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Affiliate links can be found throughout this piece. A little commission will be paid to me if you purchase something through one of the links.So, you’ve gone through your house and found nothing to clean your car’s dashboard with?

But it’s a myth: some people use vinegar, baking soda, Windex, and other cleaning solutions to remove grime from their car dashboards. You may not have to clean your automobile dashboard quite as often, but it will still need to be done at some point. Cleaning the dashboard of a car is much like cleaning any other area of the vehicle, and it requires care and the correct tools.

6 Household Products To Clean Car Dashboard

Make a homemade dashboard cleaner with any of these household items and use it to remove grime from your car’s instrument panel. Vacuum the car before using any of these dashboard cleaning products.

1. Toothpaste (for Spot Cleaning)

Here we go with the most bizarre product for cleaning automobile dashboards: toothpaste. Toothpaste is useful for more than just cleaning your automobile or your glasses; it also removes stains. To use, simply combine a small amount of toothpaste with water before dabbing it on with a toothbrush. Cleaning hard-to-reach areas like crevices and corners using a toothbrush is the best way to get the job done.

In order to apply the toothpaste-water mixture, simply dip a clean microfiber rag into it and use it to clean the dashboard. Even if the dashboard appears to be filthy, you shouldn’t scrub it with excessive pressure. When you let the toothpaste stay on the surface for a time, you can use gentle and slow movements to remove the filth. Wipe the dashboard down with warm, clean water and a microfiber towel after a while. In most circumstances, this is all that is required to bring your dashboard back to life. When you only need to clean a certain area of your dashboard, toothpaste is the best option. Using toothpaste to clean the entire dashboard isn’t the best option, so you’ll want to check out the alternative methods outlined in the following section.

Household Products to Clean and Polish a Car Dashboard at Home

2. Windex

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Windex, a common household cleaner, is readily available. Using Windex to clean your car’s dashboard is a great option if you have the product at home. As a spray container, Windex cleanser is convenient to use. Spraying any substance or solution straight onto your car’s dashboard is not recommended. A small area should be cleaned with a rag or towel to see if the compound actually removes the stain or just covers it up. This precautionary action must be taken before you can begin cleaning. Wipe the dashboard with a rag sprayed with Windex cleanser. To avoid causing damage to delicate parts, be aware. A pail of clean water, a microfiber cloth, and some elbow grease are all you need to clean your dashboard after using Windex. Sadly, some car owners claim that Windex isn’t a great dashboard cleaner because it can’t remove all stains. Use a stain remover, or one of the other options listed below to get rid of it.

3. Baking Soda or Vinegar


Contains a wide range of cleaning agents that may be used to clean sinks, counters, microwaves, refrigerators and more. Sprinkle into garbage cans, drains, and grease traps to reduce odors and keep them fresh. The United States is the country where the product was made. You’ll find vinegar and baking soda listed as the most common homemade auto cleaning options. You can clean your dirty automobile dashboard with one of these two products. Listed together because they are both diluted in the same way, we’ve put them here. Although it is a deodorizer, baking soda also works well on upholstered furniture. One cup of baking soda or vinegar can be added to three or four gallons of water to make a solution. A spray bottle is essential for getting the finest effects. Even the worst grime on the steering wheel is no match for this handmade dashboard cleaner. The dashboard of your automobile can be disinfected and cleaned effectively with a solution of vinegar and baking soda. Clean microfibre should be used for this procedure.

Fill a spray bottle halfway with the solution. When you’re done, use a microfiber towel to wipe down the dashboard. It’s best to let it set for a few minutes before using it. Remove residue from the dashboard by dipping another microfiber towel into a basin of clean water and wiping it down. While applying this solution to your dashboard, you must be careful not to spill and contact other sections of the automobile; if vinegar or baking soda is left on a painted surface for an extended period of time, it could chip away at the finish.

4. Essential Oils

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A few drops of essential oils can be found in many houses, even if they weren’t intended to be used as a cleaning agent, and they’ll do the trick. Water or any other substance is not required to blend with essential oils. Let a few drips of liquid touch a microfiber cloth, and then use the cloth to wipe out your windshield. Avoid harming the vents when you clean them by being exceedingly careful. The use of aromatic essential oils to clean your dashboard has the added benefit of making your automobile smell good as well as making it shine like new. After using essential oil, there is no need to use water to clean or wash the dashboard. After using the first rag to apply the oil to the dashboard, just wipe down the area with a clean rag.

5. Rubbing Alcohol

Household Products to Clean and Polish a Car Dashboard at Home

When the dashboard is stained, rubbing alcohol is utilized. Stains on plastic automobile dashboards can be removed using this common household chemical. That said, you can use rubbing alcohol as a dashboard cleaner in your automobile if you have access to it at home. However, this substance has the potential to alter the color of your car’s dashboard. As a result, it is best to test it out on a small area of the dashboard to see how it interacts with the material. This product must be diluted in warm water before use. Most dashboards may be cleaned with a 50/50 combination of warm water and rubbing alcohol. It’s not a good idea to presume that it will work on yours, so make sure to run a preliminary test by applying the solution to a small piece (spot). Simply dip your towel into the bucket/bowl where you mixed this combination to apply the solution. Car windows can also be cleaned with this solution (windscreen and other glasses).

6. Baby Wipes or Dryer Sheets

Using baby wipes or dryer sheets to clean a dashboard that is merely covered in dust is not necessary, as long as you have them at home. You can also use baby wipes or dryer sheets to clean the dashboard of your automobile. Using either of these is preferable to rubbing alcohol, which can alter the color of your dashboard. Baby wipes and dryer sheets are excellent tools for removing dust. You can’t use a moist cloth as a substitute for these cleaning supplies.


To remove dust and debris off their automobile dashboard, some people use a rag dipped in water. While dust can be removed from your car’s dashboard using this method, it’s always best to follow the proper procedures while cleaning your vehicle. It is better to use these household goods to clean dashboards rather than water and a towel. Additionally, several of these chemicals may be used to clean stains from your dashboard and restore its luster. If you choose, you can still buy a dashboard cleaner for your automobile.

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