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If you want to buy a Honda Civic, you’re doing a great thing.

These cars use little gas, are comfortable, and are small. When you buy a car, you should also think about how long it will last.

How long do Honda Civics keep running?

If you buy a new car and take good care of it, you can expect it to last for about 20 years.

Of course, how often you use something affects how long it lasts.

You should be able to drive a Honda Civic for between 200,000 and 300,000 miles before you have to get a new one.

Find out how long Honda Civics last, how to take care of them, and more by reading on.

Honda Civic 101

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Before talking about the Honda Civic, it’s important to talk about Honda.

This Japanese automaker is known for making cars that are reliable and of high quality.

Honda was started in 1948 in Hamamatsu, Japan. In 1959, it opened its first store in the United States.

Over the many decades that the company has been in business, it has often gone above and beyond what the government requires.

For example, Honda was the first car company to meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act in the 1970s.

The company has repeatedly shown that it is at the cutting edge of new ideas. Even the Honda Civic doesn’t stand out.

At first, it was made as a subcompact car, but over time, it changed into a compact car.

From the beginning, experts knew that the car was good for the environment, especially because it used little gas and could go fast on the road.

People also know that the Honda Civic is a safe car. U.S. News & World Report ranked the 2021 model of the car as the safest compact car out of a total of 12.

The National Highway Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety do crash tests, which they use to figure out how safe a car is.

How Many Miles Will You Get Out of a Honda Civic?

In general, a Honda Civic will run for up to 300,000 miles before it breaks down. This is if you put in the time and money needed for upkeep and maintenance.

About 13,476 miles are driven by the average car each year.

Using these numbers, you could drive your Honda Civic for almost 15 years before you hit 200,000 miles.

This should give you 20 years of car use, depending on how much you drive.

Here’s how long you can expect different parts of your Honda Civic to last if you use it regularly and take care of it:

Brakes: Honda Civic brakes last between 30,000 and 60,000 miles on average.

Tires: The tyres should last between 30,000 and 60,000 miles as well.

Transmission: Your Honda Civic’s transmission can last between 120,000 and 180,000 miles.

Spark Plugs: Your spark plugs should last for about 100,000 miles before they need to be changed.

How Can You Extend Your Honda Civic’s Lifespan?

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How you treat your car is the biggest factor in how long it will last.

Follow these steps to get the most out of your car and make sure it lasts as long as possible.

Get Regular Tuneups

You should get your car serviced once a year. The brakes, tyres, alignment, and engine should all be checked as part of a regular check.

Fluids, such as oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, and windshield wiper fluid, will also be checked and changed as needed.

If your car needs new parts, make sure to buy high-quality ones that are approved by the factory.

If you use cheap parts to fix something, it won’t last as long.

If you want to sell your car at some point, proper maintenance is also important.

Even if you don’t plan to keep the car for 20 years, taking care of it could make it easier to sell after 5, 10, or even 15 years.

You are keeping your money safe.

Drive Responsibly

Aggressive driving will shorten the life of any car. Stopping and starting quickly can wear down the brake pads.

Avoid going too fast and making sharp turns, which are hard on the tyres.

Lastly, be careful around obstacles like speed bumps so you don’t put too much stress on the suspension.

If you go over a speed bump too quickly, you could damage the chassis.

In general, the faster you wear out your car, the more aggressively you drive (any car).

Be Proactive About Rust Prevention

Rust is caused by a chemical process called oxidation. This happens when water and oxygen react with iron to make hydrated iron oxide.

Rust is not just an ugly thing to look at. It can make holes in a car’s body and shorten its life.

Rust will spread if it is not taken care of.

You can help keep your Honda Civic from rusting by washing it often, using anti-rust products, and getting rid of corrosion as soon as you see it.

A body shop is where you can buy rust repair kits.

Check your car often for signs of rust, and if you find any, make sure to get rid of it properly.

The part of a Honda Civic that is most likely to rust is where the rear quarter panel meets the rear bumper on both sides.

Also, watch out for resting near the wheels, especially in older cars. The back wheel wells of modern cars are lined with plastic.

Older cars don’t have this protective feature, so they are more likely to be damaged by water and salt. Also, the exhaust system could rust.

If you live near the coast and your car is exposed to salty air, which speeds up oxidation, you must take these steps.

Also, be careful if you live in a cold area where salt is used to keep snow and ice from building up on the roads in the winter.

When you drive on roads that have salt on them, you need to wash and dry your car.

Invest in Comprehensive Insurance

If you get into an accident or your car breaks down, you want to make sure it gets fixed quickly and well.

When you buy full coverage insurance, you get the coverage you need for repairs.

Depending on things like the year of the car and your driving record, the cost of insurance for a Honda Civic is about $1,836 per year.

How Long Does a Honda Civic Last Compare to Similar Cars?

honda civics lifespan

When you’re thinking about buying a Honda Civic, you’ll probably compare it to other cars that are about the same size and cost.

Seeing how long something lasts will also help you decide what to buy.

Here are a few other cars and how the Honda Civic compares to them.

Toyota Corolla versus Honda Civic

When it comes to small cars that are built to last, the Toyota Corolla is a strong contender.

It has a lot of the good things about the Honda Civic, such as being comfortable and good on gas.

The Toyota Corolla is just as reliable and long-lasting as the Honda Civic.

Ford Focus versus Honda Civic

You could also think about a Ford Focus as an alternative to a Honda Civic.

This vehicle won’t last as long as the other one, though.

On average, the Ford Focus will last about 250,000 miles and is also not very reliable.

Hyundai Elantra versus Honda Civic

The Hyundai Elantra is a third choice that many people might think about.

Again, this car’s long-term performance is not as reliable as that of the Honda Civic.

About 250,000 miles is how long it should last.

The 300,000 miles you’ll get with a Honda Civic is about three years less driving time for the average driver.

What Model of Honda Civic Will Last the Longest?

Not every Honda Civic is the same.

Taking a look at what people have said about the 2001 Honda Civic, it seems to have had too many problems, the biggest of which was a broken transmission.

People said that the transmission didn’t work right, didn’t engage, slipped while driving, or went out of gear.

Also, watch out for models from 2006 to 2009. When these things happen, the engine blocks cause trouble. The engine block could break.

You might also have problems like coolant leaks, which can cause engines to heat up too much.

This can cause the engine to break down, which is expensive to fix.

The newer 2019 Honda Civic, on the other hand, has been praised by drivers.

It hasn’t gotten many complaints about how long it lasts, so it might be a better choice if you want your car to last.

The problems aren’t as bad in new Honda Civics. You could read reviews online that say bad things about the Bluetooth connectivity, though.

This can be annoying, but it doesn’t change how the car works or how long it will last.

Do some reading before you buy a Honda Civic.

Check out reviews and information about recalls, which will be different from year to year.

The Short Answer: How Long Do Honda Civics Last?

In general, if you take care of your Honda Civic, it should last up to 20 years and about 200,000 to 300,000 miles.

But, as the above article should have made clear, how long your car lasts depends on many things, such as how well you take care of it and how you drive it.

Overall, if you take care of your Honda Civic and are a responsible car owner, you can expect it to last a long time.

This car is a good investment that will serve you for many years.