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Do you like going skiing on the weekends in the winter in the mountains?

Are you looking at buying a new SUV? You might be a little worried about how your skis and other gear will fit in a new car. Continue reading! You can find the information you need right here.

When you want to buy a car, you should think about where and what you want to do in it. If you ski and want to know if your skis will fit in the 2020 Ford Edge, you are not alone.

So, will your skis fit in a 2020 Ford Edge? Yes, your skis can fit in a 2020 Ford Edge, to put it briefly.

Most skis should fit with room to spare, but there may be some problems, like where to put the skis in the cabin so that you and your passengers are safe and you can still drive safely.

The 2020 Ford Edge is about 15 feet and 8 inches long, or 189 inches long. For tall, experienced skiers, the longest skis start at 6 feet and can go even longer, but they won’t be longer than 15 feet.

The longer your skis are, the harder it will be to keep them safe in your 2020 Ford Edge or any other car. You should try to keep this in mind as you plan your ski trips and your space.

If your skis are short beginner skis or just smaller, you should be able to fit them in the 2020 Ford Edge without breaking a sweat.

If you are travelling with a lot of gear or luggage, you may need to fold down the second row of seats, but your skis should fit in your Ford Edge without much trouble.

Since shorter and smaller skis will stay in the trunk of your car or at least behind the driver and passenger seats, you don’t have to worry as much about your safety while driving.

When your skis or other cargo are in the trunk or behind the second row of seats, they are much less likely to slide to the front of the car and distract you while you are driving.

But longer skis for more experienced skiers may be a little harder to move around because they are bigger and the seats in the 2020 Ford Edge are in a different place.

If your skis are longer than 6 feet, you should be able to fit them between the driver and passenger seats if you fold down the second-row seats. So, as you drive, your skis would be right next to your right elbow.

This could be a distraction or annoyance on the way up to the mountains, and it could even affect how well you drive, so please make sure you know where your skis are before you leave your driveway.

If driving with your skis close to the windshield or near the console makes you nervous (because the skis could get in the way or break your windshield if you have to stop quickly), a rooftop ski rack may be a better and less stressful choice for you.

Now that we’ve talked about some of the basics, let’s take a closer look at the car and talk about how to fit your gear and skis into your 2020 Ford Edge.

Additional Ways to Make Spaces for Your Skis

How Many People Can Fit In A Ford Edge

If your 2020 Ford Edge will be full of other things like luggage or equipment, you might want to buy a roof or ski rack from a local auto shop or ask your car dealership if they sell roof or ski racks.

You might be able to get them to put one in for you when you buy the rack and the 2020 Ford Edge.

Before you buy a roof rack or a ski rack, you should do some research to find out what kind you need. Try calling a Ford dealership or auto shop near you to see if they can help you find the right ski rack or roof rack for your 2020 Ford Edge.

Then, a sealed rooftop storage unit can be attached to the roof or ski rack. This unit can hold extra bags or equipment that would normally go in the trunk or passenger area of your car, giving you more room for your skis or family and friends.

You can also put your skis on the roof, either on a ski rack or in a sealed rooftop storage unit. That is another choice.

If you don’t want a sealed storage unit on your roof, you can tie your skis to the ski rack with strong nylon rope, straps, or ties that are made to hold things to vehicles.

If you choose this method, make sure your skis are very secure. You don’t want to lose a ski on the road or have it fall on another car.

Other Creative Options

All Ford Edge models, including the 2020 Ford Edge, are fairly roomy and flexible SUVs that can carry a wide range of cargo. Don’t be afraid to get creative with where you take your new car and the new world of opportunities that await you!

Camping gear is easier to load into the trunk, and the intelligent all-wheel drive makes it easier to drive in rougher conditions.

The 2020 Ford Edge can pull up to 3,500 pounds, so when summer comes and you put your skis back in the attic, you can pull out your canoes, kayaks, or motorboat, hook up a trailer to your Ford Edge, and head to the ocean or a nearby lake.

Or, if you live in a busy city, the Ford Co-Piloit360 technology will help you on days with a lot of traffic because it alerts you if another car is in your blind spot or if you start to drift out of your lane.

Looking Closer At The Ford Edge

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The 2020 Ford Edge is a capable sport utility vehicle (SUV) that has a sleek design, a lot of space, and a lot of different uses to make driving easier and safer.

The Ford Edge is an IIHS Top Safety Pick, so you can be sure that you, your car, and your passengers are safer in a 2020 Ford Edge than in an SUV that doesn’t have this award.

From bumper to bumper, this car is 189 inches long. (roughly 5 feet 8 inches) It is 76 inches wide and 68 inches tall.

The 2020 Ford Edge has room for the driver and four other people.

The 2020 Ford Edge comes in a few different versions, makes, and models, but the main criteria and measurements are all about the same and don’t change much.

Most 2020 Ford Edge vehicles, like most SUVs on the market today, can probably have a roof or ski rack added to the roof. This is an option for people with longer skis that may not fit from tip to tip in the vehicle.

But buying and installing a ski rack or roof rack is an extra step that may not be possible at your Ford Dealership at the time of purchase.

To make room for your skis and other gear in your 2020 Ford Edge, lower the second-row passenger seats. This will give you more space for your skis and any other gear you may need.

The 2020 Ford Edge doesn’t have a third row of seats, so you won’t have to mess around in the trunk of your car trying to get those hard-to-fold seats down.

When you put your skis in your car, you should do it through the trunk. After lowering the second-row passenger seats, open the trunk of the car and put the skis from the trunk into the main part of the car. Adjust the skis to make sure they fit well and won’t affect your driving in any way.

If you need more space, you can always lower the front passenger seat. This will only work if there is only the driver and no other passengers.

All of these ways work for most skis that are shorter than the length of the vehicle or for vehicles that only carry skis.

In conclusion, the 2020 Ford Edge can carry your skis and a lot more. Whether you put your skis in the main cabin or on the roof, you and your gear can go up into the mountains and have a great time.