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Some motorists wish to make their vehicle stand out from the crowd by adding personal touches to the outside and enhancing the vehicle’s handling dynamics. With a spoiler that still performs these two fundamental duties, this option is possible. However, is this spoiler helpful?? We’ll discover out in the next paragraphs.

What is a car spoiler?

A well-chosen spoiler can improve the car’s aerodynamics and, because it is a common component of current tuning, it can also alter the vehicle’s aesthetic.

When driving at high speeds, a spoiler helps to stabilize the vehicle, resulting in better handling, improved turn-in performance, and a reduction in early skidding.

It’s possible that a car’s spoiler can limit dirt and water from reaching the windows while driving because of changes in the airflow’s characteristics operating on the vehicle. The spoiler’s primary role is to enhance the overall appearance of the vehicle, which the owner of which wishes to project a sporty image.

How does a spoiler work on a car?

Oncoming airflow grows more powerful as you speed up. Lifting the vehicle’s chassis clear of the pavement is the end result of this device. Air currents occur behind the vehicle, causing it to slow down just a bit. As a result, the car is forced to work more to maintain its aerodynamic shape. To avoid unwanted burdens, the spoiler can be used to direct the flow of water in a specific direction.

At what speed do car spoilers work?

Speeds above 100 km/h (60 mph) are when spoilers begin to have an effect on the car’s aerodynamics.

Types of car spoilers

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Spoilers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on what the owner intends to do with them.

By design:

  • Custom made. Manufactured according to the individual design and customer’s requirements. This type of custom-made spoiler is expensive because it is not found anywhere else.
  • Installed from the car factory. Spoilers are produced in large batches and have the appearance of a factory structural element.

By mounting method:

  • Spoilers that are fastened with special supports, which are often simple screws. Even if it’s not looking that good, this is a fairly reliable fastener.
  • Sticky. You can guess the mounting method by name. Such spoilers are attached using a special adhesive like double tape or glue. The reliability of this attachment is not so good. There have been cases when at high speed, the spoilers mounted in this way simply flew from the cars

At the place of installation:

  • Rear. They are usually installed on trunks or below the rear window.
  • For the roof. Most often they are installed on hatchbacks, tailgate.
  • Skirts for rear and front bumpers.
  • Diffusers. These spoilers are installed under the car.
  • Side spoilers, which are installed on the car’s sill.

By application:

  • Universal spoilers. They can be installed on all cars.
  • Special spoilers. They can be put only on a specific car model and most of them are installed at the factory.

Do spoilers improve gas mileage?

Yes, spoilers do have the potential to lower fuel consumption. High-speed air currents generate resistance to the car’s movement, giving the impression that it is moving more slowly. Meanwhile, the motorist is constantly stomping on the gas pedal in an attempt to keep up with traffic, which results in higher fuel usage. Reduced fuel usage can be attributed to the spoiler’s ability to decrease air resistance.

Do spoilers increase fuel consumption?

However, if the spoilers are installed wrongly, this is also the case. Aerodynamics will be substantially harmed if the vehicle is positioned incorrectly in relation to the oncoming airflows. This will lead to an increase in fuel consumption.

Do car spoilers increase safety?

Yes. Spoilers are an important safety feature in any vehicle. Skidding is less likely, and the car is easier to maneuver, thanks to the air flow redirection. Braking will be more efficient, especially in winter, thanks to the reduced chance of an accident and the more efficient use of the brakes. This can be improved even more by adding side threshold expanders to the brake system.

Car spoilers disadvantages

Spoilers only show their drawbacks when improperly fitted. Another downside is that if the car’s handling degrades, it will be more difficult to straighten it, and the distance between the road’s surface and the ground would narrow significantly at high speeds. When driving on shaky roads, this can be quite dangerous. The plastic spoilers, in particular, make all of this obvious.

The limited lifespan of plastic spoilers is a drawback, as they are constantly exposed to the sun and other road debris.

How to choose a spoiler for your car?

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In order to evaluate whether or not a spoiler is necessary for a particular vehicle, the function of each spoiler type must be considered when making a spoiler selection.

When purchasing a spoiler, location is just as crucial as the spoiler’s quality, performance, and price. It is advisable to get spoilers from a store that specializes in tuning.

At a higher price point, these spoilers are of proper quality and will actually operate on the car, not just be an ornamental accessory. This is made easier by the availability of professional spoiler installation services, the extent of which may be tailored to your vehicle.

Plastic is the most common material for spoilers on the market today. Carbon-based variants of a similar design are better quality, but they are also more expensive. Aluminum can be used to create a spoiler that is both lightweight and architecturally appealing.

The driver’s personal preferences and financial resources have a role in the decision. The majority of the spoiler variants work well with the car’s overall design. It’s all about personal preference when it comes to picking a specific model for oneself.

Take into consideration that spoilers are designed and manufactured for a certain car model before purchasing and installing a spoiler kit on your vehicle. A universal spoiler is also an option, however the quality of such a spoiler may be questionable.

For the most part, low-cost spoiler shops are unable to undertake any additional work outside providing aesthetic appeal for the vehicle.

How much do car spoilers cost?

The price of a spoiler varies from vehicle to vehicle depending on the type and year. Their price ranges from $20 to $500, and if you want a customized one, it might be even more. These rates do not include the labor costs, which might range from $50 to $150 per hour.

It is easy to install a car spoiler?

Installing a spoiler is a simple task for a specialized business. You may either screw the spoiler in place, which is the preferred method, or put it in place with a special adhesive, which isn’t as long-lasting.

How long does it take to install a spoiler?

This can range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours on average.

Can you remove the spoiler from your car?

You betcha! Installing a spoiler is a lot more difficult than removing it. If you have the correct tools for the installation method, you can usually remove it in within an hour.


The desire of many car owners to install a properly placed spoiler is natural, as it provides numerous advantages to the vehicle. However, you must use caution when selecting the spoiler’s material. Installing a high-end spoiler is always preferable than a cheaper one. You avoid future headaches, be sure to choose an approved repair facility.