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A person who owns a car but doesn’t know how it works inside will have trouble. If you turn on your air conditioner and the temperature outside is hot, the refrigerant that makes it possible for you to have cool air inside your car needs to stay at the same pressure. Neither high nor low is good. The high side and low side pressures of your refrigerant are very important to know, so this is why.

There are two pressure meters (high and low side pressure) that can help you figure out how well your car’s air conditioning system is running. They can be used to figure out what’s wrong with an air conditioning compressor. In the air conditioning, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. One is that the pressure on the low side is high, which can be caused by other things that happen.

If you connect a gauge set to your air conditioner, you can record the pressure on both the high and low sides. Make sure this record fits with the temperature of the room where your air conditioner is running. All pressure is temperature-dependent.

High and low pressure readings are shown on a chart that shows how they compare to the temperature of the air outside at different times. I’m going to show you this chart later in this post. You should know what the high side and low side pressure of R12 should be, and then what the high side pressure and low side pressure of R134a should be.

What Should the High and Low Side Pressures be for R12?

R12 is a refrigerant, also called Refrigerant R12 or Freon 12. It is used to cool things down. People often use it in appliances that have a compressor. If you don’t have an air conditioning system in your car, you can find it in air conditioning units and other appliances that cool and refrigerate things.

In pounds per square inch, the high side and low side pressures for refrigerants are called pounds per square inch (psi). It should be between 170 and 210 psi on the high side and 30 and 40 on the low. There is a good chance that your R12 is undercharged if the pressure on both the high side and the low side are lower than they should be. Check for leaks and then refill the refrigerant again.

Keep in mind that the higher the temperature outside, the higher your high side and low side pressures will be, so keep that in mind. This is why you need the chart. It will help you figure out which pressures work best for each temperature. If you want to know what the outside temperature is, you’ll need a pocket thermometer to do so Hold the thermometer in front of your car’s AC grill to see how hot or cold it is. People who want to figure out how hot air is going through their condenser will be able to do this.

What Should the High and Low Side Pressure be in an R134a System?

Air conditioning compressors use refrigerant R134a, like R12. R134a is used the same way R12 is used in air conditioning. It cools things down. It should be between 225 and 250 psi when the high side pressure and the low side pressure are checked.

The Pressure Chart for R134a

There is a chart on the page that shows how the temperature outside is linked to the high and low side pressures and how that changes their readings.

What are the Normal Operating Pressures for R134A?

The normal operating pressure for R134a is between 22 psi and 57 psi, but this can vary. This is because the coil is under a lot of stress. There is about 22 psi when the coil is running normally, but when it is very hot, there is 57 psi.