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Everyone has a favourite brand of motor oil, but most of us probably don’t know much about motor oil in general.

We all know that an oil spill can be very dangerous, but is it bad if you get oil on your hands and skin?

Motor oil gets into your pores and makes your skin dry and itchy. Motor oil and used motor oil can cause skin rashes, dermatitis, anaemia, headaches, tremors, and even skin cancer if they are used often. It also has chemicals in it that can cause cancer if you are exposed to them for a long time.

Motor oil is used to keep the engine of our cars from getting too hot.

It also acts as a sealant to keep the motor parts from rusting. A spill shouldn’t stay on our skin for long before we clean it off.

In this article, I’ll talk about what happens when motor oil gets on our skin and what we can do to fix it.

Is Motor Oil Safe To Put On Your Skin?

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Motor oil isn’t meant for our skin, and leaving it on for a long time can cause damage that can’t be fixed.

If you work with motor oil every day, you will probably get it on your hands at some point. Even if you are careful, you are likely to have some kind of skin problem at some point.

Motor oil has chemicals in it that weaken our skin’s protective layer and stop our skin from staying healthy and vibrant.

For example, motor oil has comedogenic substances like petroleum or mineral oil in it.

These ingredients might even cause acne scars to form on the skin’s surface.

If you have pimples on your face already, motor oil could burn them and leave scars.

Triclosan is a chemical that can also be found in motor oil.

Triclosan is known to irritate the skin and make it red and rashy.

It can also destroy the natural oils on your skin, which are what keep the skin moist.

To avoid more damage, you shouldn’t put motor oil on any part of your body where the skin is broken, irritated, or has dermatitis.

Also, never get motor oil on a wound or let it get wet from an oil spill. This will keep the wounds wet.

Moisture gives bacteria a place to grow, which hurts the skin even more.

Does Your Skin Absorb Engine Oil?

Yes, engine oil can get into our skin if we don’t wash it off right away.

Many engine oils have different softening agents added to them.

But these same ingredients can stop our skin from absorbing the moisture and vitamins it needs, making it look rough and dry.

Motor oil is a mix of nonpolar hydrocarbons and polar additives like sulphur and heavy metals like lead and zinc oxide.

Motor oil is mostly made up of hydrocarbons that are not polar.

Even after you wash your skin, these chemicals don’t mix with water or blood.

After a while, our bodies take in these non-polar hydrocarbons, which irritate the cells of the body.

If you get engine oil on your skin, you should get rid of it right away to protect your skin cells.

Motor oil may seem harmless because you can wash it off, but even after washing with soap and water, a thin layer of oil remains on the skin.

The often-invisible residue will do a lot of damage to our skin in the long run by clogging pores and making acne.

Is Used Motor Oil Toxic?

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Diesel, metal shavings, benzene, gasoline, and hydrocarbons, all of which are toxic in nature, are found in motor oil.

These chemicals are called non-polar hydrocarbons, and they are bad for our health as a whole.

So, we shouldn’t breathe these chemicals in or let them touch our skin.

Once it gets on our skin, it can stay there for hours or even days if we don’t clean it.

Then, our bodies take in these harmful chemicals, which in the long run hurt our cells.

There are also rumours that motor oil has a lot of cancer-causing chemicals in it.

Chemicals that are known to cause cancer, especially in the lymph nodes and liver, are called carcinogens.

There’s no doubt that getting motor oil on our skin will make us more likely to get cancer.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are another dangerous chemical that can be found in used engine oil (PAHs).

It is known that these chemicals can damage chromosomes, which can lead to birth defects in babies whose mothers used motor oil as a moisturiser a lot while they were pregnant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Get Motor Oil On Your Hands?

Every time we use our cars, there is a chance that we will touch used motor oil.

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are known to cause cancer, and used oil has a lot of them.

Because of this, it’s important not to touch used motor oil, and if you have to, you should wear latex gloves.

If you have motor oil on your hands, you shouldn’t touch your face or any part of your body where the skin is cut or broken.

If the spill is on a different part of the body, you should also try not to get other people nearby stained or smeared.

Can Motor Oil Make Skin Dry?

Dry skin can be caused by motor oil.

Because of this, you might feel sudden itching, which is often caused by fluids that don’t contain water, like motor oils and lotions.

When this happens, wash it off well as soon as you can.

If you put a nice, soothing cream on the itchy spot, it should stop itching.

Is Synthetic Motor Oil As Toxic As Regular Oil?

Synthetic oils are made with organic lubricants that don’t have carcinogens or other toxic parts that could hurt you if you ate them. This makes them less toxic.

Most motor oils are made from crude oil, but synthetic oils are not.

How Do You Get Motor Oil Off Your Hands?

When you’re in the middle of something, having motor oil on your hands can be hard.

So, if you find yourself with motor oil on your hands, do the following:

Use a clean rag or paper towel to wipe off any extra motor oil.

If you don’t have any dirt around, you can also use sand.

Scrub the area with water and soap until you get rid of all the grime and dirt.

This method should make it easy to get all of the motor oil off of your hands.

Dirt or sand acts as a scrubber to get the oil off your skin, while soap and water wash it away.

With a little effort, you should be able to clean up all the motor oil in no time.