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If you want to learn how to remove your Jeep Wrangler hardtop on your own, this is the right post for you. We will talk about an easy way to remove the hardtop and how to remove your Jeep hardtop on your own.

A ride on a hardtop-less Jeep Wrangler can be one of the most exciting drives you’ve had in a long time.

On a sunny day, it is so exciting to drive your jeep and feel the wind on your face. I can tell you that it is a great thing to do!

But, of course, it won’t be possible to go on a ride like this when it rains. Then you’d have to put back on your Jeep Wrangler’s hardtop.

This is why I like to talk about tips and easy ways to remove the Jeep Wrangler hardtop and then put it back on. We’ll also talk about whether it’s possible for one person to remove a Jeep hardtop and then how to remove a Jeep hardtop by yourself.

To start with, let’s talk about how to remove a Jeep tj hardtop by one person.

Can One Person Remove A Jeep Hardtop

People can take off their Jeep’s hardtop on their own with no help, but they need to be very skilled to do that. The best way to remove the hardtop from a Jeep is to do it with someone else.

Taking off your Jeep Wrangler’s hardtop and going for a drive when the weather is warm and sunny is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

You can go to so many places in your Jeep. Imagine the feeling of the sun on your skin and the breeze on your hair.

One of the best rides you’ll ever take! A hardtop on your Jeep makes it a little more difficult to just get your keys and drive off.

Perhaps the best thing about having a Wrangler is that it can be changed from a Jeep to a Jeep. However, if you don’t have help or a good Jeep lift, it might be hard to remove the hardtop on your own.

Not at all. You wouldn’t even think about taking your ride on another day.

Following this text, you’ll learn how to remove the hardtop of your Jeep by yourself. Does the hard top on the Jeep Wrangler work? Can You Change a Hard Top Jeep to a Soft Top?

Solo Jeep Hardtop Removal: how to solo remove jeep hard top

It’s possible to remove your Jeep’s hardtop on your own if no one else is around to help you. To do this, you can unscrew the four corners of the head top with any of the hardtop removal tools on this page.

Put down your tool and open the back door of your jeep. Then, you have to sit in the boot while you use your hands to push the hard top up.

You can stand up and take the hardtop when it’s removed to keep it safe for another time. Check out the video below for a simple step by step guide.

Other Tips/Easy Way to Remove Jeep Wrangler Hard Top

So, here are a few things you can do to get a Jeep hardtop off.


Make a quick thought about this. It’s not hard to remove a hardtop on your own. It is, however, not something we recommend doing without the right tools.

Wrangler hardtops aren’t very heavy or difficult to remove, but they’re also very big and heavy, which is why it’s so hard to remove them on your own.

It’s not very hard to go around and unscrew the fasteners at every connection point and, if necessary, remove any lights or electrical parts from your hardtop.

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From there, it should be easy to slide your hardtop off, store it in a safe place in your carport, and go for a drive. Isn’t that true?

Not at all. On the off chance that you want your hardtop to stay in good shape and the weatherproofing to keep the parts under control, you’ll be careful when you remove it.

Even though the weather is great, don’t try to remove your hardtop by yourself if you don’t have help.

You could hurt yourself or damage your hardtop if you don’t watch what you do. Is it worth it to try to remove your hardtop on your own?

Removing Your Jeep Hardtop

To open the top of your Wrangler, you’ll need to remove or detach all the things that keep it closed.

To make it easier to put your hardtop back on, set aside a few containers or named packs where you can put all the jolts and bolts you’re going to remove.

You might need to check your Jeep’s owner’s manual for more specific instructions because those connections can change by model year and the number of doors on your Jeep.

Also, if your hardtop comes in parts, the owner’s manual will tell you when each piece should be removed so that you don’t accidentally damage the weatherproofing or something else.

As a bonus, if you have a new Jeep Wrangler that has lights or other electrical parts, make sure that everything is disconnected before you start moving your hard top.

A good time to remove your hardtop is when all the securing points are disconnected or taken out. It doesn’t matter how much you pull on it.

It’s dangerous to remove a hardtop on your own because you need to lift the hardtop up and away from the backs.

Don’t just drag it, because that can damage both the hardtop and the body of your Jeep.

How to Take Jeep Hard Top Off by Yourself

Removal By Yourself

Not only that, but when you take off your Jeep’s hardtop, you lift it straight up to make sure that it doesn’t get hurt.

The risk of hurting yourself if you try to lift or remove it on your own isn’t worth it, even if you think it might be worth it.

Find a nearby hardtop removal workshop or buy a lift to get rid of the top of your car without having to wait for someone else to come help you.

A hardtop removal expert can quickly remove your hardtop and your doors, if you want some help with that part of the process.

Also, if you want them to, they can store your hardtop for you if you want. As a general rule, it can cost a lot to take your top off and put it back on again.

However, a hardtop that has been taken off can fit in your carport or a well-spaced shed. This is meant to make Jeep hardtop removal by one person simple.

The hardtop on your Jeep Wrangler is probably the most expensive thing you can take off of it. It also has a beautiful soft-top counterpart.

Take your time and be careful. It’s possible to remove your jeep hardtop and go on that thrilling and exciting ride if you do so.

Like anything else you do to your Jeep, there are a few unique ways you can travel. You need to pick which one is best for you.

Hardtop Hoist Framework

If you have a carport or parking space with a high enough roof to take the top off, hardtop hoists are great.

From manual derricks that use ropes and pulleys all the way up to lifts that use a small winch to do all the hard work, they all have different types.

You can also leave your top on the crane to store it and keep it safe.

There are always people who say you can make a similar crane system on your own.

What’s more, if you pay attention, you can hear those Internet analysts start their posts by telling us how they made a crane out of $13 worth of small fastener ties and some 2×4’s they found behind the shed.

So, how much do you trust a tie to lift and support something that costs $2,000 to put in, when that lash was meant to keep freight from moving.

Free Standing Hoist

The Lange Originals Hoist-A-Cart can help you lift your hardtop if you don’t have the space for a standard crane.

This unsupported truck system uses a crane to help you get the hardtop off your Jeep. Instead of using a wall or roof to support the top, the truck itself is the support system.

In addition, you will need a place for the top and opportunity boards, as well as a way to store them. This is true if you choose a non-truck framework, or if you do not want to leave the top on the crane link.


If you want to remove the hardtop on your Jeep Wrangler, you can do it on your own, but it’s not the best idea.

As long as you have the right tools and a little help, removing your Jeep’s hardtop shouldn’t be a big deal.

A process like this one will show you how to get rid of your Jeep hardtop wrangler.

You could get hurt if you try to do it on your own. Also, your hardtop could be damaged during the process of taking the top off.

When the weather isn’t good, you’ll have to get it back up and running.

When you want to get rid of your hardtop safely and quickly, you can drive to the nearest Jeep Wrangler removal workshop. An expert will help you get rid of your hardtop.

It would cost you more, but you’d get to do it right and save time. Then, don’t forget that an expert who knows what he’s doing would help you with other things as well.

Another thing to think about when you remove your Jeep hardtop wrangler is having a well-spaced storage house.

You need to make space for your hardtop wrangler to stay when the process is done. Your reason for having your hardtop taken off must also be very good.

You wouldn’t want to leave your hardtop off for no reason at all, would you? The weather is very important.