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Running your car with too much oil is just as terrible and can cause catastrophic damage to your car as running it with too little oil. Even while none of these circumstances are ideal, the latter is a far better option than the first. What’s more, how long can I run my automobile with too little oil?

If you overfill your car’s oil, you can run it for around six to seven days before it begins to exhibit abnormal symptoms.

Make sure that you use the correct oil gauge when changing your engine oil and that you don’t put too much oil in. Having too much oil in a car can lead to overheating and engine damage, but what can excess oil do?

How Long Can I Run My Car With Too Much Oil?

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At least not as quickly as you may expect, driving with a little too much oil in your engine is safe. Overfilling the engine’s oil pan can result in oil spilling into parts that shouldn’t have any oil in them. Such such as the catalytic converter and the serpentine belt are good examples to consider.

The combustion process can also be affected if the engine has too much oil in it, resulting in an increase in friction (especially in older cars). To put it another way, if you have too much oil in your engine, it won’t run as efficiently as it should.

The increased pressure in the engine caused by too much oil means that any leaks in the hoses and delivery lines will allow the oil to escape.

A buildup of engine oil can cause a variety of problems over time, and you may begin to realize that your car’s engine is underperforming.

Additionally, if your engine has too much oil in it, you may notice blue smoke streaming out of your exhaust tailpipe. A warning notice that there is too much oil in the engine is shown by this indicator.

How To Remove Excess Oil From a Car?

There are several ways to remove excess oil from an engine that has been overfilled; you can siphon it through a crankcase cover or dipstick. As an alternative, you can drain the oil to the manufacturer’s suggested level and then re-fill it.

The oil change or siphoning can be done by oneself. However, if it seems too complicated for you, you may always hire a mechanic. The oil would be lowered to the level advised by the dipstick at this point in time. Once you’ve completed that, you’re ready to go.


As a conclusion, “how long can I run my automobile with too much oil?” can be answered. For the first six to seven days, a car with too much oil may theoretically run. Your car engine’s performance would begin to decline as a result of excessive oil flow.

It appears that the manufacturer’s recommended oil level for your engine should always be followed.

Overfilling the engine with oil is equally bad for the engine as running low on oil. In addition, make sure that you are using the correct viscosity grade of motor oil for your vehicle.