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If you’re driving to Dallas from another city, what’s the best route to take? If so, you’ve come to the correct place today.

Before going over the fastest ways to get to Dallas, Texas, keep in mind that the fastest way depends on where you are.

There are distinct fastest routes from Oklahoma to Dallas, Arkansas to Dallas, and Houston to Dallas, for example. We’ll take a look at the quickest ways to Dallas, Texas, from adjacent states in this article.

What are the fastest routes to Dallas TX?

Fastest Route To Dallas Texas

Dallas, a Texas metropolis, is bordered on the east by Louisiana, the north by Oklahoma, the northeast by Arkansas, and the west by New Mexico. A list of the most direct routes to Dallas from each of the following states is provided.

Arkansas to Dallas

US 70W is the quickest route from Arkansas to Dallas. 399 miles is the overall distance (642km). It takes around eight hours to drive across the country. 9 hours is the time it takes to go via US 67S and TX 11W, the second fastest route.

Oklahoma to Dallas

Overtaking Oklahoma City on Interstate 35 is the most efficient method of getting to Dallas (i 35). Driving duration is roughly three hours to cover the 187-mile (300-kilometer) route. The third fastest route is through US177S and US 75S, which takes about 3. 5 hours.

Louisiana to Dallas

Interstate 49N and Interstate 20W are the quickest routes from Louisiana to Dallas. Take I 49N to I 20 to Dallas, your final destination. This route covers 349 miles (561 kilometers) and takes roughly 5 hours to drive. The I 49N route, which takes about 6 hours longer, is the next most direct way.

New Mexico to Dallas

Taking US 380E and I 20E from New Mexico to Dallas can get you there in the shortest amount of time. A 9-hour drive covers a distance of 622 miles (1001 kilometers). The I 20E route, which takes around 9.5 hours longer, is the second-fastest option.

Major highways to use when traveling to Dallas by road

Fastest Route To Dallas Texas-2

There are various routes and interstates to choose from while going to Dallas from other states or cities. The following are the main highways:

Interstate 20(I-20)

Fort Worth and Dallas’ southern suburbs are served via I20.

Interstate 30 (I-30)

It connects eastern cities with Dallas, running east-west.

Interstate 35E

This roadway connects the cities of Denton and Dallas to the rest of the country. Denton is the starting point, and Dallas is the ending point.

Interstate 45

The road ends at the I 30 intersection in downtown Dallas after passing through the sparsely populated southeast part of Dallas.

Interstate 635

The 1 20 in Batch Springs serves as the starting point, while the International Parkway, near Fort Worth’s airport, serves as the destination.

Route 67

Midlothian is the starting point of this motorway, which travels through Dallas before terminating in Duncanville.

Route 75

There is an interchange with I 345 and Woodall Rodger Freeway in downtown Dallas where this route begins and ends.

Route 80

In east Dallas, this route begins at I-30 and finishes at Spur 557. Mesquite is also included in this route.

Route 287

From downtown Fort Worth, this road travels southwest Arlington, southeast Fort Worth, and Mansfield

Route 175

A portion of this route begins at the downtown Dallas I-45 intersection and continues through the South Central Expressway to Kaufman.

When is the best time to drive to Dallas?

You can avoid the morning rush hour by driving between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. if you’re intending on going to Dallas.

Additionally, between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm is an excellent time to go to Dallas because there are few other vehicles on the road. 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. is the peak time for traffic in Dallas; avoid traveling during this time period if you’re in the city.

Travel time on key routes can increase by up to three hours during rush hour. People are more likely to be at home on the weekends, so there will be fewer traffic bottlenecks to contend with.

Is it possible to get stuck in traffic in Dallas?

During rush hour, major Dallas interstates including the I-20, I-30, and I-75 can get congested. During rush hour, drivers may expect to be stuck in traffic for anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.

When driving to Dallas, avoid rush hour if possible.


There are numerous routes you can take if you’re intending on driving to Dallas. But if you want to save time, utilize the fastest routes indicated above, based on where you are coming from.

Prevent driving to Dallas during rush hour as much as possible to avoid traffic congestion on major highways.