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During an emissions test, you may be asked to reset your car’s computer by the professional doing the inspection. Do you know how long you should wait before driving your automobile again after undergoing this procedure?

To pass an emissions test, you must drive your automobile for at least 100 miles after resetting the computer. For this reason, it can take a long time for the computer to re-learn your driving habits and implement the necessary changes.

How Long Do I Have to Drive My Car After Resetting the Computer?

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The computer must be driven for at least 100 miles after it has been reset to pass an emissions test in order to re-learn your habits. There are a few things you can do if you don’t have the time to do this.

Before you take your automobile in for a test, make sure it’s warmed up. To get the engine up to operating temperature, you’ll need to drive it around for at least 30 minutes.

When it comes to the days leading up to the test, it’s best to avoid short trips as much as possible. Trips of this nature don’t allow enough time for the computer to adjust.

As a final piece of advice, pay attention to your gas mileage. Any large decrease could be a sign that your vehicle is not functioning as effectively as it could.

What Are the Consequences of Resetting My Car’s Computer?

To pass an emissions test, you may have to reset your car’s computer. There are a few possible consequences.

For starters, your warranty may be voided if you do so. In addition, you should be aware of exactly what will be reset as a result of this action. If you don’t, you could do more damage than good.

Most automobiles are equipped with two types of computers.

the PCM (powertrain control module) and the ECM (ECM). The PCM is in charge of all of the vehicle’s primary systems, including the engine, gearbox, and more.

For monitoring and controlling the emissions system, the ECM is the answer.

It is possible to reset one or both of these modules and have all of their settings restored. Idle speed and transmission shift points are also included in this category. In other words, you’ll be starting from scratch with your car.

Additionally, if you are found resetting your car’s computer to pass an emissions test, you could face legal consequences.

If I Don’t Drive My Car Often, Will That Affect the Results of the Emission Test?

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If you don’t drive your automobile very often, the results of the emission test should not be affected. Resetting the computer is necessary if you have not driven the vehicle for some time, but if you do so according to the correct technique, you should be alright.

Before bringing the car in for the inspection, make sure you’ve given yourself enough time to finish the driving cycle.

What Happens If I Don’t Drive My Car For Long Enough After Resetting the Computer?

Depending on how long you drive your automobile after resetting the computer, the emission test may come back as failed. There won’t be enough time for the computer to run through all of the tests properly.

Otherwise, resetting the computer and trying a different drive before retesting is likely.

What Is a Drive Cycle For Emissions?

How Long To Drive After Reset Computer To Pass Emission Test

A drive cycle is a series of driving conditions essential for the computer to run all of the tests correctly. Starting the automobile cold, traveling at various speeds, and idling for prolonged periods of time are all examples of this.

You should always check your car’s owner’s manual for specifics on the driving cycle before attempting it. However, the average drive time is between 30 and 45 minutes.

The car must be cooled down for at least an hour before it can be tested. The results could be distorted if this isn’t done.

How Long Does It Take to Reset an EVAP Code?

It can take up to two weeks for the EVAP light to reset on its own when you have an EVAP code. Disconnecting the battery for at least 30 seconds will quickly reset the device. The computer will also be wiped clean of any previously stored codes, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Can You Pass Emissions With Stored Codes?

With saved codes, you will not be able to pass emissions. To ensure that all of the tests are successfully conducted and the codes are cleared, the computer must be restarted. To put it another way, the emissions test will most certainly fail.

How Long Does It Take For an O2 Sensor to Reset?

An O2 sensor may take up to 800 miles to reset. However, this will rely on the type and model of your vehicle. Consequently, this will vary. For additional precise information, refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Can You Pass Emissions With Service Engine Light On?

If your service engine light is on, you can’t pass emissions. Before the test may be passed, there is a fault with the emission system that must be solved.

Why Do I Have Codes But No Check Engine Light?

There is a possibility that the codes are from a previous problem, which has already been repaired, if the check engine light does not come on. However, a problem with the machine itself is also conceivable. To be certain in any instance, you’ll want to take the vehicle to a repair.

Can I Still Drive My Car If It Doesn’t Pass the Emissions Test?

Even if your automobile fails an emissions test, you can still use it.. if it passes the safety inspection.. However, if you are discovered driving a vehicle that does not satisfy emission requirements, you may face legal consequences.

Before a vehicle may be registered, it must pass an emissions test in some states. You won’t be able to register your automobile until the fault is addressed if it doesn’t pass.

How Often Do I Need to Test My Car’s Emissions?

States have different requirements for how often emissions are tested. Cars must be tested every year or two in most states.

What Are the Consequences of Failing an Emissions Test?

Your automobile may need to be fixed at your expense if an emissions test shows that it has failed. It’s possible that you’ll have to retake the test in some states if you make the repairs.

What Are the Consequences For Driving With a Not-Reset Computer?

If you’re discovered driving with a computer that hasn’t been reset, you could be fined. As a result, the ramifications will be different depending on where you live in the country.

What Is a Passing Score For the Emissions Test?

It is possible to pass the emissions test with a different score in each state. However, in most states, your car’s emissions must fall below a particular level in order to pass the inspection. For more detailed information, speak with the DMV in your area.

Do Car Computers Reset Themselves?

They don’t revert to factory settings. They can be reset, though, by removing the battery or by employing a code reader, a specialized gadget.


In order to pass an emission test, you must drive for a certain amount of time once the computer has been reset. It’s best to wait at least an hour before retesting after letting the automobile cool down.

Additionally, you should be aware that a drive cycle may be required in order to reset the computer properly. Consult your owner’s handbook or a trained mechanic for more detailed information. Finally, keep in mind that you cannot pass emissions if you have stored codes or if the service engine light is flashing..