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What is an engine splash shield?

Also called a skid plate or lower engine cover, an engine splash shield is a car part located under the car made from plastic or metal that protects the components from possible blows, hits, small objects on the road that might harm the car underneath and also protects from the penetration of dust or impurities.

When talking about the engine splash shield, some automobiles do not have it fitted from the manufacturer, and cars that were created with this protective barrier from the start. In case you don’t have this shield, you can install it as there are a lot of possibilities in the market for any automobile make and model.

Protecting the lower part of the engine is connected with driving on offroad routes where it displays its utility, the engine splash shield is very handy also when traveling through crowded regions or on a lengthy journey.

Although the term relates only to the engine, the shield also covers other delicate parts situated under the car such as the oil pan and much of the transmission, items that are crucial for your car, and need some form of protection.

What does an engine splash shield do?

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1. Protects the car parts from dust

For some parts of your car, dust can be highly hazardous, especially the engine and transmission lose a lot of their performance because of dust and pollutants. Also, when the dust enters, water might make place, and after it, rust and corrosion.

Especially during the winter season, the car comes in contact with road portions that have been sprinkled with a lot of material that has salt in the composition and this is quite hazardous to your car.

Although salt is important since it melts quick snow and ice on the road, you do not want the sand combined with salt to come in contact with any part of your engine.

2. Protects the car engine from blows, hits, and potential dangerous road objects

The importance of the engine is widely understood to everyone. If at the top it is protected by a bonnet, and at the sides, it is covered and reinforced by the automobile body, at the bottom the engine might be exposed to blows, and other road debris. The shield is important to offer this protection, both in case you hit an object and against water, snow, or dirt.

In the absence of a barrier, hitting a curb, pothole, stones or any other impediment might shatter the car’s oil pan which is the most delicate and sensitive. In this case, driving becomes impossible, the car will stop, losing all the oil, and the repair will be expensive.

At the research level, the best methods are explored to protect the automotive components, and the engine receives special attention. Thus, the engine shield has become more and more robust due to the resistant materials from which it is built.

3. It is easy to maintain and change

In the automotive industry, there are a number of possibilities for protective shields for each car manufacturer. Choose the right splash shield, depending on the automobile model. The possibilities for the splash shield are either constructed of plastic or metal, both with advantages and downsides. Installing a splash shield is usually a straightforward operation, you only have to fit it with several screws and the problem is fixed.

The unpleasant part is for cars that did not have a shield from the start, because, in some circumstances, you have to weld it.

If you drive quite a lot, this splash shield is vital, also check it often, and if it has damage, replace it for longer protection.

4. You will have a safe drive on a rough road

If you choose to go off road, it is vital to take into mind the danger to which you expose your car, if you do not employ a shield. Driving on this kind of road with a car that does not have a splash shield is a difficulty. But most off road cars have a solid robust protection under that car for this type of route.

5. Helps against rust

The exposure of the automotive parts to water, dust, contaminants, and non slip compounds can cause a rut to form in time. From the top, the engine is protected by the hood, but underneath the engine can be protected by the splash shield. This can make the materials endure more.

Metallic engine shield vs plastic engine shield?

Engine Splash Shield

There are two types of motor splash shields, either plastic or metal. Whatever your selection is, we will discuss the advantages and downsides.

A plastic engine splash shield’s pricing is more reasonable, but, as a negative, this comes with reduced durability during possible hard impediments that the car could come into touch with when driving.

For a metal automobile splash shield, the price is more but will last much longer and it is more resistant in case you face strong impediments on the road. A price is the quality of the substance.

How much does a car splash shield cost?

The cost of a plastic motor shield, because of the material from which it is constructed has a price starts from $25 to $100

It is good to note that the price of a metal shield can be between $ 70 and $ 150, or even more expensive depending on the model of the automobile for which it was built, but a metallic splash shield is a superior option for protection.

How to mount a car splash shield?

Installing an engine shield can be straightforward, especially if you are interested about everything that involves the mechanical component of an automobile.


Only buy an engine splash shield that is compatible for your automobile model!

For every metal or plastic shield you acquire, you will normally receive explicit mounting instructions, however you do not need need them if you follow the procedures below:


Whatever your selection is, an engine splash shield, whether it is made of plastic or metal, is not a very expensive item to purchase and is, from my point of view, vital for the safety of both your engine and other vulnerable sections of the engine placed underneath.

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