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Modern vehicles use electronic fuel injection engines in order to increase fuel efficiency and, in some cases, performance. For reliability and ease of use, this is regarded superior to the carburetor.

Several components make up the new system, the fuel injector being just one of them. It is rare for a properly maintained fuel injector to have problems; nonetheless, just like any other auto part, they are not impervious to common problems.

Fuel injector problems include clogging, sticking open, and eventual failure.

In the combustion process, the fuel injector plays a critical function in supplying the engine with gasoline. A precise amount of fuel is squirted into the cylinder and sprayed at the correct angle by the injector.

Using a variety of sensors, the engine control unit (ECU) decides the correct amount of fuel to feed the engine and communicates this information to the fuel injector.

Many things can go wrong if a car’s fuel injector has a malfunction. The most evident outcome will be a decrease in engine performance that has never been seen before. A stuck open fuel injector will be the center of our discussion today.

How can you tell if you have a faulty fuel injector?

The most prevalent symptoms include a sudden check engine light lighting, sluggish idling, and vibrations in the engine.

We’ll give you a quick rundown of the most notable signs of a jammed open fuel injector in your vehicle. Of course, not all automotive problems are unique, as some have similar symptoms, but the presence of several at the same time is almost certainly not a coincidence.

Engine Stalling And Unending Rough Idle

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The vehicle’s idling RPM will drop if the gasoline supply is suddenly cut off. When the engine’s performance isn’t at its best, you may hear loud, violent noises when it’s idling (that depends on the engine size).

The worst-case scenario is that the vehicle will not start at all.

Engine Vibrations

The cylinder in the combustion process will be deprived of fuel if the fuel injectors are jammed open. In order for the engine to function and complete cycles, you must drive even if there is insufficient gasoline to burn. As a result of this, hiccups will occur.

Engine vibrations are a sure sign of an unresolved issue if you ignore it.

Engine Misfires

Reduced or no fuel supply is the result of fuel injectors that have become stuck open. You’ll be able to tell because of the engine misfires and decreased acceleration.

There is a chance that the fuel injector is interfering with your engine’s performance when you step on the gas pedal.

Changing the gasoline air mixture in the engine can produce a variety of problems, not to mention the obvious problem of overheating, if they are not addressed quickly enough.

The Check Engine Light Is On

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If my car does this, it’s letting me know that something is seriously wrong with me. There is a trigger on your dashboard that lets you know when the fuel injector is delivering more or less fuel than you had anticipated.

This symptom has the credibility it requires because some CELs are caused by jammed open fuel injectors. As the engine’s efficiency begins to decline, the automobile interprets it accordingly.

Signs Of A Leak

It’s normal for the fuel injectors to wear out over time, but they can last for decades with careful care.

An obvious sign that something is amiss is leaking, which can be spotted by inspecting the supply channel. You may need to examine the system for leaks if you see fresh fuel stains around the injector.

That’s the fuel injector seal that’s the most vulnerable, and you may test it before anything else.

Unusual Gas Odor

It’s possible that some fuel is not burned when the fuel injector fails. The cylinder or surrounding area will begin to smell if the unburned fuel remains. You should be concerned if you detect the odor in the cockpit or under the hood.

However, a faulty ECU might be blamed for this issue, as it orders the fuel injector to deliver more fuel than is required. However, due to the seriousness of the safety risk, you must find the source of the odor and eliminate it.

Increased Fuel Consumption

The sensors will send an additional fuel request if the engine is running low on fuel. This fuel is unnecessary, but it must be provided, resulting in additional consumption of fuel that could have been avoided.

What Are The Consequences Of A Stuck Open Fuel Injector For An Engine?

When the fuel injectors fail, the engine will not perform as expected, and the decreased efficiency cannot go unnoticed. The car’s engine will deteriorate, and eventually it may be unable to move at all.

How To Fix A Stuck Open Fuel Injector?

Cleaning the fuel injectors is your only real choice in this situation. You can utilize a variety of fuel injector cleaning products available on the market.

You can also take the automobile to a professional fuel injector cleaner and have them do it for you if you prefer not to deal with this issue yourself. If you have the money, you can buy a whole new item.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Stuck Open Fuel Injector?

Traditional fuel injector cleaning solution costs $12-17 for the self-cleaning option. Injectors for professional use cost roughly $80.

A new fuel injector will set you back about $1550, which includes both the cost of the part and the cost of putting it together.

Can I Drive With A Stuck Open Fuel Injector?

Cars that won’t start because of stuck open fuel injectors are extremely rare. Your car’s engine may overheat if you drive it, which is highly discouraged. Engine flooding and pre-ignition of gasoline are two more undesirable outcomes.

Bottom Line

Increased fuel consumption, engine overheating, and other costly engine malfunctions can be the result of fuel injectors that have become stuck open. For example, a check engine light or leaking fuel could be a clue that something is wrong with your vehicle.