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In an automobile, the engine gets its oxygen via passing through the air filter. The purpose of an air filter has remained the same since the earliest automobiles, and this holds true for all current versions as well. purifying the air before it enters the engine via the induction system.

Despite this, the air filter is one of the first parts to be examined while disassembling a car because no two are exactly alike, both in appearance and function. Everything you need to know about air filters for your car is here.

Without air, no internal combustion engine can operate. The lifespan of an engine without an air filter is extremely limited.

What does an engine air filter do?

Car air filters are typically made of cardboard, fiber, or even textile or sponge, depending on the model. A filter’s primary function is to keep the engine’s air clean by trapping particulates larger than a few microns before they can enter the engine.

In most cases, air filters are constructed of a typical porous material that resembles cardboard. Adding more surface area for absorption is another benefit of using the zigzag support to attach the material.

The air filters are the initial component of an intake route, prior to the flow meter, the throttle, and the intake manifold. Typically, a normal car’s air filter is housed in a plastic shell with a carefully positioned mouth so that it may draw as much air from the outside as possible.

In most cases, air filters are rectangular in shape, with a rubber frame for tightness, and positioned horizontally. Other types of filters are available depending on the make and model of the car.

Are air filters necessary or optional?

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In a technical sense, an engine would rather not use a filter to draw air into the engine. That’s because it’s like trying to inhale air while holding a pillow to your face.

Having the air filter barrier removed from an engine when it breathes might alleviate some stress, but the consequences are substantial. The pistons can be prematurely used, the catalyst can become clogged, and other problems can arise if dust or other material enters the engine.

That is, a lack of a cheap air filter can lead to a lot of money in the long run.

It’s not uncommon for race car drivers to opt out of using an air filter in favor of a more aggressive exhaust note. It’s more exhilarating, but it’s not good for you.

If you have a stock or sports car, you must have a filter. The air filter should be checked and replaced on a regular basis. The location of your car’s air filter is also important to know.

Dirty and clean engine air filters

How long does a car engine air filter last?

The driving conditions have a significant impact on this. Because of the number of stops and starts and the amount of time spent on off-roading, the air filter will need to be replaced considerably more frequently than it would for someone who drives less and is more likely to be on long travels.

It’s recommended that you replace your air filter every 4500 to 75000 miles, and you should also change your engine oil at this time. At the very least, you should perform an oil inspection. In other words, there’s no risk, and it could save you money in the long run.

Given that air filters can be utilized in different ways, you should know the signs that signal when it’s time to change your filter, regardless of these guidelines.

  • – a significant increase in fuel consumption;
  • – ignition problems, a slow start, or failure to start;
  • – engine failures;
  • – slow idling;
  • – check engine light is on.
  • – in general, if you feel the performance of the car decreases

Your emergency air filter will need to be replaced if any of these symptoms occur.

Dirty air filters can cause more issues than any driver wants. It’s odd, too, because replacing an air filter is one of the cheapest and simplest auto maintenance tasks, even for a non-professional.

Engine sport air filters – myth or reality?

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Power ratings have filled the sports air filter market, which is now more colorful, brighter, and sweeter. Others say they add 10 to 20 horsepower! Only those people who believe that changing their filter will give them hundreds of extra horsepower will benefit from this.

Various investigations and testing using standard air filters as well as sport air filters all came up with the same conclusion.

Conical air filters, such as those used by racing teams, often increase horsepower by just 1 to 2 horsepower, and never more.

Moreover, this is only true for high-quality filtration systems. Because it is made of a weaker material and so allows for more particles to flow through, a typical sport air filter will likely provide even more power. A damaged engine is not a good engine.

K&N filters, for example, are made of high-quality materials that are at least as dense as the factory ones, allowing only the tiniest strands of dust to pass through.

When it comes to filters, a conical one will draw air in from all directions, whereas a rectangular one would just draw air from one side.

Instead of a substance that permits more air into the engine, sport filters have a bigger surface area through which the air can be absorbed. In the end, there is no definitive answer to the age-old issue.

Is it possible that air filters can provide additional power?

There is just one answer to this question.

Yes, but not on their own!

In other words, if you want to boost the power of your engine, you must also replace the intake and exhaust pipes. As a result, the engine will be able to take in more air, but it will also be able to expel it more quickly.

Which air filter to choose?

Premium air filters

They ensure that the engine gets the airflow it needs to run at its best. When it comes to engine performance, a sports air filter is a complete hoax.

A sports air filter gives the engine with the air it needs to produce the factory-designed power. There will be no increase in horsepower.

As a result, premium filters have a longer life expectancy and allow more air to reach the engine. Keep in mind, however, that the engine’s performance degrades with the accumulation of residues and dust.

What does a good engine air filter mean?

The pores on the air filter’s surface are so fine that they may be measured in microns.. The quality of the air filter is determined by the thickness, density, and size of the holes in microns.

The better the filter, the narrower the openings must be. When we examine the air filters closely, they often resemble one another. Filters constructed of poor grade paper have big gaps, allowing a lot of dust to get through, making them less effective.

The apertures in a high-quality filter are less than 50 microns, which means that even the tiniest dust particles cannot enter the engine. They also have a bigger surface area of skin, which helps them avoid and collect heavier detritus.

What air filter should I buy?

In terms of money, a cheap filter costs 10 dollars, while a high-performance filter costs 65 dollars. For the time being, however, consider the cost of engine repair. Keep these things in mind when purchasing an air filter for your vehicle:

  • – have a cleaning capacity of at least 98%;
  • – the holes should be as small as 50 microns;
  • – have a longer life span;
  • – be the same as the original filter or even more efficient.

One of the following filters comes highly recommended.

  • ACDelco air filters
  • Purolator Auto Air Filters
  • K&N High-Performance
  • Airaid Car Air Filters
  • Injen high-performance

How do I replace the air filter in the car?

Black enclosure with a top secured by clips or screws is the most common way to protect the air filter. Because the air filter is located where anyone may replace it, a trip to the shop isn’t necessary.

If you raise the cover above the air filter a little bit, you may simply remove the old filter by weakening a few clips. When we replace the old filter with the new one, we make sure to put the indicated component of the filter to the bottom. Finally, our engine is able to breathe in some fresh air.


In order for your engine to run safely and reliably, the air filter in your car is a critical component. It’s a cheap part that needs to be replaced in order to keep the engine operating smoothly and prevent further issues from arising.

As for sports filters, they don’t really do anything. But in combination with other changes to the inlet and outlet, they will give a better performance than the stock.

An unprotected sports filter will also sound and appear more aggressive, giving the impression to untrained people that substantial power is hiding behind.

However, if you regularly change your car’s air filter, you won’t have any issues!