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Maintaining the b 12 system in your Honda car is an important part of keeping it in top shape.

So, what does it mean to maintain a Honda b12?

Oil, tire rotation, and air filter replacement are all prompted by the b12 Honda maintenance system. Preventing engine damage and malfunctions due to bad air filter systems and unworthy road wheels is the primary goal of vehicle maintenance.

These Honda b12 maintenance hints will teach you more about the civic code. Read on to find out more.

Do All Honda Models Have b12 maintenance?

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The b12 service code can be found on the dashboard or MID screen of all Honda vehicles. If you adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for your Honda, it will continue to run smoothly.

In this case, the b12 on the MID screen could flash, which serves as a reminder to conduct the maintenance. Your vehicle will be alerted and brought to your attention as a result of the notification.

Because short drives, frequent starts, and abrupt stops put your car through its paces in hot weather, you’ll require these services. In addition, additional factors that affect the oil’s quality may necessitate more regular oil changes.

In order to help drivers stay on top of routine maintenance, the b12 code provides specific instructions. In the case of oil changes and oil filters, for example, the b stands for both. 1 reminds drivers to rotate their tires, and 2 reminds drivers to replace their air/cabin filtration systems.

Visual checks can be made during the b12 maintenance procedure. You can check and refill fluids on the brake, tranny, and windshield washer systems. You can also inspect the axle boots and brake pads, and rotate the tires if necessary.

Your mechanic will be able to do the necessary maintenance following the prompted codes thanks to the provided codes. While it is possible to carry out a DIY b12 maintenance operation by following the maintenance code, you should be aware of the proper steps to guarantee you complete them.

What Are the Costs of Honda b12 Maintenance at an Authorized Service?

Your technician might spend 30 minutes working on each component if you go to an authorized service provider for b 12 maintenance and pay $120 an hour.

As a result, you may expect to pay between $250 and $300 for all of your b12 needs. Instead of paying a mechanic this much money, you could save it by doing it yourself. You need to know how to replace these Honda automobile parts if you want to get the most out of your vehicle.

Purchase of the spare components could cost you more than $70, as the cabin filter costs $20 and the oil and filter may cost more than $30. Thus, DIY b12 maintenance will save you money, and the government recognizes it as a legitimate practice.

Do You Need To Reset This Notification After The Maintenance?

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The maintenance reminder can be reset once your mechanic has completed all of the b 12 and other Honda suggested maintenance. As a result, the warning light will stop flashing, indicating that the vehicle is in good working order and that the maintenance procedure was successful.

If the mechanic forgets to rest the reminder, you’ll have to manually reset it. In order to reset the b12 reminder, you simply need to keep pressing and holding the reset button until the complete oil life indication displays and then release the button, and you are done.

This will ensure that a blinking oil life indicator and maintenance code are shown on the dashboard.

Understanding other service codes display on the Honda

If the Honda displays any additional codes besides b12, you should know what they mean so that you can keep your car in top shape. Honda codes a13, a123, and a slew of others are also essential.


When you take care of your Honda, it performs better and has a longer life span. The b12 code reminder ensures you check the wheels, engine oil, and air filter system.

For a price, you can have the mechanic do these services. About $300 will be needed to complete all b12 maintenance. However, you can save money and time by performing your own home repairs.

Despite the fact that these maintenance codes might be inconvenient at times, they are an excellent feature that encourages drivers to do routine maintenance in order to keep the engine and its components operating to their optimum potential.