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Ford makes a wide range of vehicles that can be used for many different things. It makes trucks that can do many different jobs and carry a lot of things.

In Ford’s line of medium-duty commercial trucks, the F750 is a popular choice. It is now in its eighth generation and has a big engine to help contractors, operators, and truckers do their jobs.

Let’s look at the F750 and see what your business can do with it.

Ford F750 Class & Uses

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The Ford F750 is a commercial-grade truck for medium-duty work. It comes in two different versions, and each one has a different set of features and options. This truck is flexible and made to get work done.

The Ford F750 can be turned into a bucket truck with a lift, an equipment truck, a tow truck, or a dump truck by adding different upfit packages. Some people turn their F750 into the best RV ever.

Straight Frame F750 SD

You can get the F750 SD Straight Frame with either gas or diesel. The gasoline version comes with a prep kit that lets the engine run on either natural gas or propane autogas.

In the gasoline version, a 7.3-liter 2V DEVCT NA PFI V8 engine is used, and in the diesel version, a 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel engine is used.

Both of these engines are more than capable of doing the job, and they have advanced towing features that make hauling the load easy. You can pick between a standard cab model or a crew cab model.

People in the back seat have a lot of room in a crew cab.

F750 SD Diesel Tractor

The diesel tractor has a lot of the same options as the F750 models with a straight frame, but it is a tractor.

Like the other F750 models, this one has things like hill start assist, traction control, and automatic high-beam headlamps that make you feel safe on the road.

It also has a long list of safety features, such as pre-collision assist with emergency braking, lane-keeping alert, and adaptive cruise control.

Ford F750 Weight and Dimensions

No matter which model you choose, the F750 is always the same size.

All models come with a regular cab that is 114.4 inches long, a SuperCab that is 135.4 inches long, and a Crew Cab that is 149.9 inches long.

The standard cab is made for two people, but the longer ones can fit up to five people, including the driver.

The GVWR is different depending on the engine you choose and the packages of extras you add. The gasoline straight-frame model weighs between 26,000 and 37,000 pounds. The diesel weighs between 31,000 and 50,000 pounds more.

The weight of the tractor is between 27,500 and 50,000 pounds. The weights of any trailers or accessories are not included in these numbers. It also doesn’t count the weight of the payload or any extra cargo.

Do You Need a CDL to Drive a Ford F750?

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You might be curious about whether or not you need a commercial driver’s licence (CDL) to drive a Ford F750. How to answer that question depends on where you live.

Most states don’t require a CDL to drive a truck that doesn’t weigh more than 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). If it weighs more than 26,000 pounds, you will need a CDL.

It should be noted that the GVWR of the gasoline straight frame could go over 26,000 depending on the options you choose. You will need a CDL for the diesel version, which starts at 31,000 pounds, and the tractor, which starts at 27,500 pounds.

You do need a CDL if you are pulling a trailer that adds up to more than 26,000 pounds of weight. If the trailer and load weigh less than 10,000 pounds, you will need a CDL-Class B. If the trailer and load weigh more than 10,000 pounds, you will need a CDL-Class A. Some states require an air brake endorsement if your F750 has air brakes.

If you are transporting hazardous waste that requires a placard, you will also need a CDL. In this situation, you will need a Class C CDL. You will also need a CDL-Class C licence if you plan to transport people. Carriers with a CDL need special endorsements to move hazardous materials or people.

Whether you need a CDL or a non-commercial licence also depends on how you plan to use your F750 every day. In some states, you don’t need a CDL if you only use your truck for personal reasons and not for business. In other states, the weight of the truck determines if you need a CDL.

The best thing to do is to check with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in your state and in any other states where you plan to drive the truck.

Some states, like California, require a CDL at a lower GVWR, which is 10,000 pounds. Also, some states’ Class A tests automatically include questions about air brakes, while others don’t.

How Much Does a Ford F750 Cost?

Without any add-ons, the F750 SD gas straight frame starts at about $62,100. Starting at $71,345, you can move up to the F750 SD diesel-powered straight frame. The base price for the F750 SD diesel tractor is $74,730.

The Ford website says that this price is the base price for 2021, but prices will vary from dealer to dealer. This price is for the base truck, which doesn’t come with any extra features or packages.

You can add things like a 110v AC outlet, upfitter interfaces, driver-assist technology, or a heavy-duty alternator.

Ford gives you a lot of options that let you make your F750 just the way you want it, but each one adds to the price. The Ford F750 is a great choice for a lot of different kinds of businesses.

They have a large number of packages and upfit packages that can be used for farming, towing, and many other types of hauling.

There are a number of third-party add-ons and packages that can be put on the Ford F750. It can also have a power take-off (PTO) and other hydraulic systems added to it.

If you own a business and need a medium-duty truck to add to your fleet, you might want to think about the F750.