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Cars with low oil levels need to be lubricated more frequently to get the most out of their engines. Because of this, many drivers keep extra oil in their trunks. You may still get burned if you fill it up between drives because of the engine’s heat. Hence, you may wonder:

Before adding oil, how long should the engine cool down? You may need to wait about 20-30 minutes for the engine to cool down before adding oil to a recently driven vehicle. You can get a more accurate reading by allowing the oil to settle before taking the reading. Your dipstick must not be splashed with oil if you want to accurately measure it.

Oiling your car’s engine is a simple task that can’t be overlooked. However, you may uncover some helpful hints and methods for the next time around.

For example, below are some queries we tried to answer. Using these answers and knowledge, you should be able to add automobile oil to your engine more easily.
With that, let’s get started!

Should You Wait For the Engine to Cool Before Adding Oil?

If you’re worried about the engine, you don’t have to be. You don’t have to wait for the engine to cool down before adding oil to it. The motor itself, though, isn’t the sole consideration.

For a variety of reasons, you should wait until the engine has cooled down before adding oil.

Let the engine cool down, for example, and the oil will settle. The more volatile the oil is, the faster it will flow. Using a dipstick with such a roughness could result in false readings.

As a result, it is imperative that you let your automobile cool down before adding oil.

Additionally, if the oil and engine are running too hot, you run the risk of getting burned. It’s possible that other sections of the engine under the hood are also quite heated.

There is a risk of being burned if any part of your flesh comes into contact with the engine.

Wait until the engine has cooled down before adding oil. It’s not because the engine will be harmed, which is not the case. It’s normally for your own safety and to allow for a more accurate dipstick reading after the procedure is complete.

How Long to Let the Engine Cool Before Changing the Oil?

How Long to Let Engine Cool Before Adding Oil

Once the oil has cooled, you can add it without waiting for it to cool down. Allow it to cool down for at least 30 minutes before replacing the oil.

So, you must use two separate methods to accomplish the task of adding or changing oil.
It’s a good idea to let the engine cool down for around 30 minutes while you’re changing the oil. This way, you won’t have to worry about it being too hot when you begin draining it.

Additionally, it will allow your engine parts to cool down. This means you won’t get burned by the heat as it is easy to handle.

If your automobile hasn’t just returned from a drive, you can leave it running for at least two or three minutes before starting it up again. That manner, the oil in your car will be heated at least a hundred degrees Fahrenheit.
At this temperature, the oil will flow more quickly, allowing you to drain faster. In addition, it will allow for a greater amount of oil to be drained than if the engine were cold.

How Do You Know the Engine Is Cool Enough Before Adding Oil?

To be on the safe side, wait at least 30 minutes before adding or changing the oil.

Both your engine and the oil will be cold enough to handle while the latter is still hot enough to flow freely throughout this time period

After a long day of driving, 30 minutes should be enough time for your automobile to cool down.
You can safely add oil to your car if it is completely rested.

Additionally, make sure you place your automobile on a level surface when you are filling it up with oil. This way, you’ll know exactly how much to add, and you’ll have a precise measurement as a result of the process.
When the engine is cold, most manufacturers recommend checking the oil. When using a dipstick, this is the most accurate technique to get a reading.

What Happens If You Put Oil in a Hot Engine?

It’s generally OK to add oil to your vehicle’s engine while it is still hot.
Because a heated engine will not be harmed by cold oil, you can add it to your engine. Before measuring the oil level, though, you may want to let it cool down.

Hot oil expands a little, which is why it has a fluid texture. If you use a dipstick to read a hot oil, you may end up with an erroneous reading.
At least 30 minutes of cooling time may be required because of this. A few days will allow the oil in the automobile to settle, resulting in a more accurate reading.


Every car that is driven on a regular basis needs to be refilled with oil. Because of this, every driver should keep a few gallons of extra oil in the trunk at all times.

Adding oil to a hot engine should be delayed for at least 30 minutes. Adding oil to a hot engine will not harm it, but it is safer and more accurate to wait for the engine to cool down before doing so.
Parking your automobile on an even surface and taking care not to add too much weight is also a good idea.