of luck. If your car keys don’t work right, you can’t start a car like this.

So, what should you do if you lose or break your chip keys? There is no clear answer. It depends on a number of factors. Here, we’ll talk about what you should do if your chip key breaks, gets lost, or is stolen.

We’ll also talk about whether or not your local Walmart can make these kinds of keys. No matter what, we’ll tell you what to do if you ever find yourself in this situation.

Does Walmart Replace Chip Keys?

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No, not really, is the simple answer to this question. Walmart can make extra keys for your car. Walmart is the place to get a replacement key for an older key. The thing is, they can’t make a new key unless you give them a copy of the key. And Walmart can’t help with most car keys that have a chip.

Most car companies don’t want Walmart or other stores to be able to make copies of their chip keys. Even locksmiths shouldn’t be able to do it, according to them. They want you to get them changed at a dealership. This is because of a few things:

Car dealerships charge a lot more for new keys, which is good for the automakers in the long run.

The chip in your car key is set up to work with your car. Each car has a unique code. The company that made the product doesn’t want this information to get into the wrong hands.

They would rather you pay for lost key insurance or an extended warranty than make it easy for you to make copies of chip keys on your own.

Why Can’t Store Like Walmart Make Copies of Car Keys with Chips?

To make it harder for thieves to steal your car, the company that makes it gives the keys to each new car a unique code that changes over time. This kind of key is called a transponder key. They let your key and car talk to each other. If you want, they can talk to each other.

Most stores don’t have the tools to make you a new key if you need one. In fact, a lot of places that sell cars can’t even copy these keys. Most of the time, you need to make an appointment with the car dealership where you bought the car. They can get the one-of-a-kind code from the maker and make a new key in less than an hour.

How Do I Get a New Key From the Dealership?

If you need a new key and have to go to the dealer, here are some things you should know. First, you’ll have to show that you own the car. You’ll need an ID and a copy of your registration. Your licence should be valid. You must also call ahead and make an appointment with the service department of the dealership. You can’t just walk up and ask for a new key. If you do that, you will have to wait for a long time.

You might find out that the dealership can’t make a key right then and there. They may need to contact the company that made your transponder key to get the information they need to make a copy. Most likely, you’ll need to have your car towed to the dealer. Your car can’t get there any other way. The dealership will be happy to help you tow it, but it will cost you at least $100 or more.

How Expensive is it to Get a New Transponder Key?

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If you need a new key, it will cost you a lot of money. In general, a set of keys for a domestic car is much cheaper than a set of keys for a foreign car. Most of the time, a new key for a Ford or Chevy costs less than $200. If you need a new key for your European car, it will cost between $250 and $450.

You’ll also want to make a second key as a backup. This will set you back another $50–$100. It works out. If there’s a way to get a new key for free, you should do it. For example, if you have car insurance or roadside assistance, you may get a new key for free. You should also check the warranty on your car. If your car is less than two years old, the warranty may cover the cost of a lost or broken key. This is also covered by some extended warranties. Check all of these things before you pay to get a new key made. It can save you close to $500 in the long run.

Some Helpful Hints for Replacing a Car Key with a Chip

It can be a pain to have to get a new key made for a newer car. If you lose or break your transponder key, here are some things to do: If your car is more than 10 years old, Walmart or a local locksmith can probably make you new keys. If your car is less than 5 years old, you probably need to go to the dealer to get new keys. European car keys are almost twice as expensive as domestic car keys.