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The gearbox of a car is made up of a number of components, all of which are critical to shifting gears. Regardless of whether you drive an automatic or a manual transmission, your car will not run properly without one.

The transmission control module is an important part of the transmission. Among other things, the TCM interprets electrical information from sensors in other elements of the vehicle, including the throttle position sensor, the gas pedal input and the turbine speed sensor. The TCM is an electronic transmission component.

Resetting the transmission control module isn’t necessary if your automobile shifts smoothly and you’ve experienced no problems with the transmission. As with any other part of your vehicle, the transmission control module has the potential to fail.

We have a full step-by-step instruction and answers to many frequently asked issues in this article if you need to reset the ford transmission control module.

Why Would You Reset Your Transmission?

Ford Focus Transmission Malfunction Reset

The transmission control module is a critical part of the transmission system in your car. Resetting the TCM isn’t necessary if you’ve had no problems while driving. Resetting the transmission control module may be necessary if you experience any of the following issues:

  • The gearbox slips into a different gear when you are not attempting to shift gears.
  • When you have your foot on the gas your car is taking longer to accelerate than usual.
  • You can’t shift into gear from neutral.
  • Shifting up through the gears can feel ‘sticky’ (or you may not be able to shift up when parking your car or accelerating).
  • The fuel in your car is not lasting as long as it usually does

Consider resetting your transmission control module if you’re having any of the aforementioned issues. Keep your cool. Instead of paying for a mechanic’s time and labor, simply reset the TCM on your own vehicle.

How To Reset The Ford Transmission Control Module

Ford Focus Transmission Malfunction Reset-2

Transmission control module reset is a straightforward procedure that may be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to resetting the Ford transmission control module for your convenience.

Step 1

To get the automobile started, either insert the key into the ignition or press the starter button on the steering wheel.

Step 2

Make certain that the transmission is in neutral (often displayed as an N)

Step 3

Wait around 20 seconds before starting the car again.

Step 4

Put the automobile in park mode at this point (P on the gearbox).

Step 5

Restart the vehicle, but don’t let the engine run all the way.

Step 6

For the next 20 seconds, please.

Step 7

Shut off the vehicle and restart it as quickly as possible.

Step 8

Set the transmission to Sport (S) or Drive (D) (D)

Step 9

When the TCM reset process is complete, an alert should sound.

Step 10

There is no need for you to re-learn the TCM at this point.

It’s as simple as resetting your Ford’s TCM, as you can see. Follow the above instructions step-by-step and you should witness an improvement in your gearbox’s performance. No special tools or programming knowledge is required.


Ford Focus Transmission Malfunction Reset-3

How Do I Know if My Transmission Control Module Is Bad?

Transmission control module troubles may be to blame if you’re having problems with your transmission. Slow acceleration, gear slippage, and trouble shifting smoothly in and out of gear are all signs that your vehicle’s transmission control module is malfunctioning.

Can You Drive Without a Transmission Control Module?

A transmission without a transmission control module would be incomplete. If your TCM isn’t working properly, driving your automobile could result in significant harm.

Driving your automobile will be next to impossible if your TCM is interfering with your ability to shift gears. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t have your act together. To avoid costly transmission repairs in the future, avoid driving with a damaged transmission and instead try to reset it yourself or take your car to a professional.

How Do You Relearn a Ford Transmission?

Relearning the Ford transmission after a TCM reset may be necessary. In order to retrain the transmission control module, you’ll need to drive at varied speeds and allow it to remember the CVI numbers (clutch thickness values).

A considerable stretch of road is required to complete the relearn to the highest standard, but the TCM may learn the correct settings in just a few minutes.

How Do You Reset the Transmission Control Module on a 2013 Ford Focus?

Follow this article’s step-by-step instructions in order to reset a 2013 Ford Focus’ gearbox control module. You should notice a progress bar with a message that says “transmission ready” after you put the car in neutral without running in a 2013 Focus, but the process can vary slightly between models.

How Long Does It Take To Reset a Transmission Control Module?

A transmission control module can be reset in a matter of minutes. It should just take a few minutes to reset the TCM after following the instructions in this post. It can take a little longer if you also need to relearn the transmission, because you’ll have to drive the car up and down all the ratios.

What Causes TCM Failure?

TCM failure could be the cause of your gearbox issues. Water can short a circuit, overload the voltage, or put stress on the TCM from vibrations and high temperatures, all of which can lead to failure. In order to drive safely, you should have your TCM repaired or replaced if it has been compromised.


Your transmission control module may be to blame if your automobile is sluggish to accelerate, uses up a lot of gasoline, or just shifts gears poorly.

As it turns out, it’s simple to reset a Ford transmission control module. Our step-by-step tutorial will help you get rid of your car’s gearbox grumbles.