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Since a car battery is an important part of the car, you’d think it would be pretty big and heavy. They are a lot bigger than the battery in your TV remote. They are also much heavier than the batteries in your remote, but lighter than you might think.

Most car batteries weigh 40 lbs (18 kilograms). A battery for an electric car weighs about 454 pounds or 1,000 pounds. You can find out how much your car’s battery weighs by looking at the label or the box. Batteries for cars can weigh as little as 25 pounds or as much as 1,200 pounds.

We’ll look at different kinds of cars and how much their batteries weigh. We’ll also look at how the weight of different types of batteries varies.

Battery Weight

How Much Does An Electric Car Battery Weigh-3

First, there are a few things to remember about how much a battery weighs. Usually, your car’s power can be affected by how much it weighs.

When we talk about battery types later, you’ll see how the size of each battery changes based on how much power it needs. You should also know how much your battery weighs because if you need to replace it, the new one has to be the same size and sometimes a certain type.

If you try to put in a battery that doesn’t work with your car, it can really mess up how it works. Cars are made in large numbers, but the battery in your Honda Accord won’t work in a Honda Civic. Before going to get a new battery, make sure you know exactly what kind you need.

Even though it’s a pain, you can’t drive a car without a battery, so it’s good to know what you’re looking for.

Battery Types

Starting, Lighting, and Ignition Batteries

The basic battery is the Starting, Lighting, and Ignition battery, or SLI for short. This kind of battery is in most cars. This type of battery is easy to use for general power. It is also heavier than average.

Here are some Group 27 Starting batteries from different auto parts stores, along with how much they weigh:

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion, or Li-ion, batteries are used more often in electric cars and hybrid cars. Its battery lasts longer and can hold a lot more power.

Here are some batteries from this site and how much they weigh. These car batteries are hard to find and come in a wide range of sizes.

If you look for this one, you might find a lot of batteries for power tools.


These batteries don’t need much care, but it’s hard to get them fixed. If these break, you will have to get new ones.

Here are some Lead-Acid Batteries that you can buy at Walmart, along with their different weights.

Enhanced Flooded Battery

The EFB, which stands for “enhanced flooded battery,” works a little better than the SLI. It will last longer than a SLI. It has also started to be used in cars instead of the SLI.

Here are some EFB batteries from Autozone, along with how much they weigh.


Last is the AGM, or Absorbent Glass Mat, battery. Also, this battery is a lot like the SLI battery.

It lasts much longer than the SLI and works much better. It is made for cars that may need more power from the battery.

This battery is a lot more popular, and we’ve listed a few places that sell it and how much it weighs below.

How Much Does An Electric Car Battery Weigh

Now, let’s look at some well-known cars and how much their batteries weigh.

The average weights were found for a number of cars from these brands, but the weight of a car’s battery can be a little different for each make, model, and year. Check the owner’s manual for your car to find out more about the battery and how much it weighs.

I learned most of these things from this website.

As you can see, the Tesla’s battery is much heavier than the ones in the other cars we’ve looked at. This is mostly because Tesla cars are electric, so their batteries are their main source of power.

It can hold a much bigger battery because it has more empty space where a heavy engine would usually go.

As the number of electric cars increases, you can expect the average car battery to get bigger and heavier across the board.