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In this article, I’ll tell you how an economy car is different from a compact car. People who are about to rent a car often ask me this question on my blog.

The size is the main difference between an economy car and a small car. The cost to rent either car is about the same. Most of the time, the economy cars are smaller than the compact cars. The economy car has few seats and not much room for luggage, while the compact car is usually a regular-sized car or a van with a lot more space and room for more people.

That was just a quick overview. Now, I’ll explain in more detail how much luggage, space, and cost you can expect from each type.

Economy car

Economy car

Fits up to two adults and two kids. You can also fit four adults, but there won’t be much room.

There’s enough room for one medium-sized suitcase and several smaller bags.

Each model is different, but most get between 30-35 mpg (miles per gallon).

Most of the time, the economy car is the smaller of the two (economy and compact)

An economy car can have 2, 3, or 4 doors, but the most common number is two.

These cars have four seats, so they can fit up to four people. However, most backseats don’t have much leg room, so it’s hard to fit four adults in a compact car.

As I said above, you can fit one medium suitcase and a few smaller carry-on bags without much trouble. If you only have small bags, renting an economy car should be fine.

Since economy cars are smaller than compact cars, they use less gas than compact cars. Each model is different, but most get between 30 and 35 mpg. If you want more exact numbers about the car you are about to rent, you can usually ask the rental place for them.

The price will depend on where you live and which company you choose. In Norway, where I live, an economy car costs 187 dollars a day, but I’m sure you can find a better deal.

Compact Car

Compact Car

4 or more doors

More than 5 seats

fits one big bag, one medium bag, and a few smaller bags

Gas mileage is different for each car, but 30-35 mpg is the average.

The compact car is bigger than the other one. It usually has 5 or more seats, so you can take the whole family. Depending on which company you rent from, vans will be in a different price range or category, but some dealerships put them in the same group as compact cars.

Most of the time, a compact car has four or more doors. If I asked you to think of a family car, you would probably picture a small car.

If you are going on a trip and have two or more suitcases, you should get a compact car so that you have enough space. This totally depends on how many people you want to fit in your car and how much space you want.

In a small car, you can usually fit one large suitcase, one medium suitcase, and a few smaller bags. This gives you about 12 to 14 feet of space for your luggage.

Along with using more gas, the price will be a little higher than for the economy car. With a small car, you can expect to get about 30–35 mpg. This varies by model, so you should ask the rental company for more information.

Compact car vs Economy car – Which one is the best

Economy Vs Compact -2

You are the only one who can tell which car is the best to rent. You have to decide for yourself which car will be best for your trip. But there are a few things you should think about before making this choice.

I would start by thinking about how many people you are travelling with. If there are more than two adults in your group, I would recommend a compact car since adults usually have more luggage and the back seats of an economy car don’t have much space.

How many people are travelling

But this also depends on how long your trip is. If you just need a cheap rental car to get from the airport to your hotel, you probably don’t need a small compact car. Just make sure that your bags will fit in the space before you decide.

How much luggage

As I said before, you can fit a medium-sized suitcase and a few small bags in an economy car. If you have more luggage than that, you will have to put it in the backseat or rent a compact car or a van.


The last thing I would think about is how much money you have. If you want to save money, a car with good gas mileage is your best bet.

Because it is smaller, it will use less gas and cost less to rent.

When choosing a car to rent, don’t just look at the price. Also think about how much gas it will use. If you take long trips, it might be better to have a car that can go farther on less gas than to buy a cheap car that doesn’t use the gas to its fullest.


The size is the main difference between a cheap car and a small one. I hope that this article has helped you decide what to do about your rental car.

Make sure you stay safe, rent a safe car, and use all of the gas!

When my girlfriend, me, and the kids go on vacation, we usually take a cheap car because it fits all of our stuff and because there are only two of us adults.

We’ve never had a problem with them, but in some cars, you have to take down the front seat to get to the back seats. A cheap car should be fine for most other things, though.

Drive carefully and safely!

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