Updated at: 12-11-2021 - By: Lucas

At times, the car’s accessory mode can come in helpful. Without the engine running, you can utilize your car’s accessories. When the engine is running, accessories can be used. However, how long can you keep using it? If you’re wondering, “So what?”

In accessory mode, how long can I leave my car for? In most cases, you may keep your car in accessory mode for hours and it won’t have any affect on your vehicle’s functionality. However, this is only true if you do not use any of the accompanying accessories. If you do this, your battery life may be reduced to as little as an hour or two at the most.

Accessories can be powered up to their maximum capacity in accessory mode. Even if you switch it on, the battery does not receive any electricity. You can leave this on for a few hours as long as you keep the amount of accessories to a minimum.

This feature is explained in detail in this article. You’ll be able to better understand how it works and how to make use of it.
With that, let’s get started!

Does Accessory Mode Drain Battery?

The battery isn’t drained by using the accessory mode. The battery won’t be able to supply it with electricity if you turn it on

It is, however, necessary to switch it on in order to power up the other devices. As a result, how you use the accessories will have a significant impact on battery life.

The battery won’t be harmed if you leave this feature on but don’t utilize the accessories.

On the other hand, if you’re utilizing the accessories at the same time, it can drain your battery.

A car’s battery is quickly depleted in auxiliary mode because the engine is not running.

As the engines are running, the car’s batteries are recharging. This can cause to battery depletion if left on for long periods of time if the engine isn’t operating.

Of course, there are many variables to consider. These include:

  • Your battery’s condition
  • The kind of accessory you use
  • The time of use

The battery can be depleted more quickly if you’re using the air conditioner, heater, or navigation. Stereos, on the other hand, are more energy-efficient than laptops or tablets. However, it will still use a lot of electricity.

You should avoid leaving your automobile in accessory mode, especially if you plan on doing so for an extended period.

Can Your Car Battery Die While on ACC?

If you don’t use any accessories, this may not have any effect on you.. Simply put, your car’s battery won’t go dead if you leave it on ACC.

It’s not just one thing that determines the answer to this issue. However, in general, extended usage of ACC can lead to the death of a vehicle.

As previously stated, the engine is not running, hence the battery is not being recharged in accessory mode. Because of this, the battery can be drained by the accessories.
However, there are several variables that could affect how long it lasts. With a fresh battery, for example, you can leave your stereo on for hours without it running out of power.

Heavy automotive accessories, on the other hand, might lead to battery drain, resulting in a car that is no longer usable.

How Long Before ACC Mode Drains Your Battery?

Your car’s working hours on ACC mode depend on a variety of things, as I said earlier. In most cases, a well-maintained battery can keep your car running for a few hours in ACC mode.

You should therefore limit your car’s ACC mode, which is activated by pressing the button, to an hour or two at most.
If you intend to use the engine for a lengthy period of time, it is preferable to run it every hour.

Your battery will last longer this way. You can also recharge your battery by starting the engine.
Capacity is often an issue with ACC modes. As a result, you need always keep an eye on your status to avoid draining it.

Car Battery Dies in Accessory Mode – What to Do?

Due to continuous use of ACC mode with the car’s accessories on, the battery of your vehicle may die.
Running the engine is the best way to recharge your battery. However, you can’t do it if your battery is dead.

When a battery dies, the most frequent remedy is a jump-start. An automobile with a working battery and a set of jumper cables serves as the basis for a jump-start.
Using another car’s battery, you’ll be able to charge your own battery. Your battery should be recharged as your engine runs smoothly.

Jumpstarting your car’s battery if it’s dead because you’ve been using it in ACC mode for a long time should be enough to get you back on the road.


There’s no harm or battery depletion if you keep your car running in ACC mode for hours at a time. As long as there are no other devices running, it will work. Your battery could die in a matter of hours if you have a lot of devices functioning at the same time.
Thus, you should limit your use of the ACC mode to an hour or two at a time. You should operate the engine in intervals when using it for a long period of time.