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Starting your car is also a way to recharge the batteries in it. Start your car and let it run for a few minutes to charge the battery. Why do you need an alternator? An alternator may deliver up to 80 amps of power. ‘ A two-hour charge can bring your car’s flat battery up to 80% of its capacity. It won’t take long for your battery terminals to be fully charged if your alternator can maintain a voltage of 14 volts throughout your trip.

How Long Does It Take The Alternator To Charge The Battery?

It takes 30 minutes to get the alternator up and running, and two hours to get your battery from 0% to 80% charge.

While Idling

Where do you begin when trying to recharge your car’s battery? If you need to recharge your car’s battery, don’t do it by running it. If your automobile is an older model, though, you can leave it idling to recharge the battery. Idling your car for 15 to 20 minutes is plenty to recharge your battery, but it’s not ideal for newer-generation automobiles. You may rest assured that your car’s battery will be charged even if the engine is off. The alternator will continue to work no matter how much power is being drawn from your battery.

The problem is that if your electrical load exceeds the amount of charge your battery receives from your alternator, it will end up draining your battery.

While Parking

The alternator may charge your car’s battery in as little as 30 minutes, however this is very variable from vehicle to vehicle. Cars that have more upgrading systems typically charge the battery in a few seconds, so they’re ready to go in a matter of seconds. When it comes to older models of automobiles, it will take longer to start the engine.

Does The Old Alternator Charge The Battery Slower?

Yes, older alternators charge batteries more slowly. Overcharging is a risk when you replace your car’s battery without first updating its system, which is why it’s important to do so before doing so.

As a result, it will continue to charge, but starting the engine will take longer. So it isn’t a good idea if you’re on a time crunch or going to a special event.

What Can You Do To Improve The Battery Charging Time?

The following are some suggestions for reducing the time it takes to recharge your battery:

Use A Trickle Charger

Your battery is supplied with constant and efficient electricity from the power socket through this gadget. A slow phase charger is far superior to a fast phase charger for charging your car. The trickle chargers include an electrical cord with a plug and two alligator-clipped jumper cables.

Clean Your Battery Terminals

In order to ensure that the current from your battery is efficiently transmitted, you should clean the terminals of your battery. When cleaning the battery terminals of a vehicle, use sandpaper to prevent accidental burns and mishaps.

Remove The Battery Cell Caps

You must remove the battery’s cell caps if you plan to recharge it. In most batteries, you’ll find it near the very top.

Attach Your Charger Cables Properly

You must first turn off your car before connecting your charger wires. Make sure that the red wire goes to the positive terminal and the black one to the negative; connect them carefully and properly.

If you do these things, you can expect a reduction in the time it takes to recharge your car’s battery, as well as an improvement in the health of your battery.


To summarize, because automobile batteries degrade with time, regular maintenance and replacement are essential if you want to keep yours in good working order.

The proper operation of your vehicle is guaranteed if you follow the above instructions for reducing the charging time of your battery.