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When you live in an RV, you can travel and camp in style. No one ever thinks to sleep on a pull-out couch or kitchenette. But this is often the case with single-bedroom fifth wheels.

What are the best two-bedroom Fifth Wheel floor plans? The good news is that there is a whole class of fifth-wheel trailers with a second bedroom. They have some advantages over fifth wheels with one bedroom, but they also have a few problems.

But once you’ve decided on a two-bedroom fifth wheel, you want the best of the best. But it can be a lot of work to find the right two-bedroom fifth wheel. We did all the dirty work for you so you can focus on finding your dream fifth wheel instead of looking for floorplans page by page.

Advantages of a 2 Bedroom Fifth Wheel

fifth wheel floor plans with 2 bedrooms

If you’re travelling with kids or groups of friends, a two-bedroom fifth wheel gives you more privacy than a traditional fifth wheel. Both rooms are separate from the rest of the house.

So, you won’t step on each other’s toes, and everyone will have their own space to relax at the end of a long day. The master bedroom in a two-bedroom fifth wheel usually has a queen- or king-sized bed, and the second bedroom usually has two twin-sized beds.

Even better, some fifth wheels with two bedrooms also have a second bathroom. You have your own private place to sleep, and you also have your own private bathroom.

When travelling with a group, a 2-bedroom fifth wheel has a clear advantage over a single-bedroom fifth wheel in terms of space and privacy.

Cons of a 2 Bedroom Fifth Wheel

Two-bedroom fifth wheels have some extra benefits and perks, but they also have some problems. The biggest problem is the lack of room. Some two-bedroom fifth wheels are slightly bigger than their one-bedroom counterparts, but most are about the same size.

That means that the extra space where the bedroom is is replacing something. Most of the time, this means more living space, extra rooms, or bigger kitchens.

Most of the time, two-bedroom fifth wheels aren’t the most luxurious ones on the market. But if you want to spend a little more, you can still get a great two-bedroom fifth wheel that doesn’t feel like it’s missing anything.

But no manufacturer can do anything to make up for the space you lose when you add a second bedroom.

What We’re Looking for in a 2 Bedroom Fifth Wheel

fifth wheel floor plans with 2 bedrooms-2

The main difference between a one-bedroom fifth wheel and a two-bedroom fifth wheel is privacy. With that in mind, the rooms need to be completely separate from the main living room and the other bedroom.

We also want to make sure that the extra bedroom doesn’t take away from any of the living spaces. It doesn’t matter how great the extra privacy is if the kitchen and living room are too small.

Lastly, a two-bedroom fifth wheel stands out from the rest because it has a separate bathroom area. People who have a full second bathroom have a clear advantage over those who don’t.

Like single-bedroom fifth wheels, you want a fifth wheel that gives off an air of class and luxury. Even though you’re getting a second bedroom, that doesn’t mean the builder can cut corners in other ways.

The Top Seven 2 Bedroom Fifth Wheels

If you’re going to spend the money on a two-bedroom fifth wheel, at least take the time to find one you’ll be happy with. Here are the seven best fifth wheels with two bedrooms that we could find.

Luxury fifth wheel Forest River RV Wildwood Heritage Glen LTZ 356QB2019 DRV Mobile Elite Suites 43 Manhattan

Transcend EPLOR 297QB

Fifth Wheel Cougar Half-Ton 32BHS

DS0 Chaparral Lite 29BH

Fifth Wheel Cougar Half-Ton 29MBS

Eagle HTX 26BHX Fifth Wheel

1. Forest River RV Wildwood Heritage Glen LTZ 356QB

If you want a fifth wheel with two bedrooms, the Wildwood Heritage Glen LTZ 356QB has everything you need. The second bedroom can sleep up to five people because it has two bunk beds and a pull-out trundle bed.

Even better, both the master bedroom and the second bedroom have their own full bathrooms, so you’ll never have to share the bathroom in your fifth wheel again.

The 356QB floor plan gives you a large second bedroom, which gives you a lot more space for storage than other two-bedroom fifth wheels.

Both bedrooms have their own closets, and the master bedroom has a TV hookup so you can add another TV and watch your favourite shows from your bed!

You might think that all these extra bedrooms mean that the dining room and living room are less comfortable, but that’s not the case. You can get a refrigerator that is 14.7 cubic feet, and the entertainment stand comes with a 50-inch TV.

It has a tri-fold sofa and a “U-shaped” dinette that give everyone sleeping in the fifth wheel enough places to sit.

If there’s one bad thing about the Wildwood Heritage Glen LTZ 356QB fifth wheel floorplan, it’s that there’s no great place to watch the 50-inch TV. It’s almost impossible to see the TV clearly from the trifold couch because it’s so close and at such an angle.

Even though it’s a little better at the dinette, one of the seats faces the wrong way, so if someone sits there, it will be hard for everyone else to see the screen. If you aren’t travelling to watch TV, it doesn’t matter much, but it can sometimes make the screen almost unusable.


Two large bedrooms

Five people can sleep in the second bedroom.

Bathrooms on their own

Choice for big (14.7 cubic feet)


There are sharp angles from the seating areas to the entertainment centre.

2. 2019 DRV Mobile Elite Suites 43 Manhattan Luxury Fifth Wheel

fifth wheel floor plans with 2 bedrooms-4

The DRV 43 Manhattan Luxury fifth wheel doesn’t have a lot of space for sleeping, but it makes up for it in other ways. The second bedroom does only have two twin-sized mattresses, but it does have its own dresser and closet space. As long as you don’t have more than four people with you, the limited sleeping space won’t be a problem.

Even better, it has its own full bathroom, so you and your friends/kids will never have to share a bathroom again. Not only are there walk-in showers, but each bathroom also has a tub and a shower.

Even though both bedrooms are very nice, the living area is what makes this fifth wheel stand out. With an island in the kitchen, there’s a lot of counter space, and the living room has more than enough chairs.

There are two separate sofas, one with two recliners and the other with a love seat right next to it. You still get a dinette, but instead of a small bench, you get two full-sized chairs. The entertainment area isn’t the best, but it doesn’t have as many sharp corners as the Heritage Glen.

The price is the worst thing about the Mobile Elite Suites 43 Manhattan Luxury Fifth Wheel. The suggested retail price is more than $200,000, and even a used one will cost you more than $100,000. But it is called a fifth luxury wheel for a reason.

It has style and class in every way. This is the fifth wheel you’ve been looking for if you want to travel in comfort and make a bit of a statement at the same time.


has hookups for washer and dryer

Bathrooms on their own

There are many places to sit in luxurious living rooms.

Extra counter space in a large kitchen


There aren’t many places to sleep because the second bedroom can only hold two people.

The price was very high.

3. Transcend XPLOR 297QB

The Transcend XPLOR 297QB is more than it seems at first. Even though it only has one bathroom, the extra space it gets from not having one is put to good use.

The second bedroom has two twin beds on top and a full-size mattress on the floor. This means that up to four people can sleep in the second bedroom. Also, the second bedroom has three dressers, which makes it easy to sort and organise everyone’s clothes.

Even better, each bedroom has a TV hookup, and the TV over the booth dinette in the living room is easy to see from any angle. In the living room, you can choose between a standard tri-fold sofa or theatre seating.

The fact that there is storage everywhere is one of the best things about the Transcend XPLOR 297QB. Not only does the second bedroom have three separate dressers, but there is also storage above, a large pantry, and a shoe rack as soon as you walk into the fifth wheel.

As a bonus for storage, there is a 42″ by 22″ space in the back where you can put all of your extra things that you wouldn’t be able to bring otherwise.

As an added bonus, this fifth wheel has an outdoor kitchen with a 1.6-cubic-foot refrigerator. You won’t need to go into the fifth wheel if you want to spend a night under the stars. You can keep the beer close by or store the things you need for your next meal.

The master bedroom of the Transcend XPLOR 297QB has a universal docking station as the last 21st-century perk.


Both rooms have TV hookups

The second bedroom has three dressers and can sleep four people.

It’s easy to see the TV in the living room.

There is built-in extra storage space

Has a kitchen outside as well


One bathroom only

4. Cougar Half-Ton 32BHS Fifth Wheel

fifth wheel floor plans with 2 bedrooms-3

The Cougar Half-Ton 32BHS fifth wheel is a great choice if you want to get into fifth wheels but don’t want to spend a lot of money. The base model starts at just under $50,000, and up to four people can sleep in the second bedroom.

As a bonus, the outside of the fifth wheel has a grill that folds up. So, whether you want to cook on the stove or in the smoker, this fifth wheel has what you need.

The base model comes with a regular tri-fold sleeper sofa and a booth dinette, but you can upgrade either to theatre seating or a free-standing dinette. You only pay for what you want this way.

Still, the base model doesn’t have many of the features that make this fifth wheel stand out, and if you don’t spend a little extra on some of the extras, you might regret it later.

Even the eight-cubic-foot refrigerator, the microwave, and the sink made of stainless steel are upgrades. It feels a bit like a rip-off, but you get to choose exactly what you want instead of having to choose from a set of designs.

Even though the master bathroom is only a half bath, this is still a better option than some fifth wheels that don’t even have a separate bathroom. But since the full bathroom with a walk-in shower is right off the living area, you’ll have to change in the bathroom or walk across the fifth wheel without being fully dressed, no matter which bedroom you’re in.


Price that’s not too high

Attached grill on the outside

The second bedroom can sleep up to four people.

Upgrades that can be changed let you only pay for what you want.


Only a half-bath is in the Master bathroom.

The basic plan has few options.

5. Chaparral Lite 29BH – DS0

If you’re looking for a two-bedroom fifth wheel, the Chaparral Lite 29BH-DS0 has some unique features that make it worth looking at. In the second room, there are two simple bunk beds, so up to four people can sleep there.

It has a big closet that can hold all the clothes that four people need. The living room is big and roomy, with a bench-style dinette and a sofa that folds into three parts. With a caddy-cornered TV stand, you can see the screen well from anywhere in the room.

The kitchen is even better because it has a large island with extra counter space on both sides of the sink. But none of that is what makes this living area stand out. What really makes it stand out is that you can replace the trifold sofa and bench-style dinette with a panoramic sectional sofa.

You can take the tables out, and the way it’s made lets you have the best movie night on the road. Or, let’s say you want to add a new passenger. In that case, you could sleep on the panoramic sofa instead of the tiny trifold couch that many fifth wheels try to pass off as an extra bed.

There is one nightstand and two closets in the master bedroom. Aside from the wardrobes, the master bedroom doesn’t have anything interesting.


The second bedroom can sleep up to four people.

Upgrade to a panoramic sectional sofa is an option.

The closet for him or her in the master bedroom

Large island in the kitchen with more counter space

It was easy to see the entertainment centre.


One bathroom only

6. Cougar Half-Ton 29MBS Fifth Wheel

Some people might think that the 32BHS floor plan is a step down, but that is not the case. The floor plan for the 29MBS fifth wheel is different in many ways. The biggest difference is that the two bedrooms are next to each other, but you don’t have to go into one of them to get to the other.

Since the fifth wheel only has one bathroom, this is helpful in a few ways. It makes it easy for people in both bedrooms to get to the bathroom without going through the living room. It also makes the floor plan of the living room more open and lets the trifold sofa face the entertainment centre straight on.

Most two-bedroom fifth wheels have the entertainment centre at an angle to the seats, but the 29MBS doesn’t have this problem because of its unique floor plan.

As an added bonus, the second bedroom has a built-in desk that guests or children can use for schoolwork or creative projects.

Like the other Cougar model we looked at, the 29MBS floor plan lets you upgrade both the dinette and the tri-fold sofa if you want to. You can get theatre seating instead of a trifold sofa or a separate dinette instead of a booth.

If you upgrade to the standalone dinette, you’ll get four standalone seats instead of two. This is because there is more living space in the dining area.

There are some good things about the 29MBS floor plan, but the bad things are big. The fact that the second bedroom only has enough beds for two people stands out. Also, the design as a whole seems a bit small.

It seems like that because it is that way. Even though the manufacturer got creative with the floor plan to make the most of the space, it’s still smaller than other fifth wheel options.


Seating is right in front of the entertainment centre.

The design makes it easy to tell the difference between the living room and the kitchen.

The second bedroom has a built-in desk.

Upgrades are available for the dinette and the three-fold sofa.


The second bedroom only has room for two people.

The design as a whole feels small.

7. Eagle HTX Fifth Wheel 26BHX

The Eagle HTX 26BHX fifth wheel has a unique layout. It has some interesting designs that make it stand out, but some parts make you scratch your head and wonder what the designers were thinking.

The best thing about the Eagle HTX fifth wheel 26BHX is that it has two double beds in the second bedroom. The second bedroom in almost every other floor plan has two twin beds, but this is the only floor plan we saw with two double beds.

But there is a big concern about privacy in the second bedroom. That’s because the only thing separating the second bedroom from the first is a door that folds up and shuts right between the two beds.

The dinette comes as a stand-alone unit with four separate chairs, which is another big plus. It’s a great perk that makes eating there a lot more fun. But while eating your meals might be more enjoyable, making them is not.

Even though it has a complete kitchen, the extra counter space is behind the sink. In fact, to use the door, you have to walk around and stand in front of it. It’s almost impossible to find any other counter space.

The entertainment stand is at a sharp angle from the tri-fold sofa, which makes the room look even worse. Because of this, it’s hard to watch shows or movies for long periods of time.

But the master bedroom is what makes this fifth wheel stand out. It’s one of the nicest places we looked at, and the master bedroom has enough wall space and hookups for a big TV. It has two closets, a nightstand, and enough space between the foot of the bed and the wall where you can hang your TV for you to walk easily.

Even though it’s not the best floor plan, it’s very interesting.


Standalone dinette

The master bedroom is huge and roomy.

There are TV hookups in the master bedroom.

There are two double beds in the second room.


The “second bedroom” is only divided by a door that folds up.

The entertainment stand has sharp edges.

Not enough room on the kitchen counter

The Final Verdict

Even though the Forest River RV Wildwood Heritage Glen LTZ 356QB and the 2019 DRV Mobile Elite Suites 43 Manhattan Luxury Fifth Wheel fought hard for best overall, we had to give the edge to the Wildwood Heritage Glen LTZ 356QB because it was cheaper.

Not only is it cheaper, but it also has more comfort features and costs less than half as much. Both are great choices, and if you want a little more class and style, the 43 Manhattan might be the one for you.

The important thing is that you go out and see the world. And what better way is there to do that than with a top-of-the-line luxury fifth wheel? Get outside!