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Most bikers want their Harley Davidsons to have a manual transmission, but some people want or need an automatic transmission but still want the power and style of a Harley.

Up until recently, Harley Davidson didn’t make any motorcycles with automatic transmissions; all of their bikes had manual transmissions.

Yes, Harley Davidson does make bikes that have automatic transmissions.

Automatic transmissions are more expensive to make, and there wasn’t enough of a need for them.

But after hearing from customers, the company has made the first Harley Davidson motorcycle that can drive itself.

Harley Davidson’s Automatic Motorcycle

harley davidson automatic motorcycle-2

The 2020 LiveWire is the first and only Harley Davidson motorcycle that can drive itself.

These fully electric, automatic Harleys are often a good choice for people who ride in cities.

Even though the bike is electric, it moves faster than most electric bikes because it has a permanent magnet electric motor that gives it all of its rated torque right away.

It has 105 horsepower and 86 foot-pounds of torque.

It has as many as seven different ride modes, so you can get the speed and safety you want.

The range, road, sport, and rain modes are already set.

There are also three modes that you can change to suit your style of riding. For even more ease of use, you can also add hand and foot controls.

This bike can go up to 146 miles in the city and up to 95 miles on the highway when fully charged.

You can charge the battery with a regular wall outlet, or you can stop at a quick-charge location if you’re on the road.

Why Get a Motorcycle With an Automatic Transmission?

Even though most motorcycle riders like a manual transmission, some riders want an automatic transmission for a number of reasons.

An automatic is easier to drive and often a good choice for people who are just starting out.

When you’re first learning to ride a bike, you have a lot to think about. An automatic bike gives you one less thing to think about until you get the hang of it.

Even riders with a lot of experience sometimes want an automatic transmission.

If you ride your bike mostly for fun and relaxation, you might not want to have to change gears.

You can just get on your bike and go if it has an automatic transmission. Also, some riders with disabilities may need a bike with an automatic transmission to be able to ride.

Some drivers also like automatic transmissions because they are safer.

Manual Harleys are safer than automatic ones.

Many people who drive motorcycles don’t know how to shift well enough, which can lead to an accident.

Some drivers choose to use an automatic because it is safer.

Why Do People Prefer Harley Davidson Motorcycles With a Manual Transmission?

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Even though there are good reasons to want an automatic transmission, most riders want a manual one, and most bikes have manual transmissions.

There are many reasons why people prefer cars with manual transmissions.

First, many riders want to get the most out of riding a motorcycle, which means they want to be able to change gears.

They like feeling the clutch let go when they shift, and they like how a manual transmission makes them feel more in control of the ride.

Simply put, it’s more fun to drive a Harley with a manual transmission.

In more practical terms, manual bikes are usually cheaper, less likely to break down, and use less gas.

Automatic transmissions are much harder to make, so they cost more to make and add to the price of a bike.

Since automatic transmissions have so many more parts, they are more likely to break and harder to fix.

Manual transmissions use a little less gas, but only if the driver knows how to change gears correctly.

Can You Modify a Harley Davidson to Make It Automatic?

Even though there aren’t many automatic Harleys on the road, it is possible to convert a manual-transmission Harley to an automatic, but it can be expensive.

You’ll either need to know how to fix things mechanically or take it to a mechanic who knows how to fix transmissions.

You can change the transmission on your Harley so that it is either semi-automatic or fully automatic.

Semi-Automatic Modifications

You have to change gears in a semi-automatic just like you do in a manual, but you don’t have to pull the clutch, so it may be easier to drive.

When you change the RPM, the clutch will automatically start to work.

If you want a semi-automatic, you can put an auto clutch on your bike.

You might like this option if you want some of the features of an automatic but don’t want to give up full control of your bike.

You can also control the clutch on many auto clutches if you want to.

A electric shifter can also be added.

You won’t have to use the gear shift pedal anymore if you have an electric shifter. Instead, you press a button to change gears.

This option is often perfect for disabled riders who can’t use the gear shift pedal but still want to ride a bike with a manual transmission.

Fully-Automatic Modifications

If you don’t have a lot of experience working on bikes and want to change your Harley Davidson to a fully automatic transmission, you’ll need to take it to a mechanic.

You can expect to spend a lot on parts and labour to make your car fully automatic.

But the cost is worth it if you really want or need your bike to be automatic.

Do Other Motorcycles Have Automatic Transmissions?

If you are willing to buy something other than a Harley Davidson, you can find a gas-powered motorcycle with an automatic transmission.

There are several brands that make automatic cars, but Honda is the most well-known.

There are quite a few automatic bikes from this brand.

Bottom Line

The only automatic Harley Davidson bike came out in 2020, after fans had asked for one for a long time.

The LiveWire is fully electric and has an automatic transmission. This makes it a good choice for people who live in cities.

Since bikers don’t like automatic transmissions as much, it’s not likely that Harley will make a gas-powered bike with a fully automatic transmission.

Still, the LiveWire is a good choice if you want an automatic transmission, or you can change your manual transmission to make it automatic.