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For the most part, when you read about car washing and waxing, you’ll see recommendations for microfiber cloths or towels. Is it possible to dry my car using a standard towel?

That’s an easy one: “Yes.” When drying your automobile after a wash, there’s nothing wrong with simply using a towel. However, if you want your automobile to be shiny, you should use something else (such as one of the suggestions listed below) to clean it.

Regular towels are not suggested for drying your car’s body after it has been washed, and this article will explain why

Can I Use a Regular Towel To Dry My Car?

To dry a car after it has been washed, you can use almost any type of cloth or towel. To avoid water marks on a car’s body after a wash, a towel is used to remove the water droplets.

When drying your automobile with particular towels or garments, you run the risk of damaging the paintwork by spreading tiny fibers from the towel you used across the surface.

This can lead to paint swirls and scratches over time if you use a standard towel to dry your automobile. Using microfiber towels, chamois, or an air dryer will help you avoid the problems described thus far.

Best Ways To Dry A Car

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There are basically three techniques to dry an automobile after a wash. To test them out, you don’t have to use a specific type of car.

1. Air Dry

Pressurized air, leaf blowers, and other household appliances and devices can be used to dry an automobile after it has been washed. In order to dry the water droplets, the air drying tool will simply push them around. Using this procedure, an automobile can be dried in a shorter period of time.

2. Chamois

To dry a car, a chamois cloth can be used. Microfiber towels are nearly identical in this regard. You should use this cloth to clean your car because it will not harm the paint or leave swirls on the body. Chamois cloth is usually made of animal skins (goat or sheep).

Interestingly, chamois isn’t too pricey, and it’s better than a conventional towel in terms of absorbency and convenience. To dry the entire automobile, simply turn the cloth over and wipe downward.

3. Microfiber Towels

Most auto blogs and YouTube channels advocate the iconic microfiber towel. There is no lint in a microfiber towel, however there is in a conventional towel, which is why they are different.

All water spots may be removed without damaging the paintwork with microfiber cloths, which are extremely soft and smooth. As far as drying your automobile goes, this is the best stuff available. Furthermore, after waxing an automobile, microfiber towels can be utilized to clean the vehicle.


Is it possible to dry my car using a standard towel? It is possible, but it is not advised. After a few months, you may not see the swirls generated by the normal towel. You should also avoid drying your car by exposing it to direct sunshine.

Sun-drying might result in water stains and other damage. Our recommendation is to use one of the three ways described in this post to dry your vehicle. Finally, to avoid water marks, wash your automobile with distilled water only.