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In the retail industry, foot traffic is the most important commodity.. Foot traffic may not be as high as it used to be if you’re in the industry of selling major items like appliances or automobiles. This is due to the fact that today, most customers prefer to conduct their research online before visiting a car dealership.

The good news is that the original impact of foot traffic can be restored. To get the most exposure for your automobiles, teaming up with a high-traffic area like a mall is a smart move.

But how can automobiles get into shopping centers?

Whether you’re just interested or if you’re a vehicle dealer trying to expand into shopping malls, this article has the answer you’ve been looking for.

Why are cars brought and shown in malls?

How Do They Get Cars In The Mall

Most automobile buyers wait an average of 90 days before deciding on a dealership, as the automotive business continues to evolve. Car dealerships are now compelled to bring their autos to the customer’s doorstep as a result. A mall is a great place to get foot traffic if it won’t come to you, so why not take advantage of it?

In order to answer this question, we need to understand why this is an effective marketing technique.

For a business, the following are some advantages of mall automobile displays:

Access to PMA (Primary Market Area)

The fact that most car dealerships choose to sell their vehicles online makes it tough to compete against them. To get in front of your primary market, use your local shopping center to display a variety of vehicles.

Brand Recall

When you exhibit your brand and a variety of vehicles in a shopping center, you’ll persuade your target audience, as well as your brand, to buy a car. A year or two after first interacting with your brand in person, more consumers will recognize and recall it.

Physical Interactions with the Product

Vehicle displays at shopping centers are a great method to show off a wide variety of automobiles to potential consumers before they even enter a car dealership. These people can get into the vehicle and experience everything it has to offer firsthand.

Trackable Results

A mall vehicle display, in contrast to other forms of advertising, ensures the accuracy and traceability of leads and outcomes. Your automobile receipts can be used to determine exactly how many sales were made from your display.

High Customization

A shopping center is eager to help you set up your exhibit because they are always looking for ways to stand out from the rest of the crowd. This gives you complete control over how you want your set to look and sound.

Authentic Consumer Engagement

Your company may establish a genuine offline relationship with your target audience by displaying your cars in a PMA shopping display center.

How do they get the car in the mall?

How Do They Get Cars In The Mall-2

Special Drive-In Entry Points

For maintenance vehicles and firms that undertake chores such as replacing air conditioner filters and putting up banners, posters, and decorations, all malls have designated entrances. Only mall staff are permitted access to these drive-in locations, which have loading bays. Cars and trucks can normally fit through them without a problem.

Hidden Entryways

Many modern shopping centers, on the other hand, feature revolving doors that look to be only one meter wide, but are capable of folding and reopening three meters wide. This information isn’t normally included in the building schematics, thus most people won’t be aware that the doors are flexible. There are even some doors that can be disassembled for repair or parking.


As long as your automobile display is carefully placed within an area that is frequently visited, you’ll see an increase in the number of leads and sales. In this way, you may expose potential customers to the widest possible selection of your products, such as different models, colors, and accessories.

Now that you know how cars get into malls, you only have to worry about your end of things. It is now possible to relax the next time a vehicle is on display at your favorite mall because you no longer have to wonder about its origins.