How Long Is a Sprinter Van? Dimensions and Lengths of Mercedes Sprinter Vans

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The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a highly versatile commercial van that caters to a wide range of hauling and passenger needs. With its diverse configurations, understanding the exterior and interior length dimensions is crucial for potential buyers and owners. This comprehensive guide delves into the intricate details of Sprinter van lengths, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The Sprinter lineup offers two primary wheelbase options that directly influence the overall length of the vehicle. These options are the standard 144-inch wheelbase and the extended 170-inch wheelbase. Additionally, there is an even longer 170-inch extended wheelbase version available, boasting an overall length of 290 inches (24.2 feet). However, this configuration is relatively uncommon in the U.S. market due to its sheer size and potential limitations in certain operating environments.

Exterior Length Dimensions

WheelbaseOverall Length
144-inch233.5 inches (19.5 feet)
170-inch274.3 inches (22.9 feet)

The 144-inch wheelbase Sprinter boasts an impressive overall length of 233.5 inches, or approximately 19.5 feet. This configuration strikes a balance between cargo capacity and maneuverability, making it an excellent choice for urban environments and businesses that require a versatile hauling solution. On the other hand, the 170-inch wheelbase Sprinter offers an overall length of 274.3 inches, or 22.9 feet, providing ample room for larger loads and equipment.

Interior Cargo Length

While exterior length is a crucial factor, the interior cargo bed/floor length is arguably more important from a hauling and storage perspective. The Sprinter's spacious interior provides exceptional cargo capacity, making it a top choice for businesses and individuals with substantial hauling needs.

WheelbaseRoof TypeCargo Length
144-inchStandard132.9 inches (11.1 feet)
144-inchHigh132.9 inches (11.1 feet)
170-inchHigh173.6 inches (14.5 feet)

As evident from the measurements, the 170-inch extended wheelbase model offers a substantial 3.5 feet of additional cargo floor length compared to the 144-inch version. This extra space can be invaluable for businesses that frequently transport larger or bulkier items.

Body Style Lengths

Mercedes-Benz offers the Sprinter in several body styles, each with its own unique length configurations. Understanding these variations is essential for selecting the most suitable option for your specific needs.

  • Cargo Van: Available in both the 144-inch and 170-inch wheelbases, with lengths corresponding to the measurements outlined in the previous sections.

  • Crew Van: Similar to the Cargo Van, the Crew Van is offered in the 144-inch and 170-inch wheelbase options, maintaining the same exterior and interior lengths as its cargo counterpart.

  • Passenger Van:

    • 144-inch Wheelbase: 233.5 inches exterior, 132.9 inches interior cargo

    • 170-inch Wheelbase: 274.3 inches exterior, 173.6 inches interior cargo

  • Cab Chassis/Cutaway:

    • 144-inch Wheelbase: 245.9 inches exterior length

    • 170-inch Wheelbase: 273.5 inches exterior length

The Cab Chassis/Cutaway models feature slightly longer exterior dimensions compared to the standard Cargo and Passenger variants, as they are designed to accommodate different body upfits and configurations.

Comparing to Other Vans

To provide further context and aid in your decision-making process, let's compare the Sprinter's length to some other popular van models on the market:

Van ModelOverall Length
Ford Transit 150/250235.5 inches
Ram ProMaster 1500235.6 inches
Nissan NV 3500241.8 inches
Ford Transit 350 Extended263.9 inches

As the figures demonstrate, the standard Sprinter 144-inch wheelbase has a similar overall length to other standard cargo vans, such as the Ford Transit 150/250 and Ram ProMaster 1500. However, the 170-inch extended Sprinter is longer than most mainstream van competitors, with the exception of the extended length Ford Transit 350.

Other Length Considerations

Beyond the raw length dimensions, there are several other factors to consider when selecting the appropriate Sprinter van length for your needs:

Parking and Maneuverability

The extended length models, particularly the 170-inch wheelbase, can present challenges when it comes to parking and maneuvering in tight urban areas. Additionally, these longer vans typically have a larger turning radius, which may require extra caution and planning when navigating narrow streets or parking lots.

Garage Fitment

Before making a purchase, it's crucial to measure your garage dimensions to ensure that the chosen Sprinter van will fit comfortably. The 170-inch wheelbase, in particular, may not be suitable for some residential garages due to its substantial length.

Payload Capacity

In general, the longer wheelbase equates to higher payload and cargo hauling abilities for the Sprinter. This increased capacity can be advantageous for businesses or individuals who frequently transport heavy or bulky items.

WheelbasePayload Capacity


While the extended length models offer greater cargo space, they may sacrifice some drivability and maneuverability. Shorter wheelbase vans, like the 144-inch Sprinter, can feel more agile and easier to handle, especially for new van owners or those operating in densely populated areas.


Choosing the right length for your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van is a critical decision that should be based on your specific hauling needs, operating environment, and personal preferences. The 170-inch extended length model offers unparalleled cargo space and payload capacity, making it an excellent choice for businesses or individuals with substantial hauling requirements. Conversely, the 144-inch standard length strikes a balance between cargo room and drivability, catering to those who prioritize maneuverability in urban settings.

Regardless of the length you choose, the Sprinter delivers exceptional versatility, safety, and luxury compared to other vans in its class. By carefully considering your dimensions and hauling requirements, you can find the perfect fit that meets your unique needs and ensures a seamless and efficient hauling experience.


What is the exterior length of the 144-inch wheelbase Sprinter?

The 144-inch wheelbase Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has an exterior length of 233.5 inches or 19.5 feet.

What is the exterior length of the 170-inch wheelbase Sprinter?

The 170-inch wheelbase Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has an exterior length of 274.3 inches or 22.9 feet.

How much longer is the 170-inch Sprinter compared to the 144-inch model?

The 170-inch wheelbase Sprinter is approximately 40 inches (3.3 feet) longer than the 144-inch wheelbase model.

What is the interior cargo length of the 144-inch Sprinter with a high roof?

The interior cargo length of a 144-inch wheelbase Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with a high roof is 132.9 inches or 11.1 feet.

What is the interior cargo length of the 170-inch Sprinter with a high roof?

The interior cargo length of a 170-inch wheelbase Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with a high roof is 173.6 inches or 14.5 feet.

Is the 170-inch Sprinter longer than a Ford Transit van?

Yes, the 170-inch wheelbase Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is longer than the extended length Ford Transit van.

Can the 170-inch Sprinter fit in a standard residential garage?

It depends, but the 170-inch wheelbase Sprinter may not fit in some standard residential garages due to its substantial length of 22.9 feet.

Does the wheelbase affect the turning radius of the Sprinter?

Yes, the longer wheelbase models like the 170-inch Sprinter typically have a larger turning radius compared to the shorter wheelbase versions.

How does the Sprinter's length compare to other cargo vans?

The Sprinter's length in both wheelbase options is comparable to other cargo van models like the Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster, and Nissan NV, with some variation in exact dimensions.

Do different Sprinter body styles (cargo, crew, passenger) have different length options?

Yes, the available wheelbases and corresponding lengths can vary between the cargo, crew, passenger, and cab chassis/cutaway Sprinter body styles.

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