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In order to power the vehicle, you need a battery that is plugged into the hood of the automobile.

The best performance from any vehicle is always achieved when the car battery attached to the system of the vehicle is perfectly fitted and in outstanding condition.

There are a wide variety of car batteries on the market because there are so many various sorts of automobiles that require varying amounts of power.

Choosing a new car battery can be tricky if you don’t know what group size your old one was.

The non-profit body known as the Battery Council International sets the group sizes for the different types of automobile batteries.

The group 49 car battery might be a good fit for your vehicle. Here is a look at a few of the top group 49 vehicle batteries currently available on the market.

Hopefully, this review will make the process of replacing your group 49 auto battery an easy one.

Top 5 Best Group 49 Batteries Reviews

1. XS Power D4900 12V BCI Group 49 AGM Battery

XS Power D4900 12V BCI Group 49 AGM Battery

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Powering up your car may require the XS Power D4900 12V BCI Group 49 AGM Battery.

A high-performance European car is especially challenging if you’ve tried other options that weren’t up to snuff.

Even if you drive a sedan or a high-end luxury car, it’s well worth the effort.

Group 49 automobile batteries from this company are a good value for the money you spend on them.

For starters, the battery’s manufacturing technology ensures that you’ll get the best possible performance from it at all times.

By minimizing spills and ensuring optimal performance, A.G.M. technology protects the battery.

You may rest easy knowing that your electrolyte supply will never run out. This is also safe for you because you can handle the spilled electrolyte without being damaged.

The car battery’s safety and long-term durability are aided by ABS-reinforced components.

If you’re traveling on a bumpy road or off-road, this feature will protect your car battery from harm caused by shock and vibrations..

The car battery’s cover is also efficient in protecting it from adverse weather conditions, including as high temperatures that can damage lesser models.

There are no external vents or leaks with this automobile battery, so it may be installed in a wide variety of locations.

Most of the other brands on this list don’t provide you with this level of adaptability.

You should be convinced that this is the battery to take home based on the specifications of the automobile batteries.

This product’s reserve capacity is just enough to ensure a long shelf-life.. This ensures that the automobile battery will last for a lengthy period of time.

1075 cold-cranking amps of automobile battery power can handle even the most powerful engines.

In addition, it has the capability of delivering up to 4000 amps, making it suitable for use in models like sedans and SUVs.

While the vehicle’s engine is running, it can power up any electronics connected to it.

The practical design of this automobile battery ensures its long-term viability.

A 3-year warranty is also included, so you can be confident when purchasing one of these brands.


  • Long-lasting
  • It is capable of delivering sufficient power for any automobile model.
  • Leak-free
  • Installment might take place in any position.4
  • Useful technology was used to create the product
  • enables the operation of automobiles equipped with high-performance electronic equipment with no problem.


  • You’ll need a torque wrench to tighten the terminals.
  • You might not be able to use it for a long time if you do.

2. Odyssey Battery 49-950 Performance Automotive Battery

Odyssey Battery 49-950 Performance Automotive Battery

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The Odyssey Battery 49-950 Performance Automotive Battery is a great option if you’re in the market for a group 49 automobile battery replacement.

Some of the greatest brands are competing with this one. Because it is a cost-effective option, you will also save money. Its main selling feature is that it may be utilized for long-term riding.

Heavy-duty plastic shell and securely packed lead plates are used to construct the plates, as opposed to alternative solutions that use alloy plates. Using this architecture not only ensures the long-term viability of the automobile battery, but it also improves performance. They are capable of producing twice as much power as other automotive batteries.

Compared to other group 49 car batteries, this one performs well in vehicles with a lot of electronics.

Despite having all of the vehicle’s electronics and the engine running, it’s still built to meet your demands.

Simply fantastic is the 4-year warranty on this car battery, which is the finest in our list when compared to other possibilities.

These are stats that any vehicle owner would be thrilled to have at their disposal: the CCA is 950 A, and the reserve capacity is 160 minutes.

As an added bonus, you’ll receive a car battery that charges in only a few hours and is ready to go.

Taking into account the battery’s special properties, durability is also taken into account when designing the battery.

In addition, the vehicle’s interior components can tolerate shocks and vibrations.


  • Design of exceptional quality
  • Spill-proof
  • Longevity
  • The warranty is fantastic.


  • Quite a bit of weight.

3. Delphi BU9049 MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery, Group Size 49

Delphi BU9049 MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery, Group Size 49

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One of the more well-known battery manufacturers is Delphi. Some of the greatest car batteries now in use are from this company.

One of Delphi’s best offerings is the BU9049 MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery Group Size 49.

Some of the best advantages of this car battery include the fact that it is spill-proof, which ensures that it performs at its best at all times.

As a result, it’s one of the few automobile batteries that isn’t harmed by corrosion. Because of this, they are able to function at the highest level.

With a CCA of 800A and a reserve capacity of 170 minutes, you’ll have plenty of battery life.

It’s also designed to work well in all weather conditions you would encounter when driving the car.

Due to its unique design, this vehicle may be driven in extreme temperatures without compromising safety or comfort. Additionally, you’ll be pleased to learn that this automobile battery requires no maintenance.

This brand of a car battery is easier to install than the previous one on this list.

You don’t need to hire a technician or any other type of professional to do this; all you need are the right equipment.


  • Corrosion has no effect on the components.
  • Effectively powers all electronic devices.
  • The CCA and its reserve capacity are worth a visit.
  • able to generate enough electricity when required


  • After purchasing this brand, you will not be able to request a refund.

4. ACDelco 49AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 49 Battery

ACDelco 49AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 49 Battery

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In terms of car batteries, ACDelco’s 49AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 49 Battery is an ideal replacement for your current battery.

To begin with, this is a well-known brand that consistently creates high-quality products. Furthermore, the products made by this company are reasonably priced and of excellent quality.

Almost all of the batteries on this list are made using A.G.M technology.

Even if nothing else, this is a sign that your auto battery has had some real life experience. It aims to prevent spills from affecting the battery’s performance in the sake of long-term longevity.

You don’t have to worry about corrosion because this is a battery designed to keep it to a minimal.

With ACDelco, you know you’re getting quality and dependability in one package.

It will be a long time before you need to buy a new battery because of this battery’s exceptional performance.

This is made possible by the well-thought-out design of the plates’ pressure regulators.

The cold-cranking amp of this battery is impressive, clocking in at 900A. It has a lengthy shelf life because to its high reserve capacity of 90 minutes.

A three-year full replacement warranty is included with the purchase of this automobile battery.


  • Splash-proof design
  • Durable
  • Plates that are well-designed
  • Can be put to a variety of good use.
  • No corrosion will harm it.


  • Heavy
  • The battery’s performance may be negatively impacted in the future by the electric system.

5. Deka 9AGM49 Intimidator Battery

Deka 9AGM49 Intimidator Battery

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The Deka 9AGM49 Intimidator Battery is well-worth your money if you want your car to start right up every time.

This is a car battery brand whose goal is to provide your vehicle’s battery with as much power as possible at all times. On the other hand, most car batteries may not be up to the duty of a long drive.

Aside from keeping your car’s gadgets powered up, this brand ensures that your car stays powered up throughout your trip.

In addition, no other product on this list even comes close to matching its peak performance.

The automotive, maritime, industrial, and RV industries have all found this battery useful.

This battery has one of the fastest recharge capacities, making it helpful.

As a result, it may be used in the vehicle for a considerable amount of time before needing a recharge. Even vehicles with high-powered electronics can benefit from this.

A.G.M technology is used in the manufacturing of this battery, and its high-quality performance should persuade you.

Most substandard glass mat separators have a tendency to leak, and this one is designed to keep that from happening. As a result, handling this kind of car battery is completely risk-free.

This automobile battery can be installed in any place you like, as it is not constrained to a specific location. This is made possible because there is no fear of spills.

Water loss from spills and other causes ensures that the automobile battery remains efficient throughout.

As a result of these additional characteristics, you may be confidence in the functioning of this car battery.

Using this battery in your vehicle also helps to minimize any issues that may emerge.

One of these is the envelope separator, which prevents shorts and corrosion from damaging the battery.

As a result of this group 49 automobile battery’s design, it will last for a long time.

Vibrations from a rough drive can cause harm to the drive’s components, therefore this helps prevent that.

The Cold Cranking amps are listed at 850A, which may be sufficient for most applications.

A flush manifold is also included, which regulates its temperature when it is too hot outside.

Using this battery in a vehicle that wouldn’t be able to utilize a lower-quality battery is possible because of its design and high-quality design.

It can be installed in race cars, off-road vehicles, or any other vehicle that needs traction.

For vehicles that travel on rocky or rough roads, its capacity to endure vibrations makes it useful in these situations as well.

This is a battery for a car that can last two times as long as a standard car battery. By virtue of its outstanding design, it is able to withstand the extreme conditions that are provided to it.


  • a brand with a long shelf life
  • Like other brands, it is not harmed by vibrations.
  • Increases the amount of electrolyte absorbed
  • Spill-proof
  • Cushioning is provided for the internal components.


  • The overcharging sensor is sensitive.


In general, the information in the article above covers the important factors to consider while buying for a new car battery.

This only works if your vehicle is perfectly suited to this group size and the manufacturer recommends it as a substitute.

As a result, you’ll know what to expect from each of the various possibilities available in the market.