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A low hanging muffler can be seen as you walk to your car in the morning. It’s made of metal, and it hangs from the ground.

What’s Up With That Low Muffler?

Attachments known as exhaust hangers help the exhaust and muffler last a long time. The attachments wear out over time due to the constant vibration. In the event that this occurs, the exhaust tube can be seen hanging under the vehicle without much effort.

Your car’s performance will tell you something is wrong if it doesn’t hang low enough.

Low-hanging mufflers can cause hissing noises from the exhaust and sluggish acceleration in vehicles.

Causes Why The Muffler Hangs Low

Exhaust Pipe Hanging Low-2

Worn Out Exhaust Straps

Rubber straps secure the muffler to the vehicle. A lot of vibration and strain is put on these rubber attachments. Exhaust straps, like other auto parts, eventually fail. Low-hanging mufflers are a common occurrence because of this.

Improper Installation

Even if the rubber straps are brand new and in perfect condition, the system will not stay in place unless they are properly installed.

Malicious Damage

Your exhaust attachments can be destroyed by a narcissistic neighbor as one method of frustrating you. Ensure that your garage door is secured and that you park your automobile in a safe area.

What holds a muffler in place?

Under the car, the exhaust is at its most efficient. Exhaust hangers are used by manufacturers to secure the pipe in place. The exhaust and muffler are held in place by these sturdy rubber straps.

The muffler is held in position while driving by the rubber, which dampens engine vibrations. Exhaust noise is greatly reduced by using these rubber bands.

The muffler gets loose over time because of the wear and tear on these straps. The muffler issue has some legal ramifications, resulting in constant droning noise in the cabin.

To your advantage, you should be aware of the warning signs so you can take immediate action.

How Do You Fix A Low-Hanging Exhaust Pipe?

Exhaust Pipe Hanging Low

1. Attach The New Muffler Hanger

Locate the exhaust hanger that is worn out. Without causing any harm to the rest of the vehicle, you’ll need to remove it.

Remove it from the muffler by carefully removing it from the top mount. The owner’s manual for your vehicle may list them in pairs so you can be sure to remove them all.

The new hanger is all that is left to do. Hanging it on the top exhaust mount, which is normally attached to the underbelly, is recommended by most mechanics. Attach it firmly to the ground and let it to hang loosely in preparation for the next stage.

2. Fasten The Muffler On To The New Exhaust Hanger

To properly install the muffler on the new exhaust hanger, enlist the aid of a friend or family member. As long as you keep the muffler steady and slide the muffler mount in, you should be fine.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Hanging Muffler?

Repairs for mufflers that are dangling by a thread might cost anything from $35 to $600. A lot of this relies on what is being done, as well as the labor expenses in the area.

As a general rule, it’s cheaper to fix a broken exhaust hanger than it is to replace the entire exhaust system if it has been hanging for a lengthy period of time.

Exhaust pipe welding and top-mount reinstallation are two more repairs that may increase the cost.

Can You Drive With A Low Hanging Exhaust?

You can still use a low hanging exhaust. Due to a low-hanging pipe, you may not require grounding your vehicle.

How much you value your automobile is a major deciding factor. It’s a big deal if you have to call a repair every time the engine won’t start; for the rest of us, we’ll wait until the weekend to take care of the pipe.

However, the following scenarios should be taken into account:

  • The exhaust could fall off if the car hit a bump too hard
  • If the hot pipe punctures a tire while on the highway, an accident could occur.
  • The law is not so kind to drivers of unsafe cars. An interaction with a police officer could earn you a ticket or even a fine.
  • As they say, a stitch in time saves nine-get the exhaust issue fixed before things get out of hand.

Take Away

If you’re self-conscious, a low-hanging exhaust pipe can be a source of embarrassment.

Driving with a pipe dangling from the bottom of your automobile is unnecessary because it is an easy problem to solve at home. It is also possible and reasonably priced to have your vehicle repaired by a mechanic.

Repairing the hanger in a timely manner can prevent issues such as limited power generation and excessive noise from the back under.