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Due to its limited supply and exceptional off-road characteristics, the Toyota FJ Cruiser has become a fairly unusual and highly sought-after SUV. If you’re lucky enough to own a FJ Cruiser or have located a decent used model, you should know how much it can pull.

With the brakes applied, the FJ Cruiser can tow up to 5,000 pounds, or 1,700 pounds when not. FJ Cruiser’s 4, 700-pound braked towing capability is the only exception.

FJ Cruiser In The United States

FJ Cruiser Towing Capacity

The mid-size vintage SUV FJ Cruiser made its debut at the 2003 North American International Auto Show. When the concept was shown, the response was overwhelming, and Toyota decided to produce it.

The FJ Cruiser was produced on the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado platform by Toyota’s subsidiary, Hino Motors. For the FJ Cruiser, toughness and off-road capability are more important than luxury, even though it shares a base with the SUV.

FJ40 styling features include the short wheelbase and stocky structure, as well as three windshield wipers and the Toyota logo on the grille on the grille.

When it was withdrawn in 2014, the FJ Cruiser was sold in the United States only from 2007 to 2014. Toyota sold more than 55,000 FJ Cruisers in the first two years, but after that, sales plummeted and are now only a third of what they were.

The FJ Cruiser’s demise was mostly due to a lack of originality, competition from Jeep, and low gas mileage in the middle of a gas crisis. A mid-cycle engine update by Toyota failed to save the FJ Cruiser from being discontinued in 2014.

It was withdrawn from other areas, including as Australia and Japan, although it may still be found in the Middle East, where Toyota is highly regarded.

FJ Cruiser Towing Capacity

FJ Cruiser Towing Capacity-2

Concerns have been raised about the FJ Cruiser’s towing capabilities. The braking capacity of 5,000 pounds and the unbraking capacity of 1,700 pounds remain constant throughout the production cycle, although the 2014 model has a braking capacity of 4,700 pounds, which is incorrect.

I am certain of the cause of this shift. There have been rumors on Australian forums that the towing capacity may be reduced as a result of recalls, however there is no evidence to support these claims. If I were buying a 2014 FJ Cruiser, I’d still ask for a picture of the vehicle information plate, despite the 300 pound difference.

You should keep in mind that there is more to towing than just the ability to tow with or without a brake. FJ Cruiser towing and cargo capacity stats are essential.

Curb Weight

The curb weight figure represents the FJ Cruiser’s weight without passengers and additional equipment. Factoring in the weight of passengers and other objects in the car, such as snow chains and fire extinguishers, will help you get a true picture of the vehicle’s weight.

It is my understanding that the curb weight of the FJ Cruiser is computed without fuel, but I am unable to verify this information. As a result, I recommend leaving a buffer in case this information is incorrect. Because of the additional differential, the 4WD model is a tad heavier.


The FJ Cruiser’s maximum payload is determined by the vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). The GVWR must be reduced by the curb weight, the weight of the passengers, and the weight of the equipment in order to arrive at a practical capacity.

For both 2WD and 4WD versions, the gross vehicle weight is 1, 280 pounds after removing the curb weight. Everything inside and on top of the FJ Cruiser can’t exceed this weight restriction.


The name “gross combined weight rating” refers to the total weight of the vehicle, the trailer, and the load it carries. Regardless of the 5, 000-pound weight limit, it sets a hard limit on how much can be towed.

Take a fresh look at the figures to obtain a clearer picture. The combined weight limit is 9,500 pounds, while the curb weight is 4,290 pounds (4WD model). Five thousand ten hundred pound is the result of the two subtraction.

What Can You Tow With The FJ Cruiser?

FJ Cruiser Towing Capacity-3

However, despite the fact that the FJ Cruiser is capable of towing a maximum of 5,000 pounds, you can only pull that much when traveling solo. This means that the maximum weight of a pair with only a little amount of luggage is now 4,810 pounds, rather than the previous 5,210; As the vehicle’s weight is increased, the limit gets smaller until it reaches its GVWR of 5,570 pounds (4WD model).


Can a Toyota FJ Cruiser tow a boat?

Here is a list of trailers and cargo that can be attached to the FJ Cruiser’s tailgate for your convenience.

The FJ Cruiser can take numerous jet skis, dirt bikes, or the typical camping trailers, but a car or a fishing boat may be too much for it.

What’s wrong with the FJ Cruiser?

FJ Cruisers have the capability of towing boats up to 5, 000 pounds, or 4, 500 pounds, if the total weight of the trailer and the boat does not exceed that amount.

Are FJ Cruisers worth the money?

The shuddering, gear slippage, and seat belt retractor issues plague the FJ Cruiser the most. A huge recall was prompted by a problem with the seat belt retractor, which was the source of the first two problems.

FJ Cruiser’s string steering shaft, fuel pump, lower ball joints and a few minor issues were also found in the recall data. The SUV was only recalled 15 times over the course of 8 years, which isn’t terrible considering the frequency of recalls on modern vehicles.

Which is better: the FJ Cruiser or the 4Runner?

Prices for FJ Cruisers have been continuously climbing. A desirable and scarce SUV, the FJ Cruiser hasn’t been on the market for eight years, and it was never widely available to begin with. There will never be a better moment to buy a FJ Cruiser than right now, as prices will only rise in the future.

Is FJ Cruiser fuel efficient?

The 4Runner has an edge over the RAV4 because it’s more widely available and more reasonably priced. It’s a rare vehicle, but the FJ Cruiser may be too expensive to acquire when compared to the 4Runner when it comes to off-roading ability and capability.

Can an FJ Cruiser pull a camper?

The FJ Cruiser’s poor fuel efficiency was a common grievance. The FJ achieves up to 21 mpg on the freeway and up to 14 mpg in the city. In light of the current gasoline crisis, consumption may not appear as severe as it did when the FJ Cruiser was still available.


When people and cargo are taken into account, the FJ Cruiser’s practical towing capacity is little more than 4,500 pounds. The SUV can tow up to 5,000 pounds, which is well within its manufacturing capacity.