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Your car’s engine relies heavily on motor oil. All of your vehicle’s components, including the engine, require oil. With this in mind, it is crucial to keep your engine lubricated with enough motor oil. When you ingest motor oil, what happens? Coughing, choking, vomiting, and other symptoms are common after ingesting motor oil, which is toxic. Because of this, you should store motor oil in a safe location and keep it away from minors.

Although having motor oil is essential for your car, it can also do some damage. People have also been known to purposefully or accidently consume motor oil while under the influence of alcohol. Your car needs motor oil, but most vehicle fluids are harmful and should not be ingested, including motor oil. Humans can be poisoned by motor oil. Because of this, it’s crucial to learn more about how the use of motor oil affects human health. People are wondering what would happen if they drank motor oil as a result of this. This is what we’ll be talking about in this article. We’re off!

Is Motor Oil Poisonous To Humans?

Certainly, engine oil is toxic. Because of this, motor oil should be stored in a location that is safe and out of the reach of youngsters. Draining your engine oil into a proper disposal facility is extremely suggested while changing your oil. Draining it all over the place could lead to someone drinking it by accident. Swallowing motor oil and allowing it to enter the lungs can be deadly. The ER should be called if a person experiences respiratory symptoms after drinking motor oil. Even though used motor oil contains toxins, a single exposure is unlikely to be toxic. Taking a tiny amount of motor oil down the esophagus and into the body will provide a laxative effect. The laxative effect will cause diarrhea or loose bowel movements as a result.

As a result, correctly storing motor oils at home is essential. Let’s take the person in the ER who has swallowed motor oil. An x-ray will be taken to check for any inflammation of the lungs in this individual. Contaminants that are present in new motor oil can be found in used motor oil. Motor oil will be exposed to high temperatures if your car is running. That will result in the creation of a new compound. Toxic levels of this substance are significantly higher. In the car’s machinery, the metal pollutants will be absorbed by the motor oil. As a result, you should always dispose of motor oil in an environmentally friendly manner. There is a danger of aspiration when ingesting used motor oil.

What Happens When You Drink Motor Oil?

Drinking motor oil can cause a variety of physical reactions. After ingesting motor oil, you will experience these symptoms.

1. There Will Be Cough

The person will have a persistent cough after consuming motor oil. Repeated coughing is also expected.

2. There Will Be Choking

The guy will choke after drinking engine oil. The person will choke to death if they eat too much. Take them to the nearest hospital’s emergency room.

3. There Will Be Vomit

Someone who ingests motor oil is likely to vomit. As a result, the victim will probably vomit in addition to choking.

4. There Will Be Burning In The Stomach

The person’s stomach would be burning after consuming motor oil. Emergency room treatment and medication are required for this patient.

What To Do When You Drink Motor Oil?

In the event that you have consumed motor oil, you should seek immediate medical attention. You need to get medical care right away. Many physical symptoms are expected.

What Does Motor Oil Taste Like?

Because no one wants to eat motor oil, the taste isn’t something you’ll find on the internet very often. The flavor of motor oil, according to a skilled taster, is slightly bitter and peppery. So a high-quality motor oil should have a bitter and spicy flavor that is well-balanced.

What Happens If You Inhale Motor Oil?

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Hydrocarbons are found in motor oil. There are a lot of small children who have been poisoned by ingesting motor oil. However, it is likely that the majority of them will make a full recovery. When people inhale and inhale motor oil, however, the danger is much greater. Certain heart irregularities and cardiac arrests have been linked to inhaling this. This is especially true following a period of mental or physical strain.

What Happens If You Drink Used Motor Oil?

You may experience choking and coughing if you ingest hydrocarbons. Inhaling this irritates the lungs because it introduces the liquid hydrocarbon into the airways. The medical term for this is chemical pneumonitis, and it’s a serious ailment. After that, it develops into pneumonia that is life-threatening.


To summarize, a large number of people are curious about the effects of ingesting motor oil. Poisonous motor oil must be kept out of children’s grasp. Coughing and vomiting might occur as a result of ingesting motor oil. One’s health can be harmed by inhaling engine oil as well.