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Several auto parts retailers, such as Carquest, O’Reilly, and Auto Zone, offer their own proprietary brand of car batteries for sale. Walmart, despite being a hypermarket chain, continues to provide its consumers the Everstart batteries at a very reasonable price.

Who makes Walmart’s batteries, since it’s evident that Walmart isn’t a battery manufacturer?

Investigating this and assessing the Everstart batteries’ quality are the primary goals of this article.

Walmart Everstart automobile batteries are made by multiple companies.

Some of these companies are Clarios, East Penn Manufacturing, and Exide.

Who Makes Everstart Car Batteries?

everstart battery

Not only does Costco have its own brand of auto batteries, but so does Walmart, under the name Kirkland Signature. Walmart, on the other hand, is the only seller to source its automobile batteries from many supply chains at the same time.

Supertech engine oil and Everstart auto batteries are both supplied by local and inexpensive manufacturers like Walmart’s. Many individuals online will post contradicting information and argue about it, even though all of it is accurate.

Walmart’s batteries are purchased from:

These are the known vendors, however Walmart may also purchase batteries from other sources, such as those listed below. For them, this is in keeping with their desire to receive high-quality things at a low price.

The biggest obstacle in the transporting of automobile batteries is their weight. As a result, Walmart is most likely to get its batteries from the closest car battery plant.

As a result, there is a concern over product consistency due to the fact that many producers have varying production standards. Everstart batteries review will go into greater information about this.

East Penn Manufacturing

Deka batteries, East Penn Manufacturing, and Energy Products Inc. are all part of a vast conglomerate that produces and sells batteries, chargers, and industrial utility vehicles. Deka, Exide, U.S. Battery, and even Optima have all been customers of the midwest company’s four automobile battery operations in the region.

They’ve been supplying Walmart with Everstart batteries for a long time and their partnership with Walmart is well-known.


Johnson Controls, to whom you may be used, has changed its name to Clarios. Johnson Controls’ Power Solutions division was sold to Brookfield Business Partners on May 1, 2019.

Toyota and BMW are only two of the many brands that Power Solutions has worked with prior to the acquisition of the company. Clarios is widely believed to have maintained and expanded these agreements, as well as partnering with additional brands.

In the automotive industry, Clarios batteries are the gold standard, powering one-third of all vehicles. That’s 150,000,000 batteries every year. Numerous additional battery names, such as Optima and Varta, are also owned or distributed by Clarios.

There are more than 5800 employees in the company’s regional headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where there are 18 sites. Monterrey, Mexico, is the second-closest headquarters, with more than 3,000 employees and nine sites.


Exide Battery Systems, one of the world’s major battery suppliers, is the third option. Milton, Georgia, in the United States, is where their batteries are manufactured and distributed.

It’s not hard to see why Walmart chose Exide as a car battery provider with a distribution technique as impressive as theirs. Exide is a distributor for the following brands:

  • Centennial Batteries
  • Discover Innovative Battery Solutions
  • Energizer Industrial
  • Fullriver Battery
  • Motobatt
  • NorthStar
  • Odyssey Battery
  • Optima Batteries
  • Powersonic
  • Procell by Duracell
  • Relion
  • Rolls Battery Engineering
  • Simpliphi
  • Trojan Battery Company
  • UPG
  • U.S. Battery
  • Bulldog Battery
  • IBE Inc.

EverStart Car Batteries – Are They Good?

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All that matters is that the battery lasts as long as feasible and that it performs dependably. There’s a tendency to overlook the consequences of a dead battery.

You’ll have to pay for towing if it happens on the road, even if it happens in your driveway.

When it comes to batteries, reliability is the most important factor to consider when making a purchasing decision.

There are at least as many private store brands and vehicle manufacturers for original equipment (OE) batteries as there are renowned automobile battery brands, as you can see in the previous section.


Batteries made by Exide, Clarios, and East Penn Manufacturing are all of high quality, but they are not all created equal. Because Walmart buys batteries from a variety of suppliers, we can’t be sure how well their batteries perform across the United States.

For single-factory batteries, the quality should be consistent across the board. There are going to be some variances between production sites.

You’ll have a better understanding of the EverStart battery’s quality if you can pinpoint its origin.

Product Lineup

There are now 47 different sizes and capacities of EverStart batteries available at Walmart. Marine, RV, yard & garden, motorbike, and compact AGM batteries are among the options available for customers. In this section of Walmart, we’re most interested in automobile batteries:

The lowest choice on the market is the EverStart Value battery. The $55 price tag on a group size 26, 525 CCA battery is almost too good to be true.

According to the truth, the lifespan of Value batteries varies substantially from location to location. As heat and moisture drastically influence the longevity of any battery, the cold in the southern regions will significantly shorten their lives

A 12-month free replacement warranty is included with all Value batteries.

A step up from Walmart’s standard car batteries, EverStart Plus batteries offer improved durability and compatibility with a wider selection of used vehicles. The price of a 750 CCA EverStart Plus battery in group size 65 is $99, which is still a great deal.

A two-year warranty on free battery replacements is included with every Plus battery purchase.

Walmart’s best option for car batteries is the EverStart Maxx, but they continue to emphasize value and give a terrific deal. In comparison to premium brand batteries, the Group Size 24F with 750 CCA costs $120, which is not as good a deal as the Plus or Value range.

A three-year warranty on free replacements is included with all Maxx batteries.

EverStart vs The Competition

When it comes to price and dependability, EverStart batteries are a good value.

It has taken a lot of investigation to figure out what makes a good car battery and which companies meet those standards, so that we can do some comparing.

The EverStart batteries’ major flaw is their inconsistency. In the short term, premium brands may be more expensive, but in the long run, their products are better.

EverStart is outperformed by other store private brands including Carquest and Costco’s Kirkland Signature batteries. Carquest and Kirkland Signature both offer longer warranties than Walmart when it comes to purchasing a car battery.

Are EverStart batteries still on my list of top picks?

Yes, but there’s a catch. Even if you pull the batteries out of your vehicle during the winter, they will perform well in warm climes.

They’re a terrific option for weekend getaways and special occasions because they’re so inexpensive, reducing the need for several automobiles.


Are EverStart good batteries?

Batteries from the EverStart brand aren’t the best, but they’ll last you at least as long as the warranty says they would. Those who live in the colder parts of the United States and Canada should consider them, but those in the sweltering south should pass.

Are Interstate and EverStart batteries the same?

However, the dilemma is that both Interstate Batteries and Walmart acquire their batteries from separate manufacturers.

Clarios, Exide, and East Penn Manufacturing are a few of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

To be on the safe side, you should look at the product labels and see if they come from the same source as the other battery.

What brands of batteries are made by Johnson Controls?

Since the sale of its battery business to Brookfield Business Partners in 2019, Johnson Controls has been out of the battery business.

Who makes batteries for Napa?

Since 2009, East Penn Manufacturing has been producing NAPA batteries, the same business that sells EverStart batteries to Walmart.

Who manufactures O’Reilly batteries?

Johnson Controls used to make O’Reilly Super Start batteries, but Brookfield Business Partners bought that division and renamed it Clarios. One of Clarios’ major customers is the O’Reilly Auto Parts brand.

How long do Walmart EverStart batteries last?

Warranty policies are the strongest indicator of how long a battery can last. For example, Costco’s Kirkland Signature batteries are covered for up to 100 months. If the battery dies during the first four years, they’ll give you a full refund, but after that, the amount you get back is reduced by the battery’s age.

There are no remarkable guarantees on Walmart’s Everstart batteries, but they’re actually in the middle of the pack.

Usually between one and three years, depending on the kind. It’s difficult to predict how long they’ll survive, but they should at least function well for the warranty time.

Who manufactures 2020 EverStart?

Since May 1, 2019, Clarios will be the manufacturer of the EverStart batteries that were formerly made by Johnson Controls and others.

Does Johnson Controls make Interstate Batteries?

Due to a 2019 sale, Johnson Controls is no longer involved in the automotive battery industry. Clarios, a corporation that owns all of Johnson Controls’ manufacturing and distribution assets, is now in charge of the business.

Who makes the Diehard battery?

Diehard batteries have been made by Clarios since 2019. Before it, Johnson Controls had been in charge. New owners of Johnson Controls should have maintained the same production method and facilities as Clarios, which is basically a continuation of Johnson Controls.

Are Costco car batteries good?

Kirkland Signature, a brand of auto batteries sold by Costco, is an excellent choice. Their batteries are reasonably priced and come with a warranty that is among the finest in the business, covering you for up to 100 months!

Who makes car batteries for Costco?

Clarios, a global leader in the battery manufacturing industry, supplies Costco with its Kirkland Signature line of automobile batteries.

Who makes Duracell batteries for Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club carries Duracell batteries made by East Penn Manufacturing, one of the largest battery manufacturers in the United States.

Who makes AC Delco?

General Motors owns AC Delco, which manufactures its own goods. The Middle East Battery Company manufactures their automobile batteries.

Who makes Kirkland batteries?

Costco owns and sells Kirkland Signature batteries, while Clarios is the manufacturer.

Does Johnson Controls still make batteries?

Johnson Controls has effectively exited the battery manufacturing sector, at least in the eyes of the law. Clarios, the company that succeeded them, has carried on the manufacture in a similar fashion.

Where are Motorcraft batteries made?

Johnson Controls, now Clarios, also manufactures Motorcraft batteries. There are facilities in the United States and Mexico that supply the United States with food.


Given Walmart’s history with product suppliers, I’m inclined to believe that EverStart batteries aren’t exclusively supplied by East Penn Manufacturing. Clarios and Exide, two well-known suppliers, are potentially plausible sources.

If you want to know where the EverStart batteries in your neighborhood are coming from, the obvious first step is to check the label.

This may not be a guarantee, but the best way to figure out where a car battery comes from is simply by looking up the nearest car-battery manufacturing plant.

As a result of this practice, Walmart is able to save money on transportation costs.

This is further emphasized by the fact that car batteries are hefty affairs. Most of the batteries found in the United States come from Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Mexico.